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Patriarchy –When Did THAT Get Here?

Updated on July 22, 2010


When the story of Beowulf was first told, I’m sure it went through the usual modifications through the telling, each person putting their own spin on the story. When Gefion was introduced into sections of the story it could be considered propaganda. After all the reason he was introduced was to get the population of the time to accept the demise of Goddess and the superiority of man over woman. I don’t believe Goddess worshipers would betray Goddess, but would do what it appears to me that they did instead…go underground. To initiate this change from Matrilineal to Patriarchic tracking, the males begin by stating female meekness in beowulf.

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Goddess was always first when fertility was important to our existence and survival. Man was in no position to do anything except hunt for food, find a place to sleep, keep warm, and otherwise work at existing. This was the situation when we had no conveniences, nothing made for us. Imagine how hard it would be to get food every day, if we had to find it ourselves with no organized growing of anything, no animals domesticated, no tools, no weapons, no store. No clothes, no blankets for warmth no dishes, cups, things we take for granted. It makes sense that man and woman would band together with others of like thought. This made it easier to survive.

Beginning of Goddess Demise

Slowly we (the human race) domesticated animals and developed agriculture. As we grew into larger groups, we didn’t have to worry ONLY about surviving, as we did before, because of these two ideas we had invented with Goddess help, evolution, whatever. That meant we now had seeds to grow vegetables and fruits. We had animals to help us and animals to eat, if necessary, so we could take it easy. As humans do in this type of situation, some humans started taking Goddess for granted.

Then I venture to guess that some humans began fighting for “things”, weapons, whatever and bullied other humans who weren’t as strong, or maybe just not as violent/warlike. Since human kind did not have to fight to survive anymore, it encouraged some to go after power and control over their fellow human beings. We women wanted cooperation which is basically opposite of the idea that “the strongest rules”, hence the suppression of Goddess began and this enabled man to begin taking control of society. By interjecting words and ideas depicting Goddess as “less than” into stories and poems like Beowulf they began working on undermining Goddess worship.

Goddess IS

I know Goddess is still here and worshiped because:

1) just because men took power and tried to negate Goddess, does not mean that we women ever accepted it;

2) men are physically stronger only because of their physical structure, but brawn does not always rule brain, to put it nicely;

3) Behind every famous, powerful man it has been shown historically, that there is a woman. What does that tell us?

4) Goddess is embodied in Earth and Earth is embodied in Goddess, ‘nuff said? There is no way to disregard Earth because it is all around us, it is under us, we breathe it, it flows through us.

To me, we are a divine part of Earth and Goddess and like any form of energy, cannot be destroyed. For who is qualified to say that Earth is not a conscious entity on a different dimensional level that is spiritually higher than I or you, and that an aspect of Earth is or is not Goddess? Just a thought.

Does Goddess Still Exist Despite Man's Attempt to Disavow Her Existance?

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    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific fabulous hub read i enjoyed read thanks


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