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Perfection in human life is a distant dream, but possible in spiritual realm!

Updated on November 28, 2015

No peace to perfectionist!

It is difficult to be perfect in life!

There is a great discussion about ‘perfection’. What is the meaning of the term ‘perfection’? It is one hundred percent flawless. But, in human undertakings, we may reach only near perfection and absolute perfection is beyond human domain. In every act, performed by an individual, there will be mixed, at least, a small amount of imperfection. We may try to reach a nearness of perfectness. Every fire contains a little smoke at least. There is no fire without smoke or smoke without fire. Secondly a perfect individual would expect others to remain in the same degree of perfectness. There start all conflicts. Hence even in the Bagawat Gita, Lord Krishna advices Arjuna to choose a ‘middle path’ instead of going to extremes. The perfect individual develops a rigid mentality whereas for living in this world, flexibility is a best way. One must be flexible, amenable to all situations. Naturally ‘perfectionists’ easily develop blood pressure and they become isolated from others in family and society. None would love a stern man. Out of fear, people may obey him but internally he will be abused in the vilest ways. Especially, those who are in the teaching profession tend to become masters in perfection. No student would love such stern discipline monger!

There is another discipline which is spiritual path. Here one needs to be one hundred percent perfect. Also, it is quite possible to observe perfection in spirituality, once we have developed full faith in the spirit within. In spirituality, partial discipline or partial truth will never lead us to the goal. One need to score one hundred percent marks in spirituality. The valuation is carried out within one self. We can never cheat the spirit within with fake performance. The consciousness, watches every individual, at all time. Even a small thought will not go unnoticed. Hence all the emotions, feelings, thoughts, resolutions, transgressions are recorded in the sub conscious and after completion of a life time, the mind which contains all such recordings is snatched with the last breath which will decide the next incarnation of the individual on earth. In the Bagawat Gita, Lord Krishna states that the final thought decides the nature of one’s next birth. One shrewd man thought that he can remember the lord in the last moment by naming all his sons after god’s name. He thought that he will call them to his bedside during the final moments. He was laid up with some grave health problem. He saw that his final moment is fast approaching. He called them one by one as Rama, Krishna, Govinda, Gopala and Kesava. When all of them rushed to his bedside, he saw them and exclaimed, “Who is taking care of the shop” when all of you came here. With the last thought, he died. His final thought was on his business. Naturally he could not attain god by this dubious means.

In mundane life, one can pass the examinations even if he secures 35% out of 100. What will be the performance of such people in real life and profession? He may be eligible for a job after passing the examination. But he is not fit to man any job since he has failed to secure 65% marks in the subjects. How can you say he is eligible? In spirituality, one need to score one hundred percent, to reach the goal of human life. We get human life to evolve into divinity. We have parted from the Divine and hence we have to reach back to our source. As the rivers merge finally in the sea from which it has parted, human life has to attain consummation in God only. Hence we need to follow Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence. In the past many sages and saints have shown the royal path to Divine. Chanting the name of God is one of the sure way and in all religions, chanting has been given the first priority.

We notice that Christians all over the world chant either the name of Jusus or Yesu or Mary or Father in heaven. In Islam, the devotees chant regularly their holy book “Quran”. Hindus take many of the names of God. All these may seem waste of time to the present generation of youngsters who are carried away by Western cultures and habits. Are they able to bring peace and harmony in this world by their highly perverted ways with the use of modern electronic gadgets and social platforms? Violence increases in every sphere of life due to the onslaught of internet and mobile communications. But for these technological feats, no terrorist can gain superiority! It is the free access of communication tools which spoils young minds and makes them bold, venturing into forbidden web sites and porn sites.

Our ancestors and forefathers were not foolish to adopt age old customs of worship and chanting the myriads of names of Divine! Yes, we can call god in any number of ways and forms and he truly responds to each such supplication. What is needed today is deep faith and devotion in the Supreme! There is none in the world who is doomed due to their devotion in god but there are umpteen number of persons spoiled due to adopting bogus ways of leading an unconstrained ways. Today’s youngsters feel that they are superior species having learnt to operate the computer and use the mobile phones. They stamp the grandfather and father as Stone Age people who have no knowledge of modern times. Sadly they are mistaken. Today’s rampant terrorism is due to the perverted ways of young men around the globe. At least from now on, let them correct their obliquus behavior and follow the scriptures and sages of past!

Impossible to remain perfect!


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