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Updated on March 1, 2013
Foucault's Pendulum
Foucault's Pendulum

Pendulum Questions

Pendulums have been used to answer yes/no questions, to ‘scry’ for a location, to answer questions related to calendar dates, or identify the gender of an egg or baby or plant.  The first thing you’ll do when you get a pendulum is check what its movement is for ‘yes’ and for ‘no’.  The pendulum may use for ‘yes,’ forward & back / ’no,’ side to side; ‘yes,’ a clockwise circle / ‘no,’ a counter-clockwise circle; ‘yes’, a circle (clockwise or counter-clockwise) / ‘no’, back & forth (forward & back, or side to side).   About one in eight people get no response from a pendulum.  

How to use

You hold your pendulum so that it is free-swinging and has room to move in about a two or three inch radius. You can usually do this by propping your elbow on a table.  Then say aloud “show me your ‘yes’.” and see how the pendulum swings.  Then say aloud “show me your ‘no’” and watch which way it swings again.  Some say that a pendulum has its own personality and doesn’t get along with everyone, so if you find a pendulum that does not respond to your question, find another and try again just to be sure.  As a matter of fact you may decide to try three times, just for good measure.  This does not mean that the person is not a magickal, psychic being, it just means that the pendulum is not their tool.


Here is the scrying technique for a location-seeking question, using a pendulum. Find a picture of where the item may be or a map of possible locations. Hold the pendulum over the map and carefully move your arm around the area where the item may be, keeping the pendulum as closely in a straight line under your hand as possible. When the pendulum starts freaking out, your location is there. Use the pendulum to decide when the best day would be for a garage sale by moving the pendulum over the calendar, a day at a time, until it starts swinging around crazily.

Say you want to find a specific direction, you can draw arrows going from a center point of your choice, say your current location. Now draw an arrow from the center outward in each direction, four or more, depending on how detailed you want to get. To find the direction you look for, hold the pendulum over the center spot and watch which direction it moves. No one knows exactly how the pendulum works. Some people say it is powered by an inner place within you where you really know the answer all along. Others say that each pendulum has its own spirit that does the answering.

Regardless, it is best to be warned:  the pendulum is not a toy and as such is not to be played with.  It is said the pendulum ‘resents’ it when someone plays with it like a toy, and will either quit talking or will lead the person astray. 


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