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Evolving States~!

Updated on March 1, 2013

Cosmic Man!!

Cosmologists have recently concluded (within the last 10 years or so) that if our perspective of time and space can be changed we can create a doorway / inter-dimensional vehicle / window into a different reality. Humanity has wanted to visit other stars/planets since they’ve viewed the stars and wondered about them. Of course, we’ve only recently developed enough engineering technology to even consider achieving this goal of traveling to the stars and we still have many problems when it comes to actually doing that!


Funny that shaman, holy men, and other individuals have known about an “inter-dimensional doorway” for eons! These individuals, able to change their perspective of “seeing the world”, using their breath as the vehicle to achieve this, how exciting! Of course there have been times in man’s history that other “methods” have been used, drugs, plants, chants, ritual/ceremony, etc. I would have to say that these people bold enough to take their village, or civilization to the spirit world, another dimension, whatever, would have probably used a variety of these methods to achieve that connection with that inner spirit (or outer spirit, who knows)!

Healers Transcend

One major example of this experience created naturally is how healers incite a “state of being” that transcends this dimension to perform their healing arts. Anyone who has ever experienced a healing or has seen someone get “healed” has been exposed to and could have experienced this “change in perspective”. Each of us can go into altered states of consciousness, into higher dimensions, where we can communicate with spirit, our inner self, whatever.

The Doorway

To take this one step further, in some religious beliefs, people roll on the floor speaking in a language that no one else can understand. In the 1960’s people thought they needed to take a drug to transcend this world and meet Spirit, THE ONE. How we achieve the exchange depends on what “strikes a cord” in us and allows us to enter that “doorway” with open mind. I’m not promoting drug use by any means, but I don’t begrudge people who use whatever method they must to achieve this transcendence.

As I have read, Native Americans chewed the peyote cactus plant to transcend their reality and step through to another dimension. Who is to say we cannot breathe a certain way and that breathing that way then allows us to step through a doorway into another dimension existing in the same space as our world exists here but perhaps, vibrating, to a different frequency, for example.


When I was 12 years old I realized that we saw very little as far as the visual spectrum goes, but when I asked my mother questions about this, she told me only crazy people think like that and ask questions like that. I knew she was wrong, but she was the adult and I was only 12. I was very lucky when my step-father came along when I was 13 years old and showed me many ancient and modern philosophers throughout history who have thought some of these same thoughts that I was having and each came to varied conclusions as to the Source. He validated, for me, that my thoughts were not crazy and it led me to greater and more diverse thoughts of what “true reality” means.

True Reality?

That term somehow seems like a contradiction to me..."true reality". When I was growing up in the 1960’s I did not need to use drugs because I was already out-there. It seems like some people just had to use a drug to shed the programming they were inundated with since birth. Since I questioned everything, beginning when I was pretty young (about 7), I didn’t need to do drugs to get “cosmic”. Needless to say, I was also a pain-in-the-a_ _, with all those questions I had. If, now-a-days I use a drug, it only makes me ponder the things I think about naturally, without drugs, so I don't use it. 


In the book, Don Juan, a Yaqui Way of Knowledge, by Carlos Castaneda, I remember when Don Juan told Carlos to sit before the river and contemplate it. He wanted Carlos to become part of the water, just like Erick Gonzalez speaks of becoming a molecule of water and knowing what the molecule feels. Don Juan also told Carlos to be careful or the water would take him away. Finally Carlos did become the water and it tried to take him away, so Don Juan had to follow Carlos and rescue him from the water. It was great reading these books that validated again my thoughts about what reality is or can be.

Of course, that was when I was young and very naïve, and I mean REALLY naïve. I’ve recently read the first book again (35 years later) and it almost seemed “trite” and very elementary. It’s made me realize another thing (realized this about 10 years after reading Don Juan, a Yaqui Way of Knowledge…the more I know, the more there is to know.

Or put another way, the more I know, the less I know, you know?      ;o)


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    • Wise_Man_S profile image

      Wise_Man_S 7 years ago from Texas

      I know just what you mean. Although I try not to let them lay their baggage on me, it still sometimes "lands" on me. However, most people have been totally brainwashed into believing what their parents, school, and society put on them. Thanks for reading my hubs. Wise_Man_S

    • taskeinc profile image

      B. E. Shaw Sr. 7 years ago from Atlanta

      I like what you're talking about here .. nice hub, shows you've always had an open mind .. even at 12 yrs of age .. we often get glimpses of our true relation with reality but most of the time it is snuffed out by prejudices and paradigms of others.