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Patience Is the Vessel Through Endurance to Reach the Kingdom of Yehovah.

Updated on January 8, 2018

Patience and Endurance

Hazon (Revelation) 1:9--”I, Yochanan, both your brother and co-sharer in pressure, and in the reign and endurance of Yeshua ha-Meshiach, came to be on the island that is called Patmos for the Word of Elohim and for the witness of Yeshua ha-Meshiach.”

A main theme that comes to mind as I read this verse is that of patience. Patience allows trials to become completed. Patience produces right things. Ya’akov (James) 1:2-3 says, “My brothers, count it all joy when you fall into various trials knowing that the proving of your belief works endurance.” Patience is a definer for the Kingdom of YeHoVaH. And, patience, as a definer of the Kingdom of YeHoVaH, will increase our faith in Yeshua ha-Meshiach.

I had no patience growing up, though I endured much. I told myself “no” and rejected myself before I gave anyone else the chance to do so because I had no patience [whatsoever] to just stand around and wait to be rejected. Patience was something I sorely lacked and something which I desperately needed.

When I was married to my first husband, I struggled to be a good wife and a new mom; but, without patience, I failed … miserably.

When I was married to my second husband, I struggled, again, to be a good wife and a good mom; but, again, patience eluded me, and I failed … miserably.

As Mark and I were struggling through the early years of our relationship, we conceived a baby, and on March 24, 2007, little Alana Jean Johnson was born. Little did I know that this sweet 8 pound 5 ounce little baby would be the one to teach me that which I needed most.

Alana was like most other babies; she slept, she cried, she ate, she pooped. By the time she was two months old, she started rocking in her bassinet so hard, I became fearful she would rock right out of it. Mark and I moved her into her regular crib, and Alana continued to rock as hard as she could. And, it was about this time that I started seeing differences in Alana versus the milestone timelines of my other children.

Try as I might, I could not help but wonder why Alana was not meeting milestones at about the same time as her seven older sisters and brothers. I know, I know … every child develops at his or her own pace; but, a mother knows when something is “off” with one of her children.

Alana was slow to maintain control of her neck and head. She was slow to roll from front to back or back to front. She was slow to sit up or crawl or creep. She didn’t take her first steps until her 14th month. When Alana was two years old, I contacted Early Childhood Intervention and Alana went through her first of many, many evaluations. At two years old, I was told my daughter has a development delay based on the reached milestones of a typically developing child. Referrals were made, appointments were kept, and many a day was spent with physical therapists and speech therapists. Alana spent a year in physical therapy; but, she is still pigeon-toed, can’t walk in a normal fashion, and has no coordination to run. She spent nearly four years in speech therapy; but, still today she has a horrible lisp and often times we have to tell her to slow down and repeat what she is trying to say. And, it has only been this year that her nighttime pull-ups are only needed as a “just in case”. She potty trained at four years old; but, dealt with diurnal enuresis (day wetting) until the age of six, with occasional accidents thereafter on longer car rides. The nocturnal enuresis (nighttime wetting) is still a struggle for her; but, like I said, she uses pull-ups more as “just in case” than not.

Okay, so this is a fair breakdown of her physical development; her picky eating, quirks, oddities, and personality development has been something else altogether. I have always told people that if there was one thing that was going to teach me patience, it was Alana. And, oh, sometimes the patience I need to deal with Alana, who is Autistic and has a comorbidity of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and all the blessed co-disorders that accompany ADHD.

Let’s see … I have had to deal with her twirling in Walmart and fearing that she would knock glass things off the shelves (I think this happened maybe three or four times); but, her twirling is how she deals with overstimulation. Alana has a noise aversion, so on long car trips- as when we travel the eight hours to Abilene to see my mom -everyone else likes the radio turned on and turned up for entertainment … Alana not so much, sooooo, the radio gets turned off. Alana has a textile aversion, so she wears what she feels comfortable in, even if that means a swimsuit in the middle of winter. She just doesn’t like anything touching her skin. Alana has a touch aversion, so hugs are few and far in between. If you ever get a hug from Alana, consider yourself blessed because there are months that go by when I don’t get hugs from her. She doesn’t like to be confined, even if the confinement is in my arms for a hug. Alana is the pickiest eater that I have ever known, and I’ve known some picky eaters. Kids will go through phases; but, usually, after a few weeks, kids will phase out of their phases … not Alana. She has two favorites- Meatloaf and Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches. Anything else is a no go, no matter how much I try to coax her into eating other foods.

When I needed so bad to learn patience, YeHoVaH blessed me with a daughter who teaches me patience on a daily basis.

Yochanan learned a thing or two about patience. Yochanan was with Yeshua during Yeshua’s earthly ministry. Yochanan walked with Yeshua and talked with Yeshua. Yochanan knew the love of his Adon (L-rd), and after Yeshua’s ascension, Yochanan took the message that he was given and gave it to so many others. The enemies of YeHoVaH persecuted the disciples and all were martyred with the exception of Yochanan. Not for lack of trying; Yochanan was dipped in boiling oil that he might die; he did not die, and subsequently was sent as a lone exile to the island of Patmos. How Yochanan must have longed for his long lost connections and relationships with other human beings. However, in his patience, he learned the hazon, the revelation of YeHoVaH. Tradition holds that he was at a later time pardoned and returned to Ephesus where he died [circa] 98 AD.

Yochanan suffered persecution and pressure. Yochanan went against the flow of the world, and the world pressured him. It was in patience that he endured. Yochanan knew that pressure was needed to make it to the Kingdom and that patience is the vessel of enduring the pressure. Yochanan desired the Kingdom of YeHoVaH, and he knew that his salvation was by grace through faith and that he would need such faith to learn patience because of the pressures of the world. Yochanan knew that patience was required while waiting.

Do we know this?

Do we really know this?

Before anyone gets any crazy ideas; I love my daughter … Alana. I love all my children. There is no one person on this planet who could ever think otherwise. But, Alana has required so much patience that I didn’t have. It’s been a long road to hoe; but, I am so thankful for the daily, sometimes hourly, challenges. There is blessing in the challenges. There is patience learned. There is victory in endurance. There is not victory because I made it through; but, because Yeshua did.

I desire the Kingdom of YeHoVaH, and I know that my salvation is by grace through faith and that I need such faith to learn patience because of the pressures of the world. I know that patience is required while waiting. I don’t always like it; but, I know that patience is required while waiting.


Pilipiyim (Philippians) 4:4--”Rejoice in YeHoVaH always, again I say, rejoice!”


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