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Peace through Detachment

Updated on March 22, 2014

How to be Free

It is possible to be in the world and yet be unaffected by what goes on in it. At first glance there appears to be chaos and turmoil everywhere. If you turn on the news the world looks like one big mess. Even in everyday life whether on the job or on the freeway, people seem to be troubled for unknown reasons. What is happening inside of these people? Why are they so angry, miserable, aggressive, violent, rude and afraid? If we take a closer look everything begins to make sense. The first thing we must look at is the collection. Everybody is a collector of thoughts, opinions, perceptions, experiences, and emotional links. Most of their minds are being shaped by the media, family, friends, personal problems, schools, churches, jobs, the military and a host of other institutions. These institutions load up individuals minds with right and wrong, rewards and punishment, what to believe, and what to think. There are people who live by the rules and people who don't. We end up having an unwritten code of acceptable behavior which cannot be enforced. The world gets divided into those who choose to be kind and loving and those who choose to be mean and hateful. There is also everything in between. Since the mind does not remain in a fixed state, anyone can fluctuate from kindness to meaness and back again. So everybody has their moods. If you toss in egos, the evil, the insane and the criminal minded you have the portrait of the world. Now the question is how to be free of the human nightmare. We are very fortunate. For thousands of years people have committed themselves to that very subject. It is with great pleasure that I will now post some of their findings. If you have never seen the world as I have described above, then keep doing whatever you are doing. You are already free of it. Your right thinking is your freedom and your protection. If for some reason you have encountered the chaotic world mentioned earlier, these priceless tips can help free your mind.

Good News

The good news is you don't have to change others, you merely have to change your understanding. It all starts with awareness. Your peace only comes from within you. It depends on where you place your attention. If you look at beauty, that will be your experience. If you dwell on evil, bad company, problems and the wrongs of others, that will become your world. The solution is, you must know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. In the human experience, people are always going to be doing things that may not fit your idea of what is right. Humans are good and evil, trustworthy and corrupt. Some people will intentionally try to create disturbances within you. It gives them a false sense of power or a feeling of superiority. What the philosophers and mystics have done is completely destroy the illusion of an external power. They have found that outside of physical violence, nothing is happening on the outside. Everything is merely a thought passing through your mind. If you are detached from the thoughts and emotions within yourself, the whole world becomes void. Suddenly you are watching a silent movie and none of it has anything to do with how you choose to feel. In fact, you are free to be unconcerned, silent, happy or just indifferent. Looking at the big picture, everything disappears eventually anyway. By not giving any importance to these mental experiences, we can let them go. Forgetting the truth is the only problem left. It takes practice to break the habit of returning to the illusion. It seems so natural to blame the outer events not realizing that it's just our own inner thoughts or judgements and opinions about the world. As one Zen teacher once said, "when thoughts vanish, then do all things vanish". So freedom is not about stopping the world, it's about stopping your thoughts about it. In fact, some teachers have said that there is no world. Each person creates their own world with the thoughts that they are collecting. Now this is the master key. Other people may have negative issues but you need not be affected by their thoughts. You are the absolute ruler of your Universe. You are free to think whatever you want at any moment. You need not look at past mistakes or the garbage that the world tries to toss at you because remember, it really doesn't exist for you. It may exist for them. It is all imagination. If you decide to dwell on those troublesome thoughts, you have made that choice. Otherwise, they don't belong to you. This is the essence of detachment. There are beautiful higher thoughts available to everyone. You are responsible for your own inner world. Some may say, oh that is so selfish. You only care about yourself. Not necessarily. You can help those who want to listen but you can't help those who don't want to be helped. Since everybody only gets a certain amount of years on the planet why should you waste your time on people who enjoy evil deeds? That's why the ancient teachers said let them be. Don't make another persons problem your own. The important thing is to be free within your own mind. Peace and freedom is an individual choice and responsibility. No entire society will ever have peace. Only individuals can. As they say, you can be in the world but not of it. When you completely destroy the illusion, your emotions will not even react to the appearances in the world. You actually have dominion all along. Your original response is no concern at all. What happens is through repeated threats in the home, in school or on the job, the habit of responding emotionally to negativity has been developed. People and organizations, companies and governments will always try to control others emotions. There are managers and supervisors who live in attack mode. They don't care if you're a good person or a good worker. It is their tool for enforcing obedience. Other managers use their positions to cope with their own feelings of low self worth. By aggressively intimidating employees, they feel a thrill from a false sense of power or superiority. It's not even about the work. Their need to feel important somehow takes precedence over the product or service. At some companies, psychological and emotional abuse is allowed from a management perspective. Communication is the most effective way to achieve results. The old school managers are still stuck in anger, hostility and fear as a motivator. As long as the employees are dependent on the company for an income, the management can get away with abuse, or at least the appearance of it. Most employees will not stand up to them. Those who do will be fired anyway. They don't even appreciate the millions or billions of dollars that the workforce is bringing in every year. No one should have to put up with ignorant harassment every day. That's one of the reasons why people go into business for themselves. If you have to work for others, you can cooperate while remaining free of the emotional turmoil that they try to create. You can be detached from the negativity. If you don't think about it, it cannot exist for you. After all, it is still just an illusion. If detachment is too difficult for you to master, you can also find a better job. You always have the only power and the freedom to make a better choice. There are jobs that have positive, kind and peaceful people. Wherever you are in the world, you must be able to detach from all negative opinions of you if you want to remain happy. You must be able to love yourself regardless of everybody in the world. Remember, it is always your universe. You can rise above and free yourself of all the ignorance and negativity of others by simply not thinking about them. Instantly, you are free. You can always choose a different set of thoughts/feelings or have no thoughts at all. Nothing outside of you can take away your inner peace. Self knowledge overcomes all things.

Books for Peace and Freedom


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      9 years ago

      Very thought provoking!


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