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Persecuted Christian Asia Bibi beaten in prison while awaiting death or pardon for denying Islam

Updated on November 29, 2011
The innocent Asia Bibi, also known as Noreen
The innocent Asia Bibi, also known as Noreen

Last week I shared with you the case of Asia Bibi, the Pakistani mother of 5 who has been sentenced to death for denying Muhammad and standing firm in her faith in Jesus Christ. Asia has now been in prison for her faith for a year and a half. She was sentenced last November and is awaiting the verdict on her appeal to the Lahore High Court in Pakistan.

To help pressure the Pakistani government to release and acquit her, a petition which has already gathered just under half a million signatures launched by Voice of the Martyr's is available for you to add you name to at

Asia's husband is reportedly gaunt and tired as his family faces harassment and threats.
Asia's husband is reportedly gaunt and tired as his family faces harassment and threats. | Source

I would like to share a bit more of her story with you now. In early October it was reported that Asia had been beaten by a female prison guard with a strong anti-christian agenda. Prison guards assigned for her safety looked on in silence. Following this it was then reported that Asia's husband, Ashiq Masih, had denied these reports were true and had insisted that Asia is well looked after in prison. It has however emerged that the female guard known as Khadeeja who stands accused of beating Asia has been given a 3 month suspension. This occurred after an intelligence agency informed the Punjab Province Government about the incident that took place in the prison facility which uses CCTV to monitor staff and prisoners. A senior police official later recommended Khadeeja's immediate be removed from service.

Why this suspension and suggestion of removal from service would occur in a facility monitored by surveillance cameras if this guard did not beat Asia has not been explained. However, if this severe attack did not take place the this could be proven by the camera footage.

Furthermore it has now come to light that Asia's husband who was initially reported to have denied the attack is believed to have done so under pressure from prison officials who told him he would have his visitation rights to see his wife taken away if he did not deny the incident.

The prison had initially claimed the incident was a small matter of the guard becoming verbally angry with Asia. However a source said, "Why would the jail superintendent suspend Khadeeja for three months, and why would the inquiry officer recommend her removal from service, if she just 'got angry with Asia' over a minor issue?"

He also stated that, "The jail authorities are trying their best to hush up the matter, as it is a big embarrassment to the government,"

Although the authorities are considering moving Asia to another facility and have maintained that she is being protected with 10 wardens assigned for her safety and having been advised to only eat food given to her by authorised personnel, it is clear that this in itself demonstrates a perceived danger to Asia's life, before the apparent cover- up in a brutal attack against her, in which her assigned security looked on in silence at.

Asia and 2 of her children whom she loves and is separated from
Asia and 2 of her children whom she loves and is separated from
Pakistan calls their government to account
Pakistan calls their government to account

It is vital that we pray for our sister Asia for her protection and for the endurance of her faith in Christ and God's goodness even in this time of severe persecution. Asia is already aware that she may face execution for her death, and daily lives with separation from her husband and 5 children. Please pray for the spiritual wholeness and restoration of this family in this time of brokenness and often despair.

When I wrote the article on Asia's circumstances last week the Call for Mercy petition stood at around 475, 000. It is at this time of writing just under half a million! God is working, believers are praying and hope is growing!! Please sign the petition that will be given to the Lahore High Court to tell them that the world is aware of Asia's unjust situation and mistreatment, and is watching, waiting for them to take the right action and set her free.


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    • gracefaith profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Well Bangladesh and India are very different places. They may be near enough geographically- but India is huge so that means nothing really.

      It seems like I'm on a loose/ loose with you here Barbra. If people are well off they don't need God, and if people are poor they only need God because they don't know better. I think you have a pop at Christianity either way. Please don't suggest these peopl are not intelligent enough to make up their minds about what they believe. That is so demeaning. They are human beings and academics has nothing to do with a person choosing what they believe. I can easily real of a number of leading Christian academics, and if it comes down to them being more educated and better off than you does that mean I can tell you you are too lowely to have a belief? No, not even close.

      I answered you when you said that I should not be ignorant and have first hand experience of the country I'm talking about, which I did (Especially because you capitalised it in a rude manner). Then you tell me that you understand the situation better because you have lived in Bangladesh ( 90% Muslim country)and you have now chosen not to care about first hand experience anymore. That's strange....?

      Look you can't have it every way. I've been there. You haven't, and I thought that was what you had decided to place the value of your argument on. I can imagine that there will be a complete change of direction from you every time I give you a reasonable and educated response. In the courtroom lawyers refer to that as a 'redirect', and it can be unending.

      I appreciate your time taken to discuss this with me, but I think argument, and not education and willingness to learn of new things is what you are looking for. I am not one of those types of writers. As you can see from my other articles, in 2 years I have never been involved in these types of discussions, and I don't wish to be now.

      Warm regards Barbra,


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Actully i grow in Bangladesh mainly and spent few years in india as yuong child, sorry if was being a bit rude and obnoxious, as for unkind statements well this is the sort of stuff that is going on, Just becouse we dont hear it the news doesn't mean it's not happening.

      An yes Children from Railways and slums are praising the lord, do you think if they had a proper education like many of us have and free information readily avilable to them..

      Would they still be religious?

      Are they choosing religion because of food and care?

      Do they have a option of what religion?

    • gracefaith profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Erm Barbra, I just moved back from India in December. I used to work as a teacher in an India Government school. How long did you live there for?

      Yet again you are jumping to conclusions and making quite unkind statements. If you don't actually want to discuss these issues in a genuine manner of investigation I think it best that we don't continue. It's a shame as we could actually discuss this in a helpful way that we could both gain understanding in. Also if you want to know a bit more about Christianity in India then read my article entitled 'the slum children who praised the Lord'. What would you have to say to them about how we only praise God when we don't suffer?

      Always good to share opinions :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Ok Grace you are right because a majority of india is Hindu and sheikh and many more other religions, but point wasn't about India its about people and weather its a life wasted in beliving in god or not.

      As you mentioned in a earlier comments, and dont think you could ever realize the true nature of another country and its religious views and there ways of life without experiancing it FIRST HAND?

      Only then could you ever possibly understand/grasp what religion does and how it controls people's lives, could you ever imagine your parents trying to give you away to a random bloke, or even getting raped and then having a whole comminuity (all the people you know) turn on you as if it's your fault.

      Cos this sort of stuff is happening all the time and people causing this suffering and pain hide behind the religious views and god says its ok BS.. Or you cant Questions god as he works in mysterious ways..

      Sorry if this seems a bit harsh but think you get the genral gist.

    • gracefaith profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for your response Barbra.

      Hate to split hairs but India is a Hindu country, though Pakistan is a Muslim country. Humans have free will and that's why wars happen. It's obvious that if we didn't have free wills we would live like robots. Do robots have any joy in life? No, they feel nothing and gain nothing because they have nothing- no thought or action that is their own.

      As for people who grow up knowing no different..? Name me a country where there is not the Church of Christ and we can go from there :)

      Life does have a point for everyone, even people who don't believe. If there was not a point for them God would not have put them here. However, what they think their point is, and what God has made it to be are very different if they don't ask God about it and earnestly listen.

      And a life wasted?? Do you really believe that my life and the life of 2 billion Christians around the world is wasted? If so that makes me very sad. You cannot believe that every person who has a different point of view from you has a wasted life. I believe that there is a God- given purpose for every life. Even if you don't agree with that, you must surely agree that there is a purpose for every life?

      As for guilt, that is a loaded statement. I have never once imagined a person guilty compared to me. I think you will find that statement rather unfair if you look over my writing and realise that I believe in grace, mercy, fairness and love. I have to say I find it a weak and willingly ignorant statement that people sometimes make when met with someone who believes differently from them. I think you are indeed the one who judged me, as there was no need to suggest I was making any judgement!

      I think you're maybe just trying for provocative Barbra ;)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi Grace:

      Befor you think im a religion hater or something like that, it's just the fact over history we can see the facts the most horrendous wars and innocent deaths have been caused by religion and faiths.

      So its makes you wonder if its really worth all that for something u can't even prove is real.

      So your saying its fine to send ppeople into there deaths just cos you belive?

      An we do have a purpose in this universe same thing we have been doing for thousands of years already, an thats procreating like all other aminals and creatures.

      The point of life well thats a hard one for anyone, for me its got to be being happy and seeing my family and friends all happy and comfortiblein life, I imagine this may very for different people as everone has different priorites in life and whats more important to them.

      So what if a you were born in muslim country like India or somewhere similar, an we are fully aware that education is only for the Privileged and wealthy.

      so you grow up beliving the same as everyone else and you have no way of knowing any different, so dedicating a life to rules and praying 5 times a day for a lifetime.

      So if i spent all my life praying only to find out it's all just made up, it would of been a life wasted instead of a life making your self and others around us(Living people) happy witch in return makes you feel better for helping other people.

      If this is a sin!!

      Then im guilty by your eyes..

      X Barbra X

    • profile image

      Lone Ranger 

      7 years ago


      Does God exist or doesn't He? Let us use Blaise Pascal's "Wager Game" to find out.

      If God doesn't exist, as believed by Atheists, then there is really no point to life or even loving thy neighbor because there really is no practical benefit.

      In a universe where life has no purpose or meaning it would be silly to be a good neighbor, law abiding, civilized, or even kind. And there never would be an instance of someone helping others to have a better life or sacrificing one's own life to save another's - that would be utter foolishness.

      If God does not exist one should just take what they can for themselves, because it would be foolish to put another's interest ahead of their own. Since there is no moral absolute and since there is no punishment for bad behavior or reward for good behavior, what we do here on earth amounts to nothing.

      So, in a universe without God it would be foolish to do good deeds, feed the poor, help the sick, visit the lonely, and care for orphans. You get the picture.

      Now, on the other hand, if the Atheist is wrong and God does exist, then the non-believer can look forward to an eternity in the Lake of Fire and will be eternally lost with no hope of pardon.

      Conversely, if the "Believer" is right and God does exist, then they can look forward to the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and eternal joy in Paradise with the Heavenly Father and His only begotton Son, Christ Yeshua our Lord (Jesus).

      Now, if the Believer is wrong and God does not exist, then they have lost nothing. They will have lived their life with hope, love, mercy, grace, decency, self-sacrifice, kindness and all this was afforded by having an enduring faith that not only made this world a better place, but gave the individual believer the strength and desire to serve humanity instead of themselves.

      So, Blaise Pascal argued that the wise person should choose to place their wager on the belief-system that God does exist, because if they are right, they have gained everything eternally, but if they are wrong - they have lost nothing. However, if the unbeliever is right, they have gained nothing, but if they are wrong - they have lost everything eternally!

      Hope this helps. - L.R.

    • gracefaith profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      I agree that it can be heartbreaking Kelly, but it's also very encouraging that Asia's faith is so great! :) It's a joy that she loves the Lord so much.

      Barbra, it's because God does exist and that Asia knows Him personally that she would rather die than deny Him. She doesn't want to die but she won't go against the God that loves her so much He has given her an eternity with Him. She has chosen the greater thing.

      Thank- you both for taking the time to comment.

      Gracefaith :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Really!! Is it worth dieing for something that possibly does not exist.

      To me it just seems ludacris how religion causes war and takes away peoples freedom and is almost the cause of every war.

      So is god really worth dieing for!! As if thousands have not already died for some imaginary god..

    • KellyPittman profile image

      Kelly Pittman 

      7 years ago from Walker, LA

      This story just breaks my heart. It is also beautiful how this woman will not deny Christ to save her own life. This is the faith I want to have. I will pray for her and for all like her. I will also sign the petition.


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