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Past Lives, Are we Born Again?

Updated on January 21, 2015

Are we crazy?

We have all had that moment when we have gone somewhere for the first time, and even though we have never been there before, we feel very familiar with this place, sometimes even knowing where certain places are inside. Some say its our intuition, and other say it can be a past memory from another life. I believe in reincarnation since I was a little girl. I always felt, this isn't our only life, it can't be. I became aware that my body is only my vessel to this world, but my soul is who I am, not my body. I know, I know, it sounds a bit crazy? yes, I hear that a lot.

Throughout the years I have read many books on this subject. Some make perfect sense, while others, I wouldn't even finish. So here is my question to you? Am I crazy for believing that I have had more lives, or is it a question many of us ask, because we experience the same feelings of Deja Vu? I can't be crazy, because if you weren't curious, you wouldn't be reading this right now.

We remember with our Soul, not our Mind

These past life experiences have effects. They are reflected in the circumstances that now surround our present relationships. These memories of past lives are not in our mind, but they are in our soul. It is said that the soul's memories of past-life's activities with others shape our reaction to them. For example, you meet someone for the first time, and you instantly like them, you are instantly at ease in their presence and feel like you have known them forever, you even wonder and joke with each other, if you have met before? People see that attraction, and some may even find it strange. But that is a memory of that person. The way the soul stores these memories a lot of times comes out with emotions. So you meeting this person and feeling so at ease may be the positive role that this person played in your past life. Crazy, isn't it?

However it also works the opposite way, and this is why in many of my articles I say, always trust your intuition. it is there to guide and warn you of dangers that you yourself may not be aware of. Have you ever met a person, that from the moment you meet them, they make you feel uneasy? They make you feel nervous, and not in a good way, and you instantly feel guilt because in seconds/minutes you are already aware that you don't like this person, and ever since that moment you do what you have to do to avoid them, yet you have no explanation of why you feel like this? It is the same, a soul memory of a past life, and we can still sense that negative energy that they carry within them. Now, I am not saying that they are evil, or bad people, but more of like, your relationship in the past with them, may not have been the best, and the soul remembers that.

The Media and Reincarnation

There are many books, blogs, shows and movies about reincarnation. I have watched many of them, and even though I do believe in reincarnation, as a human that I am, I am also very skeptical when I hear someone explaining in full detail their past lives. They are either in an extremely state of awareness, which is rare, but possible, or they are just watching too many science fiction shows.There was one show that did call my attention. It was on the Lifetime Network, and called "Ghost inside my child". I know what you are thinking, oh you can't believe shows now a days, because they are all scripted, and yes, trust me, I weed through those like a weed whacker in a garden. But this one, caught my attention, because it was children. They had memories of whom they were, and at the age they were in, it would be impossible for them to know so much details, about the things they had lived in their past. One was a passenger on the Titanic, another was an airplane pilot in Japan. There were many others as well. But these kids, caught my attention. I believe as children, we do better in remembering things, because we still have no filter, we are still able to think and say what we want without blocking or leaving things out. This show gave me goose bumps, because it only proved to me, that yes, we have lived before, and maybe I am not so crazy after all.

Explore, Be Curious, Have an Open Mind

Whether reincarnation is real or not, if we are curious about it, we can always explore it. A lot of people choose to be hypnotized, and see what their outcome is, I haven't tried that myself, but I have heard amazing stories, with an open mind. Some others have had memories through meditation, others through dreams. Most of us simply experience Deja Vu. My advice would be write all of those down, and start reading them and see if you find a connection within them. Have fun with it, you never know what you will learn.


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