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Updated on August 11, 2010


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As I promised in an earlier post I will go over what I've been through regarding a residual haunting. It is not in my home or in any home for that matter but rather while I was out on the road. The occurences happened back in 2008, around April.
I'm on the road alot with my job and often times late at night. The first time this event happened to me I thought it was due to being overtired.

I was driving down I-26 East Bound in South Carolina headed toward Charleston SC if I remember correctly(to where I was headed that is). As I was driving through Spartanburg I suddenly saw a car, not just any car but an old(possibly 1959 or 1960 black Ford T-Bird) in the lane right next to me. At first I thought nothing of it until it suddenly disappeared.
I put it down to being very tired as I was just that. Some call those hallucinations or road hypnosis.
A few weeks later I was driving through the same spot again heading east on I-26 going through Spartanburg SC when I experienced almost the same thing. Only this time I was driving in the left hand lane when suddenly a car moved over in my lane and started braking which forced me to brake suddenly. After a few moments I realized there was no car in front of me when it disappeared just like it appeared. Only this time it wasn't an old T-Bird but rather a much newer yellow car.
It was very disconcerting to say the least and hard for me to explain rationally to anyone. Most people think it was because I was overtired. But this time I wasn't overtired rather I was wide awake. I'm just grateful that the driver behind me wasn't driving too closely.

When I got home I did some research on hauntings in SC and looked up some old newspaper clippings on car accidents, etc. just to see what I could find. Surely enough, there was a bad car accident that occurred back in the 1960's on or near that highway killing the driver. I can't remember the rest of the information that goes with it. I tried to find the original information I found the first time but was unable to find it.
I know what happened to me. I still don't understand it. It happened twice and there is no real explanation for what happened. Not one that makes sense anyway.

There is information online about phantom cars at places of hauntings. Do phantom cars really exist or are they figments of people's imaginations? Having experienced it myself I don't think so but what actually causes the phenomena I can't say.
There is one such haunting with a phantom car in Kingsport Tennessee. A site that I have actually visited but have yet to post the photographs. Some say a particular car appears on certain rainy nights, that of a man who was killed in that area.

When it comes to hauntings, any type of haunting is controversial at least among those that disagree mainly among christian groups. Not all of course but there are those that don't believe in it and will staunchly defend their point of view whether right or not.
Some christian groups see it as purely entertaining that some people believe in such things.

As I've stated on my blog I'm not a ghosthunter(this doesn't mean I don't believe in ghosts only that I don't actively look for them, I do however go to sites of alleged hauntings just to see what's there and if I feel anything). Rather I'm more of an urban legend seeker.

Experiencing the phantom cars I wholeheartedly believe they do exist. Perhaps what I experienced was from some other source. Either way, it's unexplainable. Some will put it down to tiredness but I believe without a doubt the second incident was not from tiredness but from some other source. A source to which I will probably never know the truth.


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