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Passing On The Past

Updated on October 18, 2011

No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, (Philippians 3:13)

The law of time clearly reveals that any action prior to the present second is considered to be the past. At times we live our lives day after day trapped in past moments that have made a significant impact on our mentalities and the way we choose to live our lives. Be it a good or bad occurrence, our reflections of past situations and the actions taken behind them, as humans we tend to hinder ourselves from moving forward in certain areas of our lives.

One can choose to be a prisoner of their past or make the decision to take responsibility for it and take the correct steps toward pursuing a prosperous future. Focusing on what will be in the days ahead instead of what has been in the days of gone, you will find that the energy used to do so will make a difference in who you are and how you live.

As I reflect back on some of the decisions I’ve made in life from childhood to adulthood, I have regrets as well as comfort and success from the outcome. Moving forward and realizing that you can’t do anything to change a past situation is one of the first steps to letting it go. When you can evaluate a situation or circumstance you’ve experienced and understand where you may have went wrong in your decision making, you gradually stop making the same mistakes. Traumatic occurrences may hinder ones mindset and mentality from thinking past a specific ordeal to establishing a healthy outlook and testimony within. When one experiences a good thing, the first instinct is to share it with others around them, to spread the word. When a tainted past follows you and it seems as if there is no escape, talk about it, evaluate it and correct it.

In striving to overcome the hindrance your past has placed upon you keep God first. Have you ever stopped to think for a split moment, that any given circumstance you’ve experienced was a test of faith or a planned act of God to strengthen your inner being? As children we are generally taught to forgive and not to hold grudges. Do you find it hard to forgive yourself for your past or to forgive someone who has hurt you irreparably in the past? Carrying baggage and blaming yourself for uncontrollable issues and your lack of willingness to let go makes it harder to turn it over to the Lord.

Realistically, it may be extremely hard to forgive an abusive parent or to make sense of why a relationship went wrong. There is a difference between forgiving and accepting your past. Forgiving allows you to find a place in your heart to move beyond the things that have held you back from moving forward. Accepting your past gives you a sense of comfort to where you may be at peace with the things that have held you back from moving forward but you may not have come to the point of forgiveness. When you can say that you forgive and accept your past situations, the next step is to allow God to assist you in changing your mindset and move forward.

Pass on the past, leave it behind. Make every effort to realize that all you’ve been through, good or bad was in Gods plan for your life. Many people say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. When evaluating your past, know that you have a purpose and all that you encounter throughout life is in Gods plan for you to pursue your destiny. Know that whatsoever your heart desires, through faith and the grace of God, you can fulfill your purpose, rise above your past and be your greatest you. When you can look back on your past and testify to others what you have experienced and share how you made it through, then will you be in a better place.

Exercise 1

1. List three circumstances of your past that you feel have hindered you from moving forward?

2. What are three steps your willing to take to forgive and accept your past?

3. Recall a past situation that you have realized was in Gods plan for your life and the impact it made on you?

4. What are two reasons you feel you can’t let go of issues from your past, how can you change them today?

Each day for the next week, repeat the daily prayer below. Have faith in your heart and claim that God will hear your call. Leave the past behind and move towards your destiny.


Heavenly Father, I come to you in prayer blinded by my past. I lift up to you my hurt and my pain, that you shall assist me Lord in leaving it all behind. I want to live my best life with your spirit in my heart. Teach me to forgive and accept those to have hurt me. Walk with me Lord as I take each step toward the plan it is you have for my future. In Your holy name I pray. Amen.

Copyright 2011. M Woodson-Ursery


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