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Performing Actions Without 'Doer Ship'!

Updated on May 8, 2017

Wise thoughts.

Do not assume 'doer ship'

Relinquishing ‘doer ship’ is an important part of spiritual discipline. Normally most of the worldly people boast and prattle, ‘I have achieved this, I have achieved that. The spiritually inclined people assert, Oh Lord, thy will be done’, I am just an instrument in your Divine hand! But this sort of feeling can be developed only after relinquishing our little ego, which assumes ‘doer ship’ for all that happens to the individual. If the results are positive, then the ego bloats. If the outcome ends up in failure, the same ego will find myriads of reasons like ‘fate etc. We usually blame god when our efforts fail. God has nothing to do with our wellness or illness, our profits or losses and our joys and sorrows! Even a layman knows that the seed he plants in the soil will sprout accordingly. Having planted a bitter neem seed, how can we anticipate sweet mango tree? This is the law of the universe. Even physical laws states, ‘actions produce equal and opposite reactions. If I hit a table with force, the table would have dealt a similar blow to my hand. Though we term the table as inert, it is not so. It is the conglomeration of atoms of wood which form the composition of the tree!

The way to Bliss.

God is not responsible for our Joy and grief!

The scriptures assert that god is a mere witness of our actions, feelings, emotions etc. God never reacts to our actions but the law of karma will deal accordingly. If I commit good deeds, I will reap good results, if I commit evil deeds I will have to suffer the punishments for sure if not to day, at a later date or even in a later birth! Hence human life is a continuous affair. It never ends with the death of a body. The soul will choose an appropriate body to work out the balance karma accumulated over many births. Also, our life is not restricted to this human birth. We evolved from minerals and plants, millions and millions years ago and slowly waded through reptiles, fishes, birds, animals and finally into a human form. In human form also we might have spent a million births. Yes, we have accumulated many karmic effects in those births out of ignorance and illusion. The effects are waiting to fructify in several births. Hence one life is not enough to clear the past karma! Hence our ancient scriptures prescribe many spiritual disciplines to clear the past effects which may be a combination of good and evil effects. Many people feel that good and meritorious acts will nullify the past evil. Bank accounts are maintained in two columns like debit and credit. Our deposits are added to the balance while payments are deducted and net balance arrived. In karmic law, each effect has to be undergone separately. Hence we experience alternating sorrow and joy in our life. It is neither one continuous paradise nor tortures of the hell in one spell. It is a kind of mixture which makes our life bearable.

Karma theory!

Pain and pleasure are alternating phenomena!

People relish sweets. Can you eat sweets alone in substantial quantities? There is a limit for everything. After tasting one full sweet, our tongue hankers for savories. This is how human constitution is formed. What we eat today has to be excreted the next day. Otherwise we will fall ill. Like day and night, everything is created in pairs. Birth and death, heat and cold, poverty and affluence- these pairs of opposites occupy the life of every individual in the world. Hence a baby born in poor environment may become a rich millionaire at its middle age. Also a baby born to rich parents may end up as a pauper. This is the enigma of life. Also, we do not maintain constant relationships with our kith and kin. If we show our affection one day, we may quarrel on the next day. One can not sit in the air conditioned room all day long. He has to come out and enjoy the warmness of sun. Even if we are rich, we have to exert our limbs by performing certain manual tasks. At least we have to walk every day to maintain normal health. If someone says, ‘I have a posh car, why should I walk? It is nothing but foolishness. For circulation of blood and healthy heart, we need to walk or practice cycling for an hour or so. Even world renowned Doctors, advise their patients to go for a walk daily to reduce the fat accumulation.

Law of Karma!

Every rise suffers a fall.

When we want to lead a healthy and happy life, we have to perforce undertake certain tasks for our well being. Sometimes, even climbing stairs in the office is good instead of waiting for the lift. White collar jobs have promoted obesity in many young individuals. Especially, the IT sector is the worst culprit. Sitting for hours facing the monitor create much health problems in youngsters. The entire IT industry is now target oriented and the employees are naturally stressed mentally. If both husband and wife work in IT field, there are more chances that their married life will end up in divorce. Unable to bear the stress and time bound work, some precious lives have lost. Many youngsters commit suicide in IT field. Also, there is no job guarantee. Use and throw policy is being adopted in most of the IT companies. With global policy shift, many people slowly repatriate to their native countries. The unemployment rate among IT graduates is already high. Each day new trends are emerging in IT field. Hence it is not enough if one acquire a basic degree in IT. Everyone has to update their skills to suit the latest innovations in technology. Even branded companies which earned lot of profit in software exports and business process industries find it difficult to engage their staff profitably. Hence the highly lucrative field has lost its sheen nowadays. These are all the ‘imponderables’ in the global environment.

Relinquish the ego and perform duties.

Each nation has to concentrate more on the agricultural related environment by reclaiming arid lands and adopt technology to raise plants and trees which will adopt the environment. Water has become the scariest element. The availability of water in the world is greatly reduced due to environment pollution, oil rigs and industrialization. Drinking water will cost a fortune for each house hold. Hence the environmentalists and technologists must find ways to use the available sources by converting them to potable water. It is sheer human greed which has made the situation bad. Truth and righteousness must be cultivated by everyone to transform the world from evil. Hence relinquish the Ego and perform duties without attachment and ‘doer ship’!

None can enjoy everlasting happiness here!

Do we undergo continuous enjoyment in life?

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