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People With Religion and Or Common Sense

Updated on March 27, 2016

Seriously, People

I have heard it stated many times, a person with common sense is better than a person with no sense at all.

I challenge that statement.

To me, common sense doesn't exist. To me, common sense is just a couple words some arrogant person came up with to make a less arrogant person feel small and insignificant.

The Phrase

The phrase 'Well, a person with common sense wouldn't do it that way..." or "If they'd use their common sense" or "Why, that is just plain common sense."

To all these phrases, I get a little bit irritated.


Because, the person who says all these things, doesn't have common sense either, otherwise they wouldn't be so rigid in their thoughts and words. Their knowledge that they are claiming to be common sense, came from somewhere. In some form of education. So - not common sense.

Let me clarify myself. I do not believe common sense to be a quality that people possess. I feel that common sense, as people call it, is a collection of knowledge that is trained, not a naturally occurring quality.

So, when people end an argument with 'well, that is just common sense' I start to disagree.

To The Blackboard People

Now pay attention closely.

Let's picture a baby. We all know what a baby is. It's a small human being, that is freshly born into this world, unaware of anything that is done here, and cold, wet and angry.

If we were all born with common sense, a baby would have common sense. But it doesn't. A baby has to be taught. Granted, there are things that a baby seems to learn very quickly, almost naturally, but still, it's not common sense.

The Sequence of Events

Religiously speaking. I can only speak from my particular branch of religion. Missouri Synod Lutheran.

Well. a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church minded person will have their child baptized at their church in a small ceremony that involves the baby, the minister, the parents, the 'god parents' and some holy water.

The child is splashed with holy water and the God parents promise that this child will be brought up in the Christian faith and will at some point in the future, confirm for her/himself that she/he does indeed follow the Nicene Creed.

If you follow the Lutheran Church, you know that the Nicene Creed states that you believe in God, the father almighty. You believe that he made Heaven and earth and all things visible and invisible. You believe in one baptism for the remission of sins. You believe that he was born of a Virgin, suffered under some guy in Italy - Pontius Pilate, and was killed on a cross. He was then buried, with witnesses. For three days, his body rotted in the cave that he was in. Then, three days later, he was out, running around, getting ready to ascend to Heaven, in which he would get things ready for that new baptized person to do the same thing.

Note: Jesus was ALSO baptized by John the Baptist. Read about it. It's there.

Religiously speaking, it's all trained and not common sense.

The Bible

Now, I'm not suggesting that you stop right now and read the Bible, since the book is very hard to read and it took me the better part of a few months to read it cover to cover. I read the book that I was given by my Lutheran Church minister when I was 15 and in confirmation classes.

We were in classes for two years to learn about the old and new Testaments. All very interesting stories when you break it up into study packages.

Back to the News

The news is filled with people who go out of their way to kill other people. Who go out of their way to injure other people.

The news is filled with people who seem to be so hardened about killing that they seem to feel that killing is no big deal.

Sodom and Gomorrah

Back in the olden times, in the book that deals with Sodom and Gomorrah, the people were told to get out of that city, and to not look back. That God was going to kill everyone there, since there were no good people there.

There were orgies. Murders. Rape.

Lot gathered his wife and headed out of the city. As the story goes, Lot was told to get "out of Dodge, and don't look back."

His wife looked back and, as the story goes, was turned into a pillar of salt.

So. Basically, Lot was alive. His wife now had a major health issue. She was dead.

An arrogant person would say that it's obvious that he now had no spouse and no descendants. So, in that respect, common sense would be assumption only. It would be their perception of the situation, based on their collection of knowledge. It would not be the truth.

So, you wouldn't be able to call it common sense.

Noah's Ark

Forgive me if I skip around with this, but, randomly speaking, Noah was told that he needed to build a large boat and he needed to collect two of each animal on earth.

Now. Mind you, I have been told for many years, that the actual ark was found on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. I have also been told that Turkey doesn't allow anyone to see it because they'd be over run with people who would trash the place. You know how tourists are. They expect you to provide them meals. They expect toilet paper in the stall and a place to sleep when they feel like going to sleep.

Going Back to Nicene Creed

When I stand in church, I listen to what is being said. There are a few things that are muttered here and there that may or may not make sense as they are being stated.

Like the Nicene Creed.

There are people who will quote the creed, yet will go home and question whether there is a God or not. They will question whether we descended from Apes. Whether there was a pile of spit and dirt on God's hand just before he created Adam, or whether we exploded into being with a big bang.

The World May Have Started With a Big Bang

Or not.

The Bible states, in the first paragraph, mind you, that the world started in Chaos.

Why there was chaos, nobody knows, but I am sure there is someone out there who will insist that the knowledge is common sense.

It is not.

Are You Listening?


What is chaos? Well. I picture chaos to be a disorganized mess.


Man wasn't invented first.

Some people seem to forget that the world was created without man. Man wasn't the first thing created. Technically speaking, man was the last. Adam from spit and dirt, and Eve from his rib.



God Started With the Chaos

God started with, what did he start with.

Just a minute, I have to check Google for a second. On the first day, God created ___?__.

Yeah. Here it Is

The first day, God created light and dark.

In the chaos, the dark and the light was all mixed together. Like a marble cake. Swirled.

HE took and separated the light from the dark and called the light - day, and the darkness - night.

The Second Day is as Follows

Okay. Now according to the Bible, on the second day.... such and such was created.

The reason that there was a second day, was because the first day was created first.

There was light and dark and light and dark and you can only have ONE first day.

The second day is the second time light shows up.

Is this common sense? - Nope.

So, now, there are two days. One that was the first day, and now, since the pattern repeated, the second day.

Was there anything created on the second day, besides the second day??? According to my version, the sky was created on the second day. God put a pocket or vault between the water on the bottom and the water on the top. The water on the top, of course, is where our rain comes from and the water on the bottom is where it collects... lakes, oceans, your swimming pool...

On the second day, he made it so the Land had vegetation in and on it.

Land Was Next

The Land was established. Where there was no water, there was dirt sticking through... so, he called it Land.

It Was Dark at Night

So, he created lights in the sky, stars and during the day, there was the Sun and during the night, the moon.

Are we together on this, now?

The Fourth Day

Fish and birds.

Creatures in the water and birds flying in the air. That was the fourth day.

The Fifth Day

The fifth day, he created both wild animals and livestock.

What is the difference between wild animals and livestock, you ask?

Hmmm. I don't know. I do understand that the wild animals and the livestock needed to be there before the people were invented, since you don't want a bunch of crabby, hungry people beating on your door when you are out of beef....

Day Six - Man Has Arrived

Yes. Finally, after all that, Man is finally here. Then God said,

let man be in charge of all the fish and wild animals and livestock.

Okay - Back to the Flood

I'm planning a cruise to Alaska eventually and apparently, there are Glaciers there. I have heard that there are places that have large animals, mammoths, enclosed in the ice, frozen in time. Not decomposed. Just frozen..

Mile deep ice. So, doesn't that point to a flood at one point in history, and ergo... sort of verifying that there was a flood, world wide, that was mentioned in the Bible...?

Back to the Original Point

The news lately has been about men killing Christians.

Or, saying that they are killing Christians.

But, what do they define as being a Christian. Does a Christian call themselves a Christian because they follow Jesus? Or, is there some other definition of Christian. Do the people who kill Christians, still observe Christmas?

Again, Christmas. Where did this holiday come from?

Supposedly, it's because Jesus was born.

Easter is Celebrated

Okay, so, Easter is celebrated because Jesus came out of that grave three days after he was known to be dead, and was running around alive.

The Holidays

I realize that there are a lot of things that Adults tell their kids. They tell them about Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny and about the tooth fairy.

These are all made up stories about things that wouldn't exist if there wasn't a religious story behind them.

The religious story isn't always what is observed, however.

Jesus Died on the Cross

If that had not happened, and he had been allowed to live a long and fruitful life, we would not have needed that Easter basket, nor would we be getting Christmas presents in December.

The tooth fairy probably would go away.

About Religion

There are people who believe things to be partially true. There are people who believe things to be completely true. There are those who question things that they doubt are true.

There are many forms of religion. There are many beliefs in different things. None of it is common sense.

There is only one way to know the truth. I hope you choose Jesus.


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    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      I agree with you that 'common sense' doesn't exist! If it did we'd have no need of the saying!


    • firstcookbooklady profile imageAUTHOR

      Char Milbrett 

      2 years ago from Minnesota

      I thank you for your comments. I have added more thoughts and will continue to add thoughts as I go. It may never become coherent, and it may never get to the point where my main idea is communicated. I find that people sometimes merge religious ideas with insinuations of a quality called common sense, which I feel is a non existent quality that is simply a buzz word when frustration with action or communication becomes the norm.

    • Annette Hendley profile image

      Annette Hendley 

      2 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      I agree. I struggle to find the main idea here.

    • Oztinato profile image


      2 years ago from Australia

      I think this needs more work. Too jumbled. One minute you say there's no commonsense the next minute there is etc. It's not coherent.


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