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Personal real life ghost stories you experienced.

Updated on July 2, 2013

Every time I was pregnant i would always have this weird psychic feelings towards anything. I wasn't sure where it was coming from but I would always have weird dreams or premonitions that turn out to come true.

3 years ago I became pregnant thru surrogacy. I was about 5 months pregnant when it happened. We where all in my sister's house to celebrate my son's 7th birthday. A lot of people came because it was also my mom's 70th birthday. My sister's house has 5 bedrooms and each room had about 5 people in it. So imagine how many people in the house at that time. Everybody slept late and I could remember it was about 1am when i laid in bed and heard someone calling me in a very light tone. I thought it was someone from the other room but i couldn't recognize the voice. It was an elderly male voice and the only elderly male in the house was my dad whose bedroom was downstairs.

I didn't respond because I was really tired and thought it could wait the next morning. After a few minutes or so I heard it again. same voice calling me over and over but the tone was very haunting. This time I could here it from the ceiling. Thinking I must be really dreaming I opened my eyes and looked at my husband who I thought might be sleep talking. however he was in deep sleep and so as my children who were sleeping on the floor. Alas I told myself I was probably dreaming out so loudly. So I rest my head again on the pillow and tried to go back to sleep.

After a few minutes I heard it again. This time I called back and said "What!" No one answered back of course, but I shook my husband awake and asked him if he heard something. He answered no of course and asked what was wrong. I told him what I've been hearing. Knowing me, when I was pregnant, he immediately laid close to me and held me really close. Then he said out loud that I was tried and let me have some sleep. I didn't hear anything else.

The next day I didn't want to tell anyone except my mom. She said I should tell my sister because it was my sister's house. I didn't want to tell my sister since she was really a scaredy cat but I had no choice. so I told her the story and of course everyone freaked out. They started thinking who could it be. We went home finally to our own apartment and 2 days past when my sister called.

She immediately told me she had found out who the voice might be. Exactly 7 days ago she said her husband's father who was in ther Philippines was admitted to a hospital and had been delirously ill. The relatives who brought him there said he had been halucinating and had been calling out names they couldn't understand. Then he died on the night that I heard someone calling me.


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    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Now that is an experience, he just wanted everyone to know that he was o.k. :)

    • webcash1964 profile image

      webcash1964 8 years ago

      That's interesting. We all seem to have moments when we are more "tuned in."