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People Are People but Each Is a Seedling

Updated on July 22, 2022
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Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Each person begins as a seedling unique and beautiful


We are all People

It’s not an accident; what’s happening today. It’s destined to be. You’re not an accident; it’s all part of the plan. The people in your circle are not there by accident. They’re essential, and they’re your people. Family, friends, parents, children, spouses, they’re your people. Even your enemies or those you find it challenging to connect with are your people. These people are perfect. They will get it right, and they will get it wrong as often as you do.

They alsoare also struggling with their imperfections and seeking solution and understanding. If you become confused by your people, know this, something more significant is unfolding. Nothing is up to us. We are in the process of purification as we bathe in the living’s sprinkle water of God’s word, which is the knowledge and wisdom of His example. His teachings are on how to find our way back to our sameness. Our uniformity, we will get to that.

People Sail In and Out but each is Important

People sail into our lives, some for a moment, others for the long journey; few are there for life. It doesn’t matter how we connect, but prolonged or short, the time it ends up being, significant to our purpose. Every connection is a dot on the line that joins our lives.

Have you been part of a family? Well, you can relate? Though our families and friends may be diverse, they are ours. Some people recall every memory entwined and points of contact so strong. Others may struggle with connections divided by miles, and yet the distance is short. For some, there’s a desert between them and to relate is then problematic. We’re on this ride together, and different individuals show up to fill the gaps or voids. When we experience distance or pain when we separate from our circle, those that come in for a season become a family.

God designs families, and He impresses upon us that our communities are our family. All characters play a role in our lives as we are His children and thus we’re all family.

It’s incredible how little we understand this concept. How we put our energies more into figuring out our cohorts and less attention, focusing our life walk with one that matters most and leaving limited time to trust in His promise. He is the way to all understanding; He is Agape, unfailing love that is constant. Our Father will not forsake us and always wants to hear about our day. He has joy when we do well and perhaps disappointment when we stumble, yet; He is there to pick us up. We try to push Him aside, but God never leaves. His protection is the ever-present, and He carries his children when we need Him most.

His Unfailing Love is Where Our Sameness Is Constant ...

Now, these people who share in our life, good, bad or indifferent, they're experiencing growth and its sameness with us, for a time together. Regardless of the similarity, the reaction and or outcomes to it are often different among people. The unity lies in one thing; He is always the same Father. Never does He chooses favorites or takes sides. His love is unconditional and unfailing. This same love we need to be giving one another.

People happen to people, and difficulties can change our perspectives. Sometimes purposeful for action and other times neglectful and stagnant, The way you see a situation depends on whom you talk too and where their focus is.

Often people around you, have things happening, that is out of their control. They can become unfocused when in their storms. However, they are still His children, and we need to stop and look for the sameness of the tiny seedling within their heart. We need to help them back to their center where Christ can do the rest.

There is a point of connection between every one of us. We need to adjust the focus to see we all desire the same growth on the inside. Some experienced nurturing of living water while others are left to wilt in the beatings of life. A seed remains planted and given the opportunity to root it will flourish.

This nurturing of one another is vital as this seedling roots in the hearts of man planted by Christ our King. Deep in the heart of our fellowman is where we find our sameness. The same desires for love and to love. This unfailing love is where we connect, and that point of connection can be a forever peace.

Look for Love the Sameness in One Another

Our people will disappoint, we will disappoint. Our people will amaze, and we will be amazing. We have to keep working to nurture that seedling our Father planted in our heart's, the seed of His unfailing love. The center of our soul needs our attention. If you water a seedling it grows, allowing beauty to spread with the same growth as branches to the Vine.

Never discard that seedling, but if you do, God will catch it and place it right back where it belongs. When spending time with others, we should remember they too are a seedling from God and worth everything to Him and therefore to us. If we have trouble seeing Christ in our fellow man, spend more time watering your garden. By focusing on our growth and prayerful surrender, we are better able to mirror a Christ-like love to allow growth by His will and not our own.

Seeds Always Grow Roots

Also when we spend time nurturing a seed it grows roots and those roots are strong and hold up under pressure.

Pretty Cool WHen You Think About It

Matthew 17:20

"Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

© 2013 Kathy Henderson


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