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Pets and their Spirituality

Updated on October 19, 2015
Cindy McCravey via Wikimedia commons
Cindy McCravey via Wikimedia commons

Has anyone ever noticed that their cat or dogs bark incessantly throughout different times of the day or night? They are not being silly or delusional. Believe it or not, many pets see and communicate with the other side. You could say they are more spiritually in tune than we are. But why are animals more connected to the other side than us? Here are some important things to know about your fur babies. They are not just pets, they are part of your soul assignment and family. After losing my orange tabby whose name is TIGER, I often wondered what happened to their soul. This is when my spirit guides spoke to me and gave me some much needed solace and insight on this topic. Below are some important things you should know about your pets.

  • SOUL CONTRACT – Each pet has a soul contract they have made before they arrive here on Earth like us. So yes they are assigned to you and it’s no coincidence when they come into your life. They might make their appearance as a stray, you will adopt, a present given by someone, etc. They’ve come with different lessons specifically to show us love and compassion. They can’t speak to us, although some gifted individuals may be able to communicate on a spiritual level with them. They usually provide their human family with lots of light and bring joy and happiness. As you noticed they have a shorter life span than a human being and there is a reason for this. They accomplish their goals and lessons much sooner and acclimate on the spiritual side at lightning speed. Plus, we rely on time and in the animal kingdom time doesn’t exist.

  • PURE OF HEART – Many pets are pure of heart. They don’t carry the same emotions that fill us with ego, therefore, this sets their consciousness at a higher vibrational rate. They only know LOVE, even though sometimes you may feel that your pet is trying to ruin your life, they just possess a huge sense of humor. Often, the fur babies don’t communicate like we do, so they try to get your attention to either warn you of something they saw, or provide you with a message.

  • INUITIVE EMPATHS/HEALERS - Pets are so intuitive that it’s uncanny how well they are able to pick up on our emotions. They are able to fine tune their antenna and pick up on the vibrations of other pets and you. So here’s an example: You came home from an extremely stressful day at work and you’re super frustrated at not getting that promotion you so wanted. You’re feeling extreme depression. Suddenly Gismo, your cat, comes over and jumps up on your lap and buries it’s head on your chest and purrs. You instantly feel your stress levels dissipating. This is because they knew what you were feeling. Gismo just used his empathic abilities to tune into your emotions and healed you.

  • GUARDIANS – Yes they do protect you from many things. This is one of their specialties, for example if you dog is barking wildly to alert you of intruders. This is a form of guardian angel work that they do. They are not just friendly companions but also our guardian angels in pet form. Hence, why I repeat that their life span is limited here on the physical plane. Their souls are very pure and possess angelic qualities.

  • ENERGY CLEANERS – Our fur babies have the ability to cleanse your aura/energy field. What they do is much like crystals. They absorb the negative and able to dispel this back out into the dimension where the lower vibrations reside.

  • PET CLAIRVOYANCE – They can often see further into the future than us. They can see the unseen like spirit, angels, guides, and other creatures from alternate dimensions.

  • PET CLAIRAUDIENCE – They can hear and interpret conversations from spirit to the living and from the living to them. So if you feel crazy for talking to your Boston terrier, don’t be! They know exactly what you are saying. Example, you ask them a question and they either bark, meow, or nod their head.

  • PET MEDIUMSHIP – So you are saying that pets are mediums? You’re crazy right? I know it sounds very hard to believe but they are naturally born with the gift. The veil between our world and the spirit world is quite transparent for pets. Just like humans they can shut off that ability or turn it on. Here’s some examples: At night you hear them crying or barking incessantly. They are communicating with their dearly departed or spirit they see. Since they cannot form words we understand they talk in their language. You might also notice them staring off into space or at the ceiling or at a corner. You might note see anyone there but they do. Believe it or not they can read your mind and convey thoughts or messages to you by using telepathy. If you a message telepathically and your pet is near, it’s quite possible they are transmitting this to you.

  • CLIMBING HIGH SURFACES – Many animal lovers like cat owners wonder why their feline companions always love to climb high surfaces. Is it because they are wanting a more aerial view or because they want to tease you and make you look up to them? LOL, not at all. They do this because they come from a higher vibrational plane of existence and therefore they feel more comfy being on the same vibrational level. They are most content in high places. This would be true for many different species like cats, birds, monkeys, and sometimes dogs.

  • ANCIENT SOULS – It’s no surprise the Egyptian culture often used animals in their hieroglyphs or artwork depicting GODS as part cat and part human. They are truly connected and were more idolized in ancient time periods than now. Our ancestors understood how spiritual and valued they were. The cat in particular is so sacred and special. Their eyes tell a story and if you look into them, they are almost hypnotic. Yes they do have that mystical quality to them. They are story tellers and many of these dogs and cats or other pets, have reincarnated over time so they’ve seen many things.

Those of you who have formed a strong bond with your pets and treat them like family, should be commended. Not only is it a truly rewarding privilege and honor to have a pet that understands you but it’s also fulfilling to know that you are LOVED. Now for those that have pets, just because it’s cool to have one should think twice about your reasons. We often get so tied up on our busy schedules that we may not make time to pet your furry one or even hug them. If you’ve lost a pet, know they do reincarnate and often come back into new forms and may be your next pet. You may notice certain qualities or traits similar to your pet in other animals.

In mediumship there are many who are able to communicate with the animal spirits in the same manner that we communicate with human spirit. Basically the language of the soul is universal and some are able to provide you with messages of healing. Don’t be surprised during a medium session if your reader brings up your pet or even messages. They are always near you and watching everything you do. When we cross over into the spirit world, they too are there with us.

I truly am grateful to my guides for providing me with beautiful messages regarding our pets and how they are able to show us undivided LOVE and their spirituality. The next time you look into the eyes of your beautiful pet, know there is more to them and this reality. They are in tune, connected and aware. Blessings to all who have read this in LOVE n LIGHT. X


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    • profile image

      sandy Christmas 

      4 years ago

      Loved it, thank you Raymond another great read. Waiting for your book to be available on Tablets and it is mine. Going to be fun. Thank you

    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      A very interesting Hub. King Bharata was a great Sage on the verge of realisation. He saved a Deer and got so attached to it, that he had to take an animal incarnation.

      Story goes that he was constantly frequenting the abodes of Saints and sages, and in his next human birth, he realised God.

      Yes, some animals are so loving. Nice Hub.

    • profile image

      Leo Shelton 

      4 years ago

      Very good article.


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