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Pegasus, so Much More Than a Stallion With Wings

Updated on May 27, 2019
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Welcome to Spirit's blog. The place where we find the beauty in the hidden, occult, mythologies of our world. Blessed be.

Hi all and welcome to Spirit's blog. Today's topic of illumination is the Pegasus. The Pegasus is a mythical winged stallion. It is one of the most recognized creatures of all myths. Pegasus is symbolic of wisdom, fame and inspiration.

The Ancient Greeks believed Pegasus to be born of Poseidon (the god of sea) and the gorgon Medusa. The tale tells that when Perseus decapitated Medusa, her blood spilled into the sea, and of the sea Pegasus was born. After his birth he made a quick ascension to Mt.Olympus. After honorably serving the highest of Gods Zeus, he was charged with taking lightning and thunder with him to battle.

Pegasus made friends with the Muses, and created Hippocrene (a stream on Mt. Helicon) . The muses considered Hippocrene to be a sacred fountain that brought inspiration.

Athena and Poseidon helped Bellerophon catch Pegasus while at the fountain Peirene. At this point Pegasus allowed Bellerophon to ride him to defeat the monster Chimera. This was the beginning of many fights for the two to conquer. Finally, all triumphs, Bellerophon believed to be deserving to fly to Mt.Olympus, set off riding Pegasus. However his arrogance angered Zeus, who sent a Gadfly ( a mix between a horsefly and bot flies), to sting Pegasus, causing Bellerophon to fall back down to earth. Bellerophon landed in a thorn bush, causing him to become blind and live his remaining life in misery. Pegasus was then used as Zeus' personal pack horse for thunderbolts.

The myths believe that every place Pegasus struck the earth with his hoof, would emerge a stream. They also hold that due to all the years of faithful service to Zeus when Pegasus died he was rewarded with living forever as a constellation.

This myth has always held significant symbolism. For example during WWII in European armed forces, the silhouette of Bellerophon riding Pegasus was printed on the sleeves of parachute troops in 1941. This insignia was later used again in summer of 1942 for their Airborne forces. To this day there is still some Airborne units that use the Pegasus insignia.

To this day there are businesses that use the Pegasus as their logo. For example the weather satellite Pegaso, launched from Ecuador in 2013. Pegasus Airlines is a low cost airline, from Istanbul, Turkey region. Mobil oil has had a Pegasus as their logo since the 1930's.

In conclusion, the Pegasus has always been associated with wisdom, power, bravery and exceptional service. It has been used as military insignia, logos for major companies and has even been sent to space. So maybe the myths have some validity or they are just so well liked that the Pegasus has become much more than a winged horse, it has become a true hero. So spiritually to channel heroic characteristics, all you need is to connect to the mighty Pegasus. Blessed be.

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