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Part 2 I'm A Miracle Man

Updated on April 5, 2010

Well this is part 2 of I'm a Miracle Man.

As I have said that many things have happened in my way would life but it is only through Jesus that I have got this far, and for my age.

You only feel as young as you are because you have Jesus looking after you, as He said to me way back that He had work for me to do, and its hard to do the work if you are not up to it.

JESUS is my healer and I will now tell you about the HEALINGS that Jesus has given to me over the last few years.

And you will see why I call myself the Miracle Man.

It is not so much that I claim any glory from this as I can't as all Glory goes to Jesus.

Back some years after I gave my life to Jesus and was water baptized, and receive the Holy spirit.

I was praying for a friend who had a stiff shoulder I prayed for total healing, right away he was able to raise his arm up over his head where he could not do that before.

I have prayed for others who have been very ill, the next week they were healed, Jesus has used me as He said in my vision way back,that He had need of me.

When ever I get any illness myself I come against it in His name and it goes, I will not allow anything to stay on my if it is not from God.

The other month I fell over and took a piece of flesh out of my hand, you could see the bone, and it started to bleed real bad, I came against it to stop bleeding and for the hurt to go and for it to heal up,with in 5 min. it stopped bleeding and hurting, it was all healed up in 5 days, reason is I believe that prayer is the answer and when you believe,just like when Jesus said to Jairus have faith.

I had a very bad right knee it was just hanging on to my leg, I needed an operation badly, I mean a total replacement knee.

Well when I went into the hospital they told me all sorts of things could happen with the op. so I started to tell them that my Jesus will take care of all that for me, after the op which took 1 hour well I was back in the ward and connected to the pain killing dripper, when I woke up I asked them to disconnect the dripper as I was not in any pain because Jesus had taken it all away, they would not do what I asked so I did it myself and told them to take it away, they didn't want to but I insisted so they did, I was up and walking around in the ward within 3 hours, and telling everybody that Jesus had healed my knee.

Everybody from the cleaner to the admin. people knew that Jesus had healed up my knee, I even spoke to the visitors who came to see other patients.

I was to go home on the 5th. day but God had other ideas, there was this atheist lady in my ward, well I'm sure that God wanted me to talk to her, so I did, I planted the seed, then on the 7th. day I went home.( I can see now how I'm being used to spread the Good News about Jesus) just as He said that he wanted me to do.

Well the Medical staff and my Surgeon at the Hospital all have called me the Miracle Man as I have broken medical records in the healing of my knee.

I was to have people come to my place and help me do exersises to help build up the muscles in my leg and knee this would have taken about 6 weeks,but my knee was healed up in 2 weeks, I was off all forms of walking aids in 8 days.

I was in prayer all days and believed that my knee would be healed and it was, as I said I have broken all medical records for the healing.

Just last year I had my left eye op. on. I as told that I would have bruising soreness redning of the eye, feel sick, well once more I believed that I would have none of this, and I did not receive anything that they told me I'd getting, I got  nothing.

Then I had the right eye done and again they told me about the things and again I received nothing, all I got was total healing and nothing else.

I had an internal op. for cancer up the back way they took 5 pieces of flesh and was told it would bleed and be painful for about 2 days, well once more I believed that I would have nothing like what they said, and I got what I prayed for nothing to happen to me nothing, because Jesus took it all from me just as He took all my illnesses and sins upon himself on the cross.

Now because of all this I can go and tell others about the way that Jesus can be there for anyone who calls out to Him.

I will write part 3 later.

God loves you


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    • profile image

      Raymond Tremain 7 years ago

      What a great name you have "thevoice" the voice of God, and when we listen we do hear, and I hear all the time, because He is with me in all things and even in the healings that He gives to me.

      God loves you


    • profile image

      raymond Tremain 7 years ago

      Thank you retired for sharing your healing from Jesus, yes we can not do anything without Him, I rely on Jesus for all of my healings, and He gives to me all the time, what a GREAT GOD we have.

      God loves you


    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      god bless great hub thanks

    • retired06 profile image

      Leona J Atkinson 7 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Jesus is my healer also. The doctor took an x-ray of my right hand and said a bone was broken but Jesus healed it, so when they took another intensive x-ray they saw the bone not broken. I testified that Jesus healed it. It was for His glory! Alleluia!