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Father/Daughter stories, Peppermint Starbrites, Peppermint Pockets.

Updated on June 15, 2014

Oh For The Love Of Mint

I love peppermints. It started as a child around Christmas time, I am sure. Candy canes and the round peppermint starbrites, that white and red hard candy. The smell of the sweet mint and the smoothness of the melting sugar down the throat was always a treat. I have many memories associated with those wonderful mint delights, but none compare to those that involve my father. Here is another tender tale from the Father/Daughter stories.

Picking Pockets

My Father was a salesman, always in need of fresh presentable breath. In his suit pockets, he always had some kind of mints, rather it be certs, or the mint hard candy. He was guaranteed to be supplied with these wonderful edible gems.

As a small child, I would sneak into his closet and go through the suit pockets looking for those treats. Since I was small the lower pockets was all I could reach. I loved those suits. The navy blue ones, the brown ones and the gray tweeds. The smell of “Old Spice” always clung to the fabric of the suits. I remember with anticipation I would reach with my little hands into each and every pocket.

It did not take my Father long to figure out where his missing mints had gone. I imagine my overly minty breath gave me away. Eventually he would put his new or fairly new roll of certs with his keys and billfold, where I could not reach. But if he had a small bit left or a piece or two of the hard candy, he would leave those treasures for me to find. I knew this and I loved him for it.

Father And My Wedding Day

As I got older I was then able to buy my own mints. My days of pocket dipping was pretty much over. However, my Father’s knack of being prepared was to serve me one more time.

On my wedding day, I spent most of the morning retrieving the flowers for the alter and chasing down my 14 year niece, who was my bride’s maid. I was appalled when I looked out the window of the church and found her in the brides maid’s dress, playing Frisbee with another neighborhood boy!

By the time I got myself ready and was standing with my Father, preparing to march down the isle, I realized I did not freshen my breath! I could not imagine having awful breath for the “Kiss”! My Father was looking very good in his gray striped tux with tails. I thought there was no way he would have any mints in those pockets after just donning the rented suit, but I asked him anyway.

He gave me one of those "I am sorry" faces, as he patted each of his pockets. My heart began to sink, but then my father put on one or those Irish grins, he wears so well, and pulled out a star brite from his lower pockets. I went down the isle with that star brite crunching between my teeth and love for my father swelling in my heart.

My Father was always there for me, but now he has crossed over and joined my Mother. Today, whenever I spoil myself with these wonderful mints, especially the starbrites, I am always reminded of my Father and his love. These candies are hard on my teeth these days, however, they are wonderful for my soul. Thanks Daddy, for again, placing in my life another one of those Father/Daughter stories!


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    • Life and Luxury profile image

      Life and Luxury 6 years ago from South Beach, FL

      I loved the family orientation of this story and how you weaved it in with candy :)


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