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Personal Tips for Mediumship readings

Updated on October 8, 2015

There are many ways for mediums to connect with spirit. However here are some tips I use during mediumship readings. Again what may work for me might not work for you. You will develop your own personal methods and techniques on how to do a medium reading. Another important thing I want to add is that no can really “teach” you how to read someone because there are many ways. You will pick it up naturally…there are modalities and information like this that will be useful but do not necessarily show you step by step instructions to achieve a connection as everyone is at a different stage of development. So if you are doing a reading using a photo…a photo won’t show you every single thing you need to know about the person who was once living. That is only a moment in time that was captured. Look beyond the photo and focus.


Meditation – Be sure to meditate before any reading. Meditation helps you to relax and in order to raise your vibrations and connect with spirit you must be relaxed. You will need to sit in a quiet room with no TV, electronics (such as cellphones, computers)…basically no distractions. Now what I do is unlike many who focus on breathing techniques like the (Kundalini Method) you can personalize what works well for you. What I do is just relax and breathe normally and close my eyes. I envision my whole body in an open field and I’m standing there looking ahead. I see the sky and a white light coming down from the sky into the top center of my head and go down into my body. I picture this light going through the inside and filling me with light from within…..head, arms, chest, legs, and feet. While doing this I envision my feet and they are roots…like a tree and at the bottom of my feet I now have roots that connect me to earth…..this is what I call grounding myself. After about 10 to 15 minutes I’m done with my meditation session and you don’t have to do this whole envisioning for the whole meditation session. Just once and then I just listen while my eyes are still closed. You may see flashing lights, smells, hear voices, see visions, see faces, locations, just relax and focus on energy. Do not try to think about your troubles, life, etc…set all of those aside and just see what you can see and hear.

Water – It’s important to have bottled water around or some kind of water. You might notice many professional mediums have some type of liquid around during readings. This is because water is a spiritual conduit. Spirits need to lower their vibrations and communicate through some kind of means…water helps them come through in a session. But it is important to drink water during your session.

Crystals – This is optional and not necessary but I love to use a clear quartz or selenite crystal. I will either have it near me or on me.

Prayer - I always ask the divine and angels to provide me with only spirits who walk in GOD’s white light and information for the greater good. (Sometimes spirit knows no filter….plus it’s good to leave a session from your reader feeling clam and okay not terrified and scared) Always operating from love n light.

Photo – If you are reading face to face, the sitter may bring a photo of their departed but sometimes during a regular reading it may become a mediumship reading and you will not have a photo but you will see spirit, hear them, and receive information about them. So photos are not always necessary.

Information – I never probe my readers for information. Mediumship readings and any other readings should be a session where the reader asks limited questions as to not be influenced by the sitter. Meaning Mediums should ask information for validation but for the most part it’s shouldn’t be question after question. However every reader is different and there are no wrong or right ways. Everyone learns differently.


What information do I give the sitter?

  • If you’re the medium and doing the reading face to face you might want to have pen and paper to jot down things down. For purposes of an online reading…I normally will type out everything spirit shows me.

    • Physical Features - I will try to capture physical features (What did the person look like?) Were they short, tall, slender, color of hair, any tattoos, scars,

    • Messages - Whatever message comes through (what do they want their loved one to know?)

    • Memories - Spirit may mention a memory they shared with their loved one, a favorite place, or food,

    • Personality - What type of work they did when alive (accountant, mechanic)

    • Passing – How did they pass? Was this an accident? Was this natural cause?

    • Physical Symptoms - What specific area of the body led to passing?

      • Some mediums like myself may feel certain physical pains during a reading. Pay attention to your body and what may be hurting, or if you have shortness of breath. Spirit sometimes will make me feel pressure near my heart to let me know how they passed (heart issue, lungs, etc.) This may not always happen. Everyone may pick up things differently.

    • Dates – You may get a specific year or month associated or having some significance.

    • Names – You might pick up initials or names of the spirit, or someone connected to them.

  • Keep in mind you might not see spirit or hear them, but you may just know using (claircognizance aka clear knowing). Which of the Clair’s are you using?

    • Clairvoyance (Clear seeing)

    • Clairaudience (Clear hearing)

    • Clairsentience (Clear feeling)

    • Claircognizance (Clear knowing)

You can type out everything you pick up on and ask for validation from the sitter as you or wait until you type out everything. There should be no interruptions during a reading because you may lose the connection you have with your sitter and spirit. If you receive a text message or pop ups, ignore them. If the phone is ringing (you might want to turn off the phone before a reading). I might add that after any sage you may want to ground yourself and sage your area. This will help you clear any energy you may have picked up during your connection.

Things for the SITTER (person receiving the reading) should know:

  • Mediumship readings do require a tremendous amount of energy (this is the primary why mediums actually limit the amount of readings they can do in a day or group session)

  • Be open to receiving messages

  • Be sure to validate what information the medium just gave you.

  • Not everything may resonate then and there because your adrenaline is going and may be overwhelming to think how names or things mentioned apply but give it time

  • Things may take several days or weeks after the reading to resonate

  • Family History – You might need to do research in your family tree to be able to validate.

  • Copy your reading to refer back to it.

  • Ask questions if you need clarification.

  • Thank your reader

  • If you request a reading please be there during the entire session.

  • Don’t leave your reader hanging and go do other things…Ask for a reading when you are available for 10 -15 minutes (at minimum).

    I hope you have found this information insightful and I wish you blessings in your spiritual journey. Blessings in Love n Light.


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    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 2 years ago from California

      Very insightful my friend. Welcome to Hubpages. Keep the good work in and outside of Namaste. These articles are just the beginning of a wonderful journey.