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Part Three: Enemies of True Worship, the Enemy Within

Updated on November 29, 2011

The Enemy within...Truth Is...

In this installment we will talk about the worst enemy of True and Pure worship: The Enemy within the church...

The bible, God, and Jesus set forth very specific instructions and requirements for God's people. Yet throughout history and even more so today, MAN has put forth a concerted and vigorous effort to undermine these by apply their own twists and additions. The have forced the acceptance of homosexuality in the church, given the impression that God is flexible when it comes to obedience and forgiveness, and promoted drastic and profound untruths in order to appease those who find God's requirements too strenuous and constricting.

In essence, they make the word of god and jesus' shed blood invalid. They call God a liar.

But God says that there IS worship, prayers, and people that HE will NOT accept. This is stated quite often throughout the bible, yet men insist that accepting Jesus is enough and all is forgiven as long as you "Say" you repent. The day is fast approaching when the rude awakening they and others will receive shall catch many at a total and utter loss...Truth Is...

God is not a game that you can play, neither is worshipping him. It's not something to do on Sundays, a social club, a status symbol, or a permit to do and act as we feel. God allows us to approach him and maintain a place under his tutelage for the sole purpose of sustaining mankind on a earth to which He created to be inhabited, and to fulfill that purpose, all for the ultimate purpose of giving him praise and obedience. How do you show God you are obedient when the things that HE commands that you don't want to do, you simply ignore

It is time for us to wake up and be real about our behaviors, attitudes, and the way that we treat others as it pertains to our relationship and standing with God. If you have a problem with someone it is of necessity that you resolve that issue BEFORE you call yourself going to God for worship.Matthew 5:23,23. God doesn't even want you to approach him if you can't resolve issues with each other.

Our relationship with other people and the way that we treat each other is of great importance to our Heavenly father, and unless we take that seriously we will not enter into his kingdom! The very things that God's word says HE hates, dislikes, doesn't accept, or is against, seem to be rife within today's church amongst the people; even pastors and bishops. When the subject is spoken on, they all ignore it or skip over it, or think about everybody it applies to except ourselves.Yet people honestly believe that they can do this and still have a good standing before GOD! NO!!!!!

There are many things that God speaks against going on in the church, and as noted in Noah's day, Sodom and Gomorrah, and several times with Israel, God DOES get fed up! That is the case today and now. More and more you will see almost immediate results or action against people within the church who are committing offensive acts against God and/or his will. Just as Ananias and his wife dropped dead instantly, so-called "christians" will now begin experiencing great losses and tragedies; hard falls from grace and more as God now wants us to take a serious look at ourselves, our attitudes, behaviors, and worship.

This includes political involvement, homosexuality, promiscuity, lying, stealing, gossipping, refusing to show love, refusing to teach the truth, refusing to listen to the truth when it is presented to you, and more

This serves as notice...Truth Is...


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