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Achieving Online Success by aiming at high personal goals in life

Updated on May 23, 2013

True Success

On the road to success in life, one must stop to think about, being fully responsible for what's to surely follow suit from achieving that success.

To truly achieve success in your life today, you must fully comprehend what true success actually equates to for you, & what do you value most in life.

Stemming from the pure dictionary's definition, true success can mean very different things, for different kinds of people, and for many numerous reasons.

Below is supplied some very useful tips, to help those looking to work hard at it all, to earn and generate their very own levels of self achieved success today, it takes a burning desire, to achieve most challenging goals, and they're all achievable indeed for a brave new courageous life of true success.

This hub is an additional answer to a question asked by Calicostark in the Q&A

Q- What is your personal definition of success in life?


Personal achievements are something that each individual person must take the initiative to explore in oneself.

This isn't the easiest task to accomplish, because it takes drive, initiative, and motivation to keep it all going.

-Useful Tips

  • First a person must realize there's a reason behind setting a goal
  • Planning takes a clear & concise decision making process
  • A good plan starts out with a sketch of what ones goal is or ideas
  • Once an idea is formed, make sure its what you want to accomplish
  • Draw out a chart or details to govern such a goal, to aim for
  • Usage of props is recommended, paper, pen, chalk board, digital tooling etc....
  • Be wise, realize not all plans will work out, or reach full structure & or form
  • Don't quit, if the initial plan flops, pick up from that point, and try again
  • Have persistence in your plan making & development process
  • Put your initial or renewed plan into action
  • Follow up and follow through, making sure the plan of action is working out
  • Believe in yourself, this takes pure exploration of your dreams, goal climbing
  • Network with friends, family, business partners, clients, associates
  • Leave the errors in the past behind you, and learn from each mistake

Exercising proactiveness gets you moving in the right directions

Problem Solving

If you run into situational errors, defaults, or problems with attempting to achieve something, especially certain sought out goals after idea creation. Prepare a plan of action to be put into place.

Make sure to have a proactive action plan in place, to solve, resolve and remedy any set-backs, far prior to celebrating new found victories. There's always the possibility, of things going wrong throughout your newly projected goal, or goals to be achieved.

-Useful Tips

  • Get expert help, advice, professional career counseling, do more research
  • Use Ehow,, and many other web resources can help today
  • Ask questions, from friends, family, colleagues, business partners
  • Communicate about unforeseen issues
  • Get meetings started, and discuss proactive initiatives
  • Look for probable issues ahead of time, then rethink preventative measures

Family time is crucial to ones true & enduring life success

Family & your future Success have a common bond

Happiness is at the core foundation of any family today, and having it or not will either make or break any family, whether your finances is abundant or not.

You must find ways to make time for your family, and not just your mom & dad, make room for everyone, even if its a simple hello & how are you from a long distant phone call, that's if you can afford it (Skype is free - computer to computer).

-Useful Tips

  • Loved ones need your time
  • Think before you spend
  • Your kids, wife or hubby are # 1
  • Balance work schedule
  • Start using a calendar
  • Plan family gatherings
  • Call them throughout the year
  • Get off of facebook for a moment
  • Kiss & hug your kids, maybe even your wife or husband
  • Eat with your family at the table, it works wonders with bonding time
  • Show your kids you care, doing so will render such when you need it later
  • Be wise and share everything, being selfish will get you nowhere fast
  • Have fun with your family to bring cheers and not just on holidays
  • Invite family over for supper, birthdays, spontaneous visits, group time

Small Business is the start, up the personal success ladder

Business Development

Your idea's are very important and so you must cultivate them just as a farmer does with crops, & this can be done simply by turning them, into a profitable business.

You can get your very own sole proprietorship started, and it doesn't have to be super charged like big businesses have, with multiple leveled departments full of staff, & you don't even need a facility today it can be done from your desktop or laptop.

Inspiring Words of Wisdom from Steve Jobs

Increase your bargening powers - Networking & Sharing resourcefulness

Its very difficult to get somewhere entirely on your own today, because the playing fields have all changed tremendously, and so if your looking for some sort of financial success, then networking with others is key.

-Useful Tips

  • Join an open network of professionals
  • Become a member of a school board
  • Register to vote & participate in the political arena
  • Start your own church groups, or suggest to your pastor to start one
  • Become a community leader, advocate, or activist
  • Start a non-profit business with an initiative to help others in need
  • Join multiple social networks, but become an active member
  • Join any college level volunteer group, society, or team, Sorority or Fraternity
  • Join a community center and volunteer to work there, or work for pay
  • Become a volunteer fireman, ambulance driver, Vet, or any other help group
  • Without a budget & great finances, marketing isn't the best method
  • Join a Meetup group, where people meet online to set up meetings on the ground

Learning Online helps people achieve educational success today

Educational Success & Achieving an Online Education

Many people think that they need to get a college degree to succeed today, but that's no longer the only requirement, because things are getting increasingly difficult, so it takes improved strategy today, in having technical know how as well.

Education is one of the most important elemental factors of success, but isn't as important as activating that knowledge obtained from learning, to the degree of gaining real hands on work experiences.

Make sure to get experience in any work force, volunteer program, internship, or social community to get started on such hands on experiences.

Usage of your intelligence is paramount, to the survival of our species, and also your future potential for success in any area of life.

Education helps by increasing your brain capacity for storing more useful info, provides a much clearer interpretation of things, adds to skill building, and overall awareness of things, so you can adapt to almost any situation thrown in your direction & mostly in the many career fields both technical and non-technical.

Education can be attained in many ways today. Using online resources, people worldwide are gaining a world class education for free, using networks such as KhanAcademy, LearnersTV, E-learning courses, and test taking training & tips at Proprofs, and even getting their degree's from leading institutions on the Internet. Be wise plane smartly and you'll soon get where you need to go, but never give up on your learning process.

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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      No problem @DanaTeresa, anytime its just nice to see people can appreciate the hubs I release for folks, I do it to help everyone I can. I hope to publish many more helpful hubs in the near future, thanks for returning again see you soon.

    • DanaTeresa profile image

      Dana Strang 6 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you for the warm welcome. I really have found the best place ever to get started. Looking forward to reading more and seeing you around.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thank you @ DanaTeresa for being so kind to search futher into my hubs here and to have read this one. Success isn't that easy today, but one things for certain it takes a great deal of know how and selfless efforts to make it all happen.

      I'm glad you found this hub of use to you, and wish you the best in your life's successes as a whole. Good Luck & welcome to a awesome community here at hubpages

    • DanaTeresa profile image

      Dana Strang 6 years ago from Ohio

      Just what I needed to read. For the first time I have found something (writing) that I really want to be successful at and I am not turned off by the work I need to put into it. I do however need occasional reminders on how to keep on track. Thanks. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE that you included to keep in touch with your family. It is sad when people think they have to put family aside to acheive their goals instead of letting them help drive their success. If you don't have family and close friends, what do you really have?

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Femmeflashpoint for sharing with me, I gave it my best for now, hopefully others can find use of such a hub as well.

      I'm working hard to get more relevant content out for everyone, every step of the way I learn something new.

      Yeah Dougberry is funny indeed, I just met him, but I dig his humor for sure.

    • profile image

      femmeflashpoint 6 years ago


      This was a great little lift to go with my coffee this morning. :)

      And, I loved DougBerry's contribution also.

      Ain't it the truth, lol!


    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Your a riot DougBerry, I love your sense of humor. thanks for sharing your comedic words here. lol

    • DougBerry profile image

      DougBerry 6 years ago from Abilene, TX

      You failed to note that success smells like a Wombat and tastes like Mt. Hood. It's also puce and weighs less than an elephant.