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Past Life Regression & Hypnosis – Why It’s as Safe as Meditation & Why Some Don't Perceive Much

Updated on April 28, 2013

Regression hypnosis and hypnosis are safe because just as in meditation, your mind will only allow you to perceive what you're ready to.

This is sometimes why some people don't perceive much in regression. Other reasons include select medications, other drugs, and excessive alcohol that cloud the mind and soul, fear of seeing anything negative, not trusting the process, themselves, or the therapist, and not being centered, focused, or relaxed enough for the process.

Hypnosis has gained a reputation of being about mind control or blacking out due in part because of movies and television, but in reality, it's simply a deep state of relaxation in which you have total control.

Also, it seems that those who are in favor of conflict avoidance, afraid of confrontation or dealing with the cold, hard facts, are often less likely to be in favor of regression therapy.

It could be said that stuffing the memories of traumatic events and not uncovering and dealing with the impressions is dangerous.

Repression and unconsciously keeping uncomfortable or painful memories locked in the subconscious memory bank causes energy drain, and ignoring, denying, and not dealing with the unresolved past will cause problems in all areas of life.

Repression is like trying to hold a beach ball under water; eventually the memories from the subconscious mind will surface. It's better to get in touch with the impressions and emotions sooner rather than later, and in an appropriate environment, so you can move on and open up to your highest potential.

Though facing the memories may be unpleasant at first, welcome the opportunity to remember, and then, most importantly, accept and let go of the situation, and forgive all involved, if applicable. The past doesn't really matter, but how you react to it and how it affects the present in a karmic sense does, so forgiveness is key. Forgiveness for yourself or others is for your own healing; it doesn't let anyone off the hook.

Also, you don't need to tell someone you forgive them for forgiveness to have a positive effect in your life. Expressing forgiveness for that person to yourself is also effective.

Finally, how you face the truth is key. Aside from compassionately confronting any perpetrators involved, if you see yourself as a victim and place all your energy on blaming, you will heal much more slowly.

Once you accept what happened and forgive (both of these won't be easy, but in time you'll be able to do it), you'll accelerate the healing process and be a stronger person too. After all that, think of all the strength you'll have available to reach your goals and dreams!

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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