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Perceive the reality behind the illusions!

Updated on January 11, 2016

Creation is only a play!

Brahman is the reality and universe is illusion!

Everything is energy, asserts those who worship “Sakthi”, the manifestation of pure energy as per Hindu mythology! Yes, without energy, no movement is ever possible! Consider the human body for a while. Millions of movements take place inside the human body every minute. The flow of blood through the veins, heart and lungs, the movement of oxygen filled blood to each and every cell of the body, the continuous filter of dirt and other toxic things that go inside our body through food and drink, the air that is breathed 21600 times a day, all these constitute a very big factory which may require many thousands of workers actually. But everything happens involuntarily. We have not ordered or enabled the breathing or blood circulation or functions of kidneys. It goes on involuntarily all the twenty four hours. Who is the cause behind this? This is the secret of creation!

If you go through the scriptures, two things are evident. There is Brahman or God, otherwise called the Self or Atma. It is the static base. There is a second thing which is the energy aspect which becomes active during creation. When there is no creation, the energy or sakthi is one with the Brahman. In some Hindu temples, there is an idol depicting both male and female aspect in the same form. Half the body is male and half the body is female. This is called “Ardhanareeswara” (half brahman and half energy0 in one single form. It depends on the pure will of god to manifest the creation with the help of the “Sakthi” or energy! For instance, there is an inert stone block. Though we call it ‘inert’, it is not so in the view point of an atomic scientist. He sees that the stone is only, ‘vibration of energy in high velocity’ which looks like a stone to our perception. Spiritual scientists are aware that the world is full of cosmic energy, which is termed as the beautiful dance of Lord Nataraja! Hence the world is ‘materialization, vibration and radiation! Some people describe god as ‘generator, organizer and destroyer”. Yes, all the three functions are his play. He creates, sustains it for some time and destroys it after! Thus the play of god goes on forever from time immemorial.

“Isavasya Upanishad”, is one of the famous Upanishad. It deals with the Atma or Self in mere eighteen stanzas. The first stanza glorify god as “all pervasive”. He pervades the entire creation and cosmos. Hence, in reality there is God alone who pervades everything from the ‘ant to brahman’. Hence everything we perceive is really god and nothing else. There is a deluding element called mind which is also ‘nonexistent’ but the confused intellects take it as existent. The confusion arises only from darkness or ignorance. In darkness, we perceive a ‘snake’, whereas only coir is there. How we visualize the snake over the coir? It is due to poor light, partly dark and partly light. When you focus a beam of light there, you can see the coir and not the snake! Hence darkness is the reason for misconstruing the nonexistent

We have many such examples like ‘the cataract formed over the lens of our eyes. Hyacinth leaves hiding the surface of water in a lake. The eye surgeon removes the cataract by operation, the hyacinth leaves are removed from the surface of the water. Then our eye sight is restored and the water will be clearly visible! In the same fashion, when you bring light and focus it on the place where the coir is lying, you can discern the coir and not the snake. The snake is the illusion over the real coir. In a similar way, the Brahman or god is the only reality and the mind has superimposed the creation and cosmos over the Brahman. Hence God is said to be hidden in the creation!

A saint in Tamilnadu in India was full of spiritual wisdom. He has written over thousands of couplets of immortal truths. In one of the song, he narrates; “When you look at the wood, the elephant is not seen and when you look at the elephant, wood is never cognized. The situation is that there is a big wooden elephant. He sees the elephant but he could not visualize the wood at the time. When he contemplates about the reality, it is only wood and not elephant. Hence we must understand and know the reality behind the illusions!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Sairam brother.

    • manatita44 profile image


      2 years ago from london

      Nice and rational, very lucid explanations. Hari Om!

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      A fine Thought dear brother.

    • Oztinato profile image


      2 years ago from Australia

      Hinduism preceded western science by many thousands of years in it's understanding that God and Energy are the same. Sai Ram.


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