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Petition to the Heavens

Updated on September 29, 2010

Dear God.She.He.It....You Get the Picture

I have started to read the book "Eat, Pray, Love" and it bascially tells the story of a woman during a bad time in her life trying to work it out. And yes, she goes to Italy, India, and Indonesia. Since I can't afford to travel...YET! :) I figured that I would do something from the book, a petition to the universe, and see what happens, so here goes.

Dear God,

I know very well that you are busy with what we humans have done in this world under your name and/or the Bible, I know you are busy still creating the world around us, but I ask as one of your children to help me be less stressful in my life as it currently is. I will tell you what I would like and I what I think I need, and you will do with it as you see fit.

I would first and formost like to feel more stable in my job and my finances (no full-time job, means well I think you know). I am tired of worrying that at any moment in time that the world will cave in on my head and that of my sister's. I don't want to go back to where I was 3 years ago. I have worked hard to get here and I suppose that is one of my biggest fears. I just want a job that I will be able to perform well and that I make a decent living at, like I did before I was laid off from Jcpenney's. I don't need to be rich, I don't need all the latest things, I just want more or less my old life style.

I would also like you to help my sister and my friends that aren't happy in their jobs or their lives to find the peace that they need and want in life. I guess I will leave it that simply to you on that. I know a lot of them aren't happy or maybe I should say less than content with the status quo.

I need to feel better physically, I am tired and I am just not feeling well. I know I should go more into debt and figure out a way to go to the doctor, but I haven't reached that leave of being that desperate as of yet. If I had insurance, I would have been already.

I would like to find a man that appreciates me for who and what I am as a person. I don't have a long list of pluses and minues like a lot of women I know and have known. I just want a good man that is smart and funny and will be good to me. I want to feel respected for the unique human being that you have made me. I would like to one day be married and have some kids, at least one. I have thought a few times, especially recently, that Mr. Right was in my grasps and for various reasons I have been disappointed. Heck, some I still hold out hope on, lol. I just am rather happy with the person that I am, I could change a few things, but it isn't like I want someone to "complete me" I can only be complete within myself.

Lastly, I want to take the knowledge that I have gained and help other people with it. I try to make my 2 cents known to people that I care about and I sometimes don't think it is appreciated or wanted sometimes.

Here you go, this is what I have on my mind, right this second, I thank you for listening to me. I know that if I released from some of my burdens that, in turn, others around me would be released and it would go from there. I might have more, you know me, lol. Thank you for having me do this, it made me feel a somewhat better just doing it.



As in the book, I know that this is being signed in the minds and hearts of many people, whether they know it or not.


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