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Personal Experience Living in a Haunted German Brownstone

Updated on March 22, 2018
Bachorza manor re-edited photo
Bachorza manor re-edited photo | Source

I'd love to come back as the most annoying ghost ever. ~ Guillermo del Toro

A Paranormal Experience

I’ve witnessed some strange and inexplicable things that have accumulated over the years. My very first experience with the paranormal world was when I lived in a small village just outside of Sembach, Germany. I've already forgotten the name of the village it was so long ago, but I will never forget the apartment building where I lived. Originally, the large brownstone building made of bricks from an old castle built by the Princes of Ludwig nearly 500 years prior. The town used the bricks to build many of the public buildings, including our brownstone over the years as a Gahsthaus, a school, a brothel, and even a hospital during World War II.

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The First Encounter

There were several times when we would come home, unlock the apartment door, walk into the living room, and witness the baby's swing rocking back and forth at an incredible pace, and then it would just stop. I remember looking at my husband, and he looked back at me. We didn't say anything, but we knew.

Terrified and Waiting

Illustration by James McBryde for M. R. James's story "Oh, Whistle, And I'll Come To You, My Lad", first published "All Hallows Eve 1904".
Illustration by James McBryde for M. R. James's story "Oh, Whistle, And I'll Come To You, My Lad", first published "All Hallows Eve 1904". | Source

The Other Encounters

On another occasion, one evening my husband had to pull NATO security at one of the posts outside of town and left me all alone. As I recall, there were only three doors in my apartment. The front door, my bedroom door, the bathroom door, they were all shut. Later that evening, I awoke hearing the sound of doors opening and closing and a light pair of footsteps just inside the kitchen. As they moved closer to my bedroom door, I cringed under my sheets and waited for something, but I didn't know who or what. Looking back, whatever stood outside my bedroom door, waited to taunt me.

After a few more strange haunts, we finally moved out of that apartment and closer to the airbase. The old brownstone was one of the oldest buildings that I've ever lived it was ancient. The cobblestone corridor downstairs had old sconces, and when you walked down and through it at night to answer the door you could hear the echo of your footsteps, and you always felt like someone or something was just behind you.

Close Description of the Old Brownstone Corridor

Hall of ghosts - Internal walkways of the Malatesta Fortress of Cesena
Hall of ghosts - Internal walkways of the Malatesta Fortress of Cesena | Source

Poltergiest Phenomenon

Noisy Spirit. The simple two word description is synonymous for the definition of the German word for Poltergiest. Its descriptive tone hints at disruptive and often violent behavior such as the physical movement of objects, thrown with force or repetitive banging, or loud unexplained noises with an unseen force weilding chaotic energy. Extreme cases reported with the phenomenon include physical harm to the human body, such as poking, slapping, physically thrown off balance or tripped, pulling or wounding either by biting or scraping the limbs.

Poltergeist hauntings are often believed to be caused by disenchanted spirits whom manifest themselves through restless and troubled children on the verge of adolescence or mentally unstable or emotionally charged adults who unwittingly feed the negative and chaotic activity.

Poltergeist Documentary

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    • BeccaDawn profile image

      Soul Journee 4 weeks ago from Out of Time

      Just to know that the bricks had been dissasemled from the Lugwig Castle which at one time stood nearby and reconstructed in to the Brownstone was amazing in itself! Yes, lots of energy! My experience living in Germany for the most part seemed dark and dreary befitting the questionable that surrounded me ... thank you, Nicole and blessings :)

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 4 weeks ago from the Ether

      Your experience must've been frightening! I can only imagine the kinds of energies and spirits trapped in such an old place. Even the brickstones themselves could have been haunted!