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Peace In the Middle East? Not by men...

Updated on March 14, 2016

The What, Who, When, Where and Why

There was a man named Abraham who was married to Sarah. They were very old and had no children. Sarah was said to be barren (cannot have children). God promised Abraham and Sarah a son. Because time had passed and they were getting older, Sarah became impatient and decided to allow Abraham to sleep with her maid-servant Hagar who was Arab. Hagar became pregnant and had a son named Ismael. Then...Sarah became pregnant and had a son name Isaac. Sarah became jealous of the younger woman who had her husband's baby so she put her out.

Sarah put her out...her and her baby was put out to fend for themselves in the dessert. God spoke to Hagar and told her that He will bless her and her son that he will be the father of a great nation. By the way Muslim is not an we need to stop calling people "Muslim American" That is their religion. I am not called "Christian American" or others called "Buddhist American" or "Catholic American" or "Hindu American" or "Mormon American..." So we need to stop the madness.

Back to my story...

Although God made the promise to Hagar about Ishmael, God also stated that he and his descendants will war against other nations. And that is so true and has happened.

Back to Abraham...he and Sarah had their son who was promised by God and life goes on. For all intents and purposes Isaac is he anointed son and Christians will say that love the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob just so that people know that we are of the lineage of the anointed son by God and not the son of Hagar. This is the back story of the issue.

The modern day issues in the Middle East started as a brother-brother blood feud that was based on the fact that Abraham did not acknowledged his older son Ishmael and only acknowledged the promised son Isaac who was given to him and his wife Sarah. Here is the thing...cousins are killing each other and the descendants of Ishmael are waging war against other nations just like it was predicted by God.

There is no army...government...treaty...peace land division that will resolve this situation...only God Himself can and will do so in His time.

On another note...this war is one that is so entrenched within the minds and hearts of the people involved is why they will lay down their life for their purpose. they believe they are fighting for their birthright. To which they were not promised of God, Isaac was. But I am sure they feel that because Ishmael was older that he should be the rightful son. And for those of us who were not of the lineage of Abraham...we are also sons and daughters of God for whom Jesus died on the cross for our sins and to establish and fulfill the prophecy as stated in Genesis 3:15 where God said to serpent that he will bite the heal of the Son of a woman and the Son (Jesus) will crush his head. That was the establishment of salvation by way of Jesus as stated by God Himself in Genesis.

By the way the source of the aforementioned writings was from the book of Genesis Chapters 12 to 24.

As a footnote, America must keep sides with Israel. Every nation in history no matter how powerful who has ever gone against Israel has been decimated. And they are now a feeble shadow of their former selves. And they are all but become insignificant to the known world. America must side with Israel or well will go the way of Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Rome, Greece, Germany.

Finally, there was never a Palestine. that land was and is and will always be Israel. Palestine is a contrived group of people who settled on the West bank of Israel and is now trying to stake claim much like a home stead.

At the end of the day...only God can and will heal the world...only God can by the blood of His Son Jesus and the power of His Holy Spirit.


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