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Pass The Good News On

Updated on September 19, 2012

Do you know of many who do not like to pass things on to others? have you ever wondered why? is it because they don't know how to approach another person? os it why they become shy to just go up and speak to another? so many questions, but there is just one answer.

The answer so simple, all one has to do is to BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES.

Yes at first many who try to do things on their own they do fall, and then they say I can't do it ask some one else to do it, so then they will never get up and try again, as they feel they are not good enough.

But!! Who is good enough? no one is good enough, but we all must go out there and just try to do many things that seem impossible at that time, then and only then we can see that it can be done anyone when we make up our minds to do it.

So, we are to be strong in gracious love that is in Christ Jesus, then we can do all things in Christ.

We are to pass on the good news about the Gospel, we are to be like soldiers who go out in battle, we are to fight for our Lord as he fought for us, when he went to the cross, he did this to help us to come to him thro his shedding of his blood, he made away for us, he did this so that we can now go out and tell the truth, this way we will pass on the Good news.

We are to follow the truth, as Christ only spoke the truth, when we go out there we are running the race to win the prize,

Continue reminding the people about these things, warn them before God comes to destroy the world as we know it, do your best to present the truth to the many who do not understand.

Many have wandered away from God, be a worker who is not ashamed of being a follower of God, stay away frmom unholy stories and empty talk, those who continue to do this will fall down, be a good example to those who have fallen away.

Your reward will be waiting for you, just as if you are in a race, when you run over the line the prize is there for you, so will be the crown of life be waiting for you to receive at the end of your race.


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