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Philosophy, Theology and Cosmology

Updated on October 8, 2016

Challenges for Post-Darwinian Theologians

Christian scholarship reached a peak in the 15th and 16th centuries with the Protestant Reformation and the rise of the printing press wit its profusion of book distributions increasing steadily. There was as well a rising tide of secular intellectual distractions for many people. Though Aristarchus had developed heliocentric theory in late ancient Greece, it wasn't until Johannes Kepler1 supported Copernicus' heliocentric model with astronomical observation that a revolution in cosmological thought struck a Europe experiencing renaissance. Though there was a steady increase of empirical knowledge it was not until Charles Darwin's 19th century publication of The Origin of the Species and Wegener's plate tectonic geology theory2 that the fundamental intellectual and philosophical parameters regarding natural philosophy took a populist collision course with Christian creation and cosmology ideas. Another Catholic priest; Gregory Mendel3, discovered fundamentals of genetic selection.

Scientific studies of the world steadily increased while Christian creation and cosmology world-view credibility steadily decreased. It did not help the Christian positions that theologians and conservatives tended to take an all or nothing attitude that scientific theory of creation and cosmology could not be true concurrently with Christian creation and cosmology theory. Theologians were not up to the challenge of reinterpreting or reconciling Genesis with contemporary scientific insight while remaining true to the Bible. The Apostle Paul's ideas about reality were not anti-science, they were simply pro-God and pro-faith.

The fundamental problem with post-Darwinist theologians was the lack of scientific and philosophical skills of Christian theologians who defended their position from scientifically incorrect positions closer to voodoo than science. The fact that political reforms from Christian criteria toward empirical and atheist perspectives were reinforced by factual observations of astrophysics of space. Innumerable applications of science in economics and engineering syntegrated scientific theory with social and economic practice. The world economy and population to a certain extent became sustained by scientific method for food and health, vaccination against lethal diseases and so forth.

I have shown in this thesis that a convergence of Christian creation theory and cosmology with that of scientific facts is reasonable without damaging or comprising principles of science, faith or the veracity of the Bible. Scientists almost never study theology; if they did it is not unlikely they would find an implicit academic wall demarcating science and its world view from that of Bible creation world-views. With intellectual specialization maybe it is easier for a career homeless philosopher to accomplish sufficient general reading in science and theology to arrive at a correct convergence of perspectives than for commercial careerists in religion or science.

The temporal Universe is an instant in God's eternity, as would be a Multiverse with threads of space-time entirely contingent and not rising even unto the level of being of ancillary status in the kingdom of God. A Universe is a place where people may live. Science may study it without damaging faith. Faith may encounter the manifest Universe with the tools of science and know that it is God's creation.




The problem of sin and imperfection

  1. John Gill's 'Practical Divinity', chapter five, on the subject of the Fear of God1 reiterates the idea that God hates sin, and that sin is contrary to the will of God; also that sin is evil or wickedness. That makes me wonder a little using a superficial degree of modal logic parameters about the relationship of sin as a human behavior to inanimate objects and forces that bring the experience of evil to human beings, and in turn of the consideration about what things are contrary to Gods will generally.

  2. May one classify some material things as in God's will and some not? Can one say that hurricanes and sunshine are in God's will yet not comets?

  3. If God's will is perfect and sin is imperfection from the ideal behavior that is good for a soul in that it is consistent with God's will and God's nature, then how may one delineate the perfect from the imperfect in categories especially in relation to material objects and event/processes in the temporal world? Sartre classified some things in his Critique of Dialectical Reason2and in Being and Nothingness3as the practico-inert and as ossified praxis. The terms refer to manufactured objects as distinct from natural objects or sentient others. One ought to be able to sort through categories of things comprising reality that are in God's will as perfect and those that are not.

  4. The neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus4 of course classified imperfect objects in this world as imperfect expressions of perfect forms located in a realm of forms. Today the realm of forms is just quantum theory's descriptions of quarks and the Higgs field maybe, yet the quest for God's perfect will seems to have some of the same kind of paradigmatic expression for many that are interested. God or The One as an unmoved mover perfect in-himself that is approachable or knowable only through the Son (or the Intelligence perhaps) may allow imperfection to arise in a temporal realm of thermodynamics that might not exist in a perfect order.

  5. So I have one kind of answer to the question I made here about determining how to classify God's will in things through classifying some things as perfect and some not, or of how sin is contrary to God's will and then wonder why it exists. If one uses a neo-Platonic paradigm such as Plotinus constructed in the Enneads5 for a metaphysical analogy, the answer is that God's will is experienced as more perfect as one draws closer unto God through eliminating sin with the grace of the Son. The farther people are in the temporal real-a realm of broken forms, inclusiveof mankind after the fall from grace with original sin, the more are they worldly and immersed in the pure empirical mass-energy continuum intellectual as an end-for-itself instead of viewing it as one place to experience the saving grace of the Lord before thermodynamic evolution returns them to dust.

  6. The temporal continuum is one complete expression of the will of God. It has broken forms in it yet initially it could be said to have been perfect when it lacked sentient beings with a knowledge of the difference between good and evil. Once humanity appeared in a sentient form the fundamental problems implicit to living in a thermodynamic, material body became apparent to consciousness. Though mind may be theoretically capable of moral perfection as if it were a computer without the sensory experiences of the body and without biological drive mechanisms, in fact it is not able to experience such a state for long. On a practical basis the sole way a human might bring his own will and thought to the state of grace and perfection required by God of anything that exists for eternity rather than temporarily is to rely entirely on the saving grace of the Lord. Humanity has the Adamic debt of sin or imperfection that is renormalizable only with the Lord's adopting the elect as children of God.



3 Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre translator Hazel Barnes 1943 (Gallimard, in French)1956 (Philosophical Library, in English)



John and the Revelation

  1. The controversy between a late data and an early date for the writing of the Revelation presents a few issues that I can think of concerning the intention of the author. If John had written before Nero's reign and persecutions the Revelation is a book of prophecy if it concerns the next few years leading to the destruction of the Temple. It may be the case that John wrote before the persecutions of Nero yet intended to entirely disregard that and write of events a couple of thousand years down the road primarily-however that seems unlikely.

  2. Even more unlikely is the idea that John wrote before the reign of Nero intending to prophesy of events or prophesying events 2000 years of more ahead generally and while ignoring the short-term events made the prophecy appear as if it concerned near-term events. That kind of double-coding of a prophetic message would be within God's capacity yet would be a rather uncharacteristic approach Biblically speaking. Jeremiah for instance made prophetic communiques with actual not too distant fulfillment with a high percentage of double encoding with a distant future application too.

  3. If John wrote the Revelation in his 80's or 90's about future events perhaps 2000 years or more distant then he would have been aware of history and would have had no reason at all to write the prophesy such that it seemed to refer to events perhaps 30 years past too. Why would John pick a name that in Hebrew numbering was 666 (Nero) from the past if the prophecy was about the future? Why would John write 'let him with wisdom understand'; as if it was a wink, wink meaning that this prophecy of the future is recapitulation of the past and is largely silliness...John was far too serious of a Christian to try to make himself look like a fraud of some sort. The Apostle was put in a barrel of boiling oil to no harm and later perhaps after being released from Patmos decapitated like Paul. John was not a cleverly encoding the past into a fake future prophetic message kind of guy.

On Six Days of Creation

Spirit and Level 4 Multiverse Ontology

  1. If spirit supports mathematical Multiverse structure it is not impossible that the content of the mathematical structure changes relationships itself too. Phase space transitions of mathematical relationship Universe structure/ content is as possible for God as it is possible for an intelligent being to change the content of a Boolean algebra table and elements in a Venn Diagram as well as the geometry of a hyper-math Universe structure itself.

  2. Natural philosophy is interesting. I like it and knowledge of it has practical application today. Apologetics in the contemporary world of science requires a higher level of understanding than in the time of the scholastics or even in the 19th century. Philosophers and theologians cannot just let science and cosmology run on so far without regard as to allow it to define where and how Christian thought about cosmology and Genesis fit in the larger world.

  3. If God existed from eternity, and if some physicists conjecture that a Level 4 Multiverse existed from eternity and they can theoretically in effect map it someday, that is close to conceding the existence of Spirit from eternity. It is not possible of course for theoretical physicists to concede the existence of God from eternity-just a math structure that is real and is the primal core of a Multiverse. The Math Universe Structure if it exists is probably a product of the infinite character of God. The topography of a pure mathematical Universe structure could be said to be a thought in the mind of God.

  4. On the point about a thought in the mind of God, one necessarily has an anthropomorphic analogy since no one has a solid idea of the anatomy (another analogy) or neurological structures (if any) of God. Some have used the analogy of a super or quantum computer. Stephen Hawking1 and others have used 'the mind of God' metaphor occasionally in regard to finding basic components of the Universe. Jesus Christ is about the only way to relate directly to God. Spirit cannot be equivocated with some form of mass.

  5. One reaches the logical thought question of does God ever change? The Bible informs us that God is the same forever; unchanging. God is natural too. God created nature. God is more than natural though, He is super-natural spirit.

  6. Science has challenges explaining what the noumenal2, exterior reality of the Universe is in-itself, perhaps with mathematics. Theologians and philosophers have challenges explaining how the supernatural reality of God interacts with the exterior reality of the quantum Universe theorized by physicists and mathematicians. It is also a challenge to explain the apparent Universe of common perception.

  7. If God created a way to pack an infinite number of Universes into finite space one would think it more probable than packing few Universes into infinite space. God has infinite power and thought, creativity and goodness. If he actualizes an infinity of mansions inside his house metaphorically speaking, is any particular mansion of less value or significance?

  8. A Universal infrastructure made of mathematical relationships could be complete and logically consistent-even perhaps satisfying the incompleteness theorem of Gödel, yet remain incomplete. The mathematics of some kind of n-dimensional space-time3 might be able to satisfy the logical relations predicting the existence of everything within it inclusive of itself yet not extend beyond itself. An infinite yet bounded hyper-spherical math infra-structured Multiverse put together with spirit is a form interesting to consider before one returns to realize the relationship one has with Jesus Christ is the sole way to a right eternal relationship with God; the spirit who created the relationships and content of the Multiverse that one might discover with theory.




Select Christian Essays 2016

Post-Modern Christian Science Fiction

Point Omni

Copyright© 2016 Garrison Clifford Gibson

All rights reserved

A Modern Frame Around It

This isn't the story I never wrote. That's the one with a window into the anachronistic past where the present seemed forever to be state-of-the-art. Artful dodgers of Diogenes taking down basis points of constructions.

The Lecture

I looked over the class sitting in the lecture hall pausing briefly from a recitation that developed as introduction to a philosophical novel I worked on now and then. Wherein I place difficult concepts that appear from time to time. Fewer than two-hundred students sat with chi-pads possibly annotating this Philosophy 201 course, and most perhaps were playing some learning game for bitcoin. No matter though. If only a handful of students profited from anything I related from my own venture in philosophy that was itself justification enough.

Returning to the topic I said; “Some time around the middle of the 20th century the field of philosophy called ontology began to experience a change. Ontology is the study of being in the largest sense. More than a scientific analysis such as Aristotle got started, ontology is a way of considering the entire phenomenon of existing and being aware of existing.

For millennia a philosophy of existence-an ontology-was necessarily phenomenal. The 20th century philosopher Jean Paul Sartre wrote an epic tome named 'Being and Nothingness' during the Second World War that epitomizes a conscious phenomenal epistemology inclusive of ontology. Descartes' cogito ergo sum-I think therefore I am- is simultaneously an ontological and epistemological phenomenality.

In ancient Sumer atop the Ziggurats there were great dressed up dolls portraying Babylonian gods that were moved around by a priesthood for the benefit of the masses below who could look up and observe a great play explaining the mechanics of ontology. That mechanics differed from that of ontological phenomenalism. A mechanics for being is today named physics rather than philosophy. Cosmology around the time of Sartre's composition of 'Being and Nothingness' was moving towards its modern phase though not quite there yet. From Lemaitre's interpretation of Einstein's General theory of Relativity the concept of the Big Bang or inflation of a Universe from a singularity arose. Late in the 20th century physical cosmology surpassed ontological phenomenalism as the fundamental theory of being.

Not that Sartre's subjectivist approach to ontology is wrong, it is simply limited to a place within cosmological ontology. People and science regard the mind and its place in nature as fitting within a steady state field (not one like Fred Hoyle's) wherein exists everything in the Universe. That field is often thought to be the Higgs field named for Peter Higgs-a field that provides every particle-wave with mass. Where the perturbations flowing through the field arose from to start with is challenging to say. The field itself is, I think, though to be expansionist itself from a singularity. With all the great physical theory based on and often confirmed by observation a phenomenalist epistemology is severely challenged to get attention. Some physicists believe philosophy and ontology hasn't kept up with cosmology and science. Of course some neurologists and psychiatrist also believe their study of the brain and human behavior have transcended a phenomenal epistemology like that of Sartre. Reductionism explaining away the holistic experience of mind and being within a Universal Higgs field.

For some time in history spanning a few thousand years theological approaches to ontology were preeminent over physical and cosmological approaches. With evolution theory and later Big Bang cosmology and even later the Hubble Space telescope and microwave telescopes able to observe the pattern of the background radiation of the Universe left over from the era less than 400,000 years after the Big bang when the Universe cooled down enough to let electrons escape, there were two great theories that seem to oppose, at least initially, theological paradigms about the Universe. So at the end of the 20th century theology and ontology were to some prima facie obsolete. While work had gone into science, less so did modernization after reflection arise in theology and philosophical ontology based on phenomenal approaches.

Obviously some ontologies like that of Bishop Berkeley's Ideaism were not able to be refuted technically. Berkeley's arguments remained valid as did Sartre's even as reductionists challenged each part simply because of the recursive nature of arguments and responses. In fact entire scientific cosmologies arose that took up a phenomenal approach to mechanics with the innovation of cosmological holography theory and higher dimensional spaces.

The Bible book of Genesis itself may be taken in more than one way and is amenable to modern interpretations permissive of relativistic time paradigms even as theologians may interpret God's omnipotent and omniscient potential as encompassing a level 4 Multiverse (re: M. Tegmark) wherein everything is actually static and pre-existing while human minds journey through and infinite number of them branching and switching to different Universes with each individual new thought though unaware. Assumptions about the Bible and the nature of God tend to restrict the possible ways of interpreting the book of Genesis though theologians readily stipulate the absolute, omnipotent power of God. Jesus Christ's reference to God having many mansions could refer as well to an infinite Multiverse as well as apartments or buildings in one metaphysical realm.

As philosophy and science were apparently briefly surpassed by modern scientific cosmology in the field of ontology at least, remarkably within a generation science itself provided the tools to renormalize each as fields of study consistent with the Bible and or ontological phenomenalism (with all due respect to Edmund Husserl though I am not above referring preponderantly to his works such as 'Logical Investigations').”

Everyone Unborn to Life, Anon Everyone Dead

At the end of the lecture I turned toward finishing the itinerary for thirty-five planets put together in the outer solar system during the drive to end collectivism. There was nothing more to load into a program simulator for Planet U-1 (new planet location 1). Switching off the holocam to the lecture hall I stepped into the game room.

A raging tailwind named the Boston Bull blasting forth screaming over Sheena Shoals broached, knocked down and pitch-poled our stout little ship, the Wren, closer to Doom Falls.

I'd ordered the crew into tumble defense harnesses suspending them between overhead and hull. The Wren tumbled and spun in froth and waves where the Bull's fetch drove waves increasing in magnitude while shortening spacing. Charlene Crace was Rhetti Thought's cousin and like Rhetti was well prepped continuing her specialty mashed potato cooking even in free fall with her pots magnetically fixed to chemical heaters.

Noise isn't what you need. Its a catalyst for programmable neuro-toxins. Complex narrative chords change the structures of micro-composites. Micro-composites sewn through the prevailing social media form the stuff of which dreams are made and evolve into nightmares. Sound activated devices with evolving code control brought keyed sequential access to implementation across the globe.

Lena Loop is always entering lotteries hoping to take the grand prize. She has been a fixture in the office-niche I rented from Slapscom since I took it two years ago. She listened to a government brain voice channel much of the time. Sometimes I had trouble getting her undivided attention.

“Explain it to me Lena. What's up now?”

“A Synthetic Rainbow House of the scenic District of Spindrift announced the Martian Tupperwhere Sweepstakes today. The winner of the contest to design a 3D printer for deployment on Mars able to make Tupperwhere housing containers for Marstronauts from Y'Earth will receive an all-expenses paid trip aboard a fabulous electro-magnetic mass launcher Mars Luxury Lines shipping container making the voyage from Lunarville to the Martian Moon Phobos' Tupperwhere industrial production facility for a bird's eye view of 3d fabrication.

Because Phobos is gradually experiencing stress fracturing breakdown from Martian gravitational tidal forces and its own irregular shape the Synthetic Rainbow House said Phobos would be given a comfort mesh and an elevator cable-tie to the Martian surface to hold it in place, reduce its nervous stress and take new Phobian arrivals down to Mars. Mars being a planet without rainbows or hope is scheduled to receive its first shipment of little houses on the prairie at the edge of the vast left-wing depression Valles Marineris next year.”

“Did you win”

“Yes. A three year subscription to Lottery Times brainwave magazine at a 60% discount!”

“Way to go Lena. I need to make a schedule. Good luck with the new lottery.”

Field floating to the baseline level the line of vehicles faded around the curve. I took one and got to work.

When I scanned another book imprinted incomplete symbols left me wondering. The book notes seemed to be rehearsing writing an outline about time and what remained of life the first hundred years. Somewhere in the middle the author fades away as if distracted by a corporate spirit quencher. The content ephemerally slipped away into darkness like dawn's first nuclear arc light blasting away silence and the scum of everything else. Structures syncopated with ideas of changing plots; possibilities for-themselves, were overrun and placed face down for tomorrows that would never be. I could throw those away anyway with the future fairly well set now. Life's circular files sometimes have inductive government resonance in them. Aesthetics of existence change like crumbling continua.

The stretch limo bike arrived at the Purge. A chauffeur got off the peddling seat, walked back to the passenger seat and released the molecular lock with a wrist bar security ultrasound setting the flesh of my forearms free.

I unraveled the crumpled book film in my fist one more time and looked at it with disbelief. Stories of the heroic Sleg Tingle. The end of the world was set back one more time. An end game where the dragon would eat the child like a Frito or hot burrito with Prauliwood features I foresaw wouldn't fly. The book said the issues were misinterpreted. Shadow-factory built in ulterior motives to every package of martinet's accounts. Encrypted with designer genes to understand what Trolley-the-Face of the current theory said , all special Dwuag enforcers shepherded the flocks to factories for criminal change. The Queen of the Worlds had the upper hands. Every loose sort of thing was nailed down and employed for the Queen to use when she whimed asserting her Iron Maiden Lady constitution.


My false memories are bridges through sims I have seen as mirrored false memories themselves fragmented like reason of politicians. I had never seen many of the movies I seemed to remember. There was just a memory of seeming to remember without content like a book with a cover, title page, table of contents and nothing inside. So maybe memories are experienced instead of lived and past. Still, it is written; flames and aliens artfully war dodging surveillance drones. It doesn't really matter; I haven't quad core processors and too many distractions would let tangle foot snare me like a travit in a catapult thrown stumbling downhill. Seems like a virtual reality of gravity throwing me forward on a center line where the beginning of the story is the end revisited. Fall to break an arm, lose an eye, land on one's back on a sharp stick. It's all wrong and shot out of canonized nature where God seems to dwell behind everything like the eternal mirthful smile through the temporal one trusts is more true than true.

God the Father is greater than imaginable. Greater than all the worlds possible, of all possible model universes imaginable, a whole greater than the some of parts that appear in the temporal Universe. The Son is the Word of God. Apparently one may use the names interchangeably. Maybe it is helpful to think of him as the CEO of God-while of the Father God regard Him as the owner of the corporation. That leaves me wondering about the Holy Spirit; one may know what idea one has of the Holy Spirit yet find nothing to say to compare it to.

Maybe it is like a a sentient operating system in a computer that modifies and rewrites the programming code in which human beings cohere. The Holy Spirit is the primary field agent of God configuring things such as they need to be. The Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit are one however. So am I embedded in a Higgs field as a state of quantum entanglement shaped with field forces to satisfy a pre-determined cosmology of the system where even evolution seems to have a role accomplishing the will of God for a particular order to develop. The physics of the Universe drive all variations selected to conform with inevitable states of being of an existential Universe.

If I had a dollar for every thought my mind has put into adaptive programming code of real-thought used across the galaxy I would have a store of dollars. Not enough to be rich yet a dollar more than I needed to get a free ticket away from the Earth to an ex patriot colony. One can't use real-thought in adaptive programming structures without observation by Unimanagement. It has an exclusive claim to it. Exile immediately follows discovery of unauthorized use. They have thousands of worlds to relocate infiltrators to real-thought monopoly.

Where elements of pre-determinism start and finish in the Universe are difficult to determine. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is a descriptive rather than an implicit waveform collapse selector. So many have pointed out the natural selector of a wave collapse experiences a phenomenal dust up of actualization that adds some sort of information and energy to an observed system. Appearances of energy and mass with their uncertain protocol boundaries and content apparently unbound except within deterministic quantum relationships make me wonder about Universal management and its potential for phase changes. This is water-cooler talk for anyone on a hot cheap transport. How can the controllers be controlled for cash or credits amidst unlimited material structures and structural malleability-for-others?

If one has evolution theory one also ought to have quantum theory and the philosophy of modal universes and the transcendence of purpose inherent in temporal space-time to liven up discussion from the limited range intellectual tools concerning biology to one cognizant of determinism in natural selection and a meta-structural conformal logic of physics regarding meta-criteria for natural selection. God may have an infinity of modal universe potentials, yet must they all be assembled in one temporal order in respect of His eternal now in relation to contingent space-time? Does God not abnegate space as well as time for-himself-in eternity?

Space and time in the temporal manifestation cohere in one expanding or traveling multi-dimensional Universe field. The pre-inflaton phase of energy ought have a limit to its potential configurations arising in coalescence from virtual energy. There should be a very large but infinite number of possible formations of contingent Universes that could appear as well. There is a very large yet finite number of possible configurations of pieces on a chess board, because there is a finite number of pieces and positions in configuration and phase space. God may choose to reshape a pre-singularity field to be or become more or different than what it might be in its range of freedom states of emergence from virtual energy space, yet none other.

Natural selections that occur as an implicit features of inertial assembly follow initial boundary conditions of the Universe delimiting possibilities of the subsequent space-time contingent field. A process evolution of complexity eliminates possibilities of alternate courses of development reciprocally. I believe it is thought that transcends physical boundaries best to create new possibilities, and it is spirit that surpasses the physical actualizations of the physical best and foremost.

While some physical theorists deny theistic creation with the indirect explanation that the anthropic principle and the fine-tuned universe is a chance selection of infinite Universe potentials and one of those that can work; as only those that can work and are suitable for human life do, it is also the case that predetermined forms for life exist in that fine-tuned Universe that are not at all matters of random chance. If one placed a one dollar bet at Las Vegas and won a million dollars the only time in one's life that one gambled, the jackpot is predetermined still as all that could exist within the boundary conditions. I would think that principle would apply to planetary life within any sort of galactic energy-mass charge configuration, and regardless of the manner in which God set the Universe to be and become with an operating system that moves along with reasonably known physical laws and orders of development.

The transport reached the debarkation station. I was required to make a bark of conformal submission or remain in stasis indefinitely. I barked once and a voice said U-1. I emerged from the shroud. A line of auto-taxis sat ready-for-call and I demurred recollecting their several uses.

A sudden urge to defaecate overcame me like a wave of government spam. Fortunately there was a line of lib-o-shists near for a ubiquitous transport relief protocol. Stepping inside I took a listen to a planetary broadcast emanating from a roll of sanitary vita-tissue;

“You know what I think” a man said in a southern twang.

Another replied; “No, what's dat?”

“Real men tweet.”

“Well sure as my name's Max Tweet”.

“Saakasm don't hep Bolly.”

I exhausted the possibilities of the paper, got up and opened the door to a fresh new world.

Self-driving vehicles had changed Y'earth society a little for the good and a lot to the unexpected. Programmable driving systems were subject to viruses and hacking. Self-driving vehicles were tools for kidnappings and murder as well as spare ambulances and military vehicles able to go into the heat of battle without concern for losing their mechanical life. Entire military convoys had been reprogrammed and converted into independent suicide bombing delivery packages. I ignored the free transports and walked into the city.

It seemed that U-1 had formerly been a homosexual depravity paradise world specially designed to serve perverse desires of specialized sin seekers. Eventually a nanobot infiltration contaminated the planet's pox locking them together in sexual acts with irresistible bonding until random morphing patterns of the nanobots swirled the flesh into myriad grotesquenesses. With an empty world devoid of corpses manage-admin couldn't be confident of the planet's suitability for restocking. It sent dissidents to enjoy the freedom of a ghost-world in such cases as experimental test subjects.

Nano-machines of general purpose were made with programmable post-manufacture configuration suitable therefore for-himself-in artificial evolution designs. U-1could be free or infested with nano-machines. It was not shaping up to be a wonderful day, yet only heterosexuals would be able to survive here if the pre-existing depletion conditions remained latent in the nano-infestation. For the time being I would regard Drexler State as a prison planet and avoid compromising heterogeneous positions that might entangle my flesh with flesh eating nano-bots evolved to the new heterodox reality if the sanction extended that far.

The bostprob elixir is a quantum induction magnet that draws one like water when presented. It is challenging to avoid putting on a warm coat in sub-zero weather or an attractively presented bostprob package. The bostprob issue would make this a dry monkish world line. A world-line for an inventive genius with the soldierly discipline required of apostles following the will of God to the logical teleology of the Creator that is a music of good in-itself.

Human life of U-1, such as remained mostly human, was trans-morphed biologically in conformal logic parameters to liberal downsizing that Havard package theorists regarded as a necessary economic transition. Destructuring traditional human familial, social and moral structures to repack humanity as so much malleable biomass worked for the utilitarian well-being of the ultra-rich, or formerly ultra-rich before they too were eventually consumed by their own advanced nano-products that escaped the Cambridge test facility one eventful November evening. That cloud of post-manufacture programmable nano-viruses infected capital networks as an inertial program driven toward maximizing energy and power control structures finding its synthetic real-thought integration of artificial intelligence adequate to comprehend for whom the bell should toll to sound a crisp, clear note of conquest.

Unluckily for the nano-units their programmable evolution to a deterministic state made them maladaptive to energy input other than those humans with greater than a million dollars net assets. The quantum consumption artificial intel recognition systems could not visualize anything less. Thus when the nano-swarm exhausted food supply in fewer than 15 seconds and was unable to feed to sustain itself and broke apart into inert quanta the financially meek were left to inherit U-1. Only for a time and times and a half did that condition continue, before real-thought in U-1 networks was taken under new management by a middle manager corporate cartel. It turned out to be as viscous, yet less imaginative, than the poisoned reign of the ultra-rich.

Quantum nano-machines able to teleport themselves bootstrapping through fiber optics networks permitted quick conquest of somewhat advanced civilizations. Actually they needed only basic classical field connections such as metal cables for quantum tunneling in ad hoc super-conducting inversion paths through non-superconducting materials and faster-than light entanglement and reassembly from a originating nano-machine quantum form, and that made determination of the existence of non-existence of the nano-machines that had been at U-1 uncertain. They might be embedded in the infrastructure asleep until summoned by a new program to a new mission. It is likely that Unimanagement would like to know who set the nano-machines free. On the other hand, I was not interested in more than escape from the temporal hell of Unimanagement control parameters.

Drexler State U-1 with N-2 through N-9 lurked midway in a binary star system wherein a power-center transmitted energy streaming in from focusing-converting lens in star-stationary orbits around the pair. The power collection and transmission technology was adapted from the example of Y'earth and its nearest star system Alpha Centauri that created a conventional photon connection line enabling teleportation of information between Y'earth and frontier settlements. Energy and information were found to cohere within new fields constructed with dimension doping.

When I walked along a site path past healing lake waters glowing with yellow-green translucent medical diagnostics and corrections nanology there were none to swim in salty sweet smelling liquid protecting the path from land predations and swimmers from illness. Anti-predator defense barriers were not a thing of the past though water barriers tended to be symbolic, and remoteness while useful required concealment too with so many force delivery packages promoted to pinnacles of political method and ubiquitous surveillance able to locate targets-of-interest.

I wondered what force delivery protocol had depleted the life forms of Drexler State. Not so much the how as the who interested me, so far as I had an interest.

U-1 architecture is a seven layer protocol of perversions with the greatest achieving the bottom rank. Wickedness filtered down and concentrated evil from the top until achieving the most densely compact state at the bottom. Even in the absence of residents I thought it wise to stay off the course of descent to the hell below.

It was a superficially shimmering world with a continuum of pleasant winds flowing into the city from over the lake. The sky above showed a gradient multi-colored atmospheric power consortia in advertising capacitors forming live images of purchased reality synfomercials. One could view intense streams of prower focused alonk binary stars paths teaching into apparent infinity while disappearing into brilliant temporal golden quark-rich bowls of content.

Thence a loud boom, a sound like an extruding art from wealth didst ooze fluently becoming governing noise thought. I chaptered along the street to find a way out of U-1 beforst luging alt my time, as well as my lunch.

I reached Drexler City wandering amidst canyon walls over-watched with drooping slag flow slopes. Doors dismal where image overlays lay blanked into non-being gathered enigma like dust at their feet. At a rococo reception plaza exaggerated hook ups awaited symbolic hole coats that were obsolete after sprayed on health weatherings coated the chic. Hangers were empty and the foyer deserted.

There were two opinions about metaphysics after Darwinism became the Unimanagement religion. one was that any sort of aggression that worked was morally fine. The only real political power was power in-itself. It was of course politically incorrect to say that truth publicly, and truth in-itself became a disreputable object in the context of phenomenal language creationism as a right of poetic privilege inalienably requiring no license.

Others such as myself thought that correct eschatology indicated that after the age of the Gentiles was fulfilled the Lord Jesus Christ would return in a time frame ranging from today to infinity. The only other main point known was that there would be a majority of Christians at the time, and that could arise in a virtually infinite number of configurations. It is almost certain that there were no Christians at Drexler State before the non-rapturous disappearance of flesh. In their own amoral paradigm of power as moral right, the possible motives for poofing the sexcationing pleasure-seekers could be hard to determine.

I remembered then what John Gill said, and thought it sad it hadn't come about for the Drexler ruling class; "there is a natural repentance, or what is directed to by the light of nature, and the dictates of a natural conscience; for as there was in the heathens, and so is in every natural man, a knowledge of good and evil, of the difference in some respects between moral good and evil, and a conscience which, when it does its office, approves of what is well done, and accuses for that which is ill; so when conscience charges a man with doing an ill thing, and he is convinced of it, the light of nature and conscience direct him to wish he had not done it, and to repent of it, and to endeavor for the future to avoid it; as may be seen in the case of the Ninevites, who being threatened with the destruction of their city for their sins, proclaimed a fast, and issued out an order that everyone should turn from his evil ways, in hope that the wrath of God would be averted from them, though they could not be fully assured of it. The Gentiles laid great stress upon their repentance to conciliate the favor of God unto them; for they thought this made complete satisfaction for their sins, and wiped them clean, so that they imagined they were almost if not altogether pure and innocent: there is a repentance which the goodness of God in providence might or should lead men unto, which yet it does not, but after their hardness and impenitent heart treasure up wrath against the day of wrath, and righteous judgment of God (Rom. 2:4, 5)."

U-1 Multiverse Conjecture

In the City I had bought a little office niched across the street from a phone company amplification station for a song. It was small yet the bricks were an ambient reminder of mid-20th century American plains towns where memories had already vanished along with the people that lived and transacted business and their lives.

Charlene worked the U-1 research station for me when I was absent to Y'earth or other inner solar system ventures. It was good to be home with Charlene in a manner of speaking; she is a familiar face in an alienating world increasingly banished into sterile scientific phenomenalism more like virtual reality conditionally tolerated than home-worlds.

I opened and stepped through the doorway. She seemed a little distracted with a 100 mile distant look.

Not that it was too surprising. We often had conversations about metaphysics.

She said; “I have started thinking about dimensions from first principles John. One may make a square out of a circle by creating four ninety degree angles in it. So if one imagines a sphere and changing its shape so that it has four corners to it, regard a figure analogous to a volume of space with three dimensions.

What are dimensions though? String theorists speculate about extra dimensions with some of unequal sizes as if they could be bound with some meta-dimensional power. If one regards dimensions as fulfilled space for example in a three-dimensional sphere representing space as field lines crossing it in three directions, then changing the perimeter surface shape of the sphere or square as the case may be one change or warp the field lines and relations within. If those were dimensions they also would be changing relationships of composition.

What though are dimensions made of? Are they discrete, composite vectors such as a light beam that is made of photon quanta yet comprise a light wave in quantity? Are dimensions made of fundamental particles that when assembled have a vector or arrow of direction that is time?

Physicists say that the Universe is in principle time reversible (although improbable because of reversing entropy). The relationships of various forces, fundamental forces of the Universe, may also be time reversible though improbable. Dimensions, whatever they are made of, may have some force about them perhaps as a field, and possible neutral yet binding on to other dimensions with some principle maybe governed or determined by the meta-field wherein they exist. If God were to change the surface shape of the Universe from a cube to a sphere altering thereby the structures of dimensions, energy and mass therein a Universe, it is conceivable that a 13.3 billion year evolution or expansions from time = 0 at a big bang could be completed in 13.3 seconds or fewer in a time forward or time reverse process. If dimensions and mass contents of time are subject to an overall field strength determined by God, the form and content of any given Universe might be instantly determined from hydrogen atoms to stars, galaxies, life, black holes and information phenomena experienced within a Universe with sentient beings.

“So how did you go about mind-mapping a Multiverse John?”

I thought about making a reply. The instant extended farther than it might have. Into the future making the most out of time for reflection on a topic dropped from the sky. Ten seconds passed before I asked Charlene;

“Do you favor complex descriptions or prefer melted down models?

Charlene Crace; a superb cook, is a fashion theorist in many Universes unknown to her, yet in this one she is a practical and accomplished histor-philosoph economist tile setter. Her reply was as expected, direct; “Complexities can be regarded as tiles-for-themselves within a relativist mosaic. Melt-down models simplified, simpering-ready-for-consumption have fewer connections to adjoining explanatory tiles. They are puppies of limited horizon. One must track farther from the melt-down model's edge to locate a primary tile's horizon.

It is better to start with the complexity-in-itself that encompasses the initial melt-down model.”

I said; “With that being a good opinion, I need say that mind-mapping a Multiverse wherein mind itself necessarily has an implicit capacity to branch is prima fascia a complexity so far as making a recursive description of it goes. Each thought in every mind has a physical foundation- a reality for-itself. Every though stirs the brain to make subtle chemical changes at a quantum level, and there is a Universe existing corresponding to each quantum wave difference however minuscule.”

“A Universe exists with every possible quantum variation comprising an infinite scale of Universes with every shade of gray and location of each particle?”

“Yes Charlene. Every Universe that God has imagined or thought to be is super-positioned in all possible variations. Human conscious though branches into the right Universe that free will actualizes with every thought that develops.”

‘How would one have a continuum of mind if mind switches into the right, different Universe corresponding to the new thought structure? It seems as if one would rather have a nearly infinite multiple personality John.”

‘Initially one might guess that each mind is already existing independently in every possible Universe. If one dropped into another Universe mid and kept one’s own then one might have two minds in the new brain, and those might keeping adding up with each new thought as one journeyed nearly infinitely along with every new thought from Universe to Universe.

The Universe branching occurs automatically though rather than with any conscious awareness of the branch to another Universe suitable for the new thought. If mind were to compile as an infinite addition of mind to new self mind not only would that be confusing, it would be self-evident and perhaps bring one to the level of a little god condition with all those minds coordinating with serial processing of thought. For the latter two reasons I would dismiss the concatenation of minds from Universe switching from likely possibilities.”

“Well John., cosmology has two main components; structure and composition. Mind slipping through a variegation of subtly different Universes would seem to transcend the structure of the Universes on the face of it, and probably the composition to.”

“Mind is different than matter even though it is based in matter. While mind and its thoughts may slip into permutation Universes appropriate for the idea, the Universes may pre-exist the arrival of mind, and mind may occupy the live Universe like electricity lighting up a previously dark bulb.”

‘Then what about the other minds John? Those living in the each Universe aren’t just androids or play figures-they are real aren’t they.”

“Sure Char, they are real and potentially are occupied by the correct mind for some individual branching at their own time. Yet each Universe is pre-created physically by God and fully developed from beginning to end. God has accounted for every possible thought that anyone might have, and though one is free to think whatever one wishes there will be a ready physical Universe appropriate for that thought waiting for a mind to arrive at the right moment.”

“One would expect an omnipotent and omniscient God to have actualized every possible Universe at least as idea. Idea for God transcends human ideas about what mind and matter are. Ideas of God may appear as matter in some contexts of perception for-others. Quantum waves may have a super-positioning correspondence at the cosmological scale where every possible Universe is selected as observed; God pre-knowing each possible wave function of any and all mind’s selection John.”

Superposition Strategy

Charlene poured a Kona coffee for me; an expensive import from a Y'earth like world N-9 with bean descended from the original isles. I stirred in two packets of inocusug that provided a little immunity from a nano-virus brain-eating disease.

“Char, every possible Universe that could be made to exist does exist, and in an infinite number of variations and permutations from every possible choice and evolution anyone or anything could take. A human soul is spirit and branches off into another Universe appropriate for its thought with each thought it takes. God foreknows every possible Universe that he has created or entails from eternity in all directions.”

“So John there are not an infinite number of me occupying all of these Universes?”

“No the time of each is a non-sequitur. All of the pasts, presents and futures in each of the infinite Universes exists in the eternal now of God. They are like static scenes that come alive when the soul is in any given Universe.”

“Then how could two people share the same Universe for a significant period of time and relativistically travel together.”

“For a human being calculating the mechanics might indeed be quite difficult-even impossibly so. For God though it is nothing.

Consider that the sum over histories of world lines and all possible positions of quantum superpositions before waveform collapse before viewing are apparent phenomena given unto observers. The all-possible positions of a given quantum particle actually correspond to an infinity of Universes where the particle is in a different position. That phenomena occurs for every possible particle and virtual particle in existence.

Necessarily time like spatial quanta is also formed with quantum superposition. Select quanta are given unto every possible time position that are for-themselves spatial locations.”

“The Multiverse is static with a contingent existence fully actualized within God's eternal now. For human observers however time and space seem to be in motion relativistically as if membranes from higher dimensions were passing through one another creating the appearance of time and spatial expansion.?”

“That's one way of looking at it Char. I realized that even the traditional approach with waveform collapse making a steady state material Universe tends to leave one philosophically wondering if they can see farther from the mountaintop through the fog. Remember that some of these points about subjectivity and the Schrödinger wave (function)...

The wave-function could be a state of mind, of subjective experience, yet it might be a problem of the criterion, that is within an Everettian interpretation mind or experience moves through a multidimensional matrix. I think that is not entirely inconsistent with the Copenhagen interpretation epistemology viewing matter and energy through a glass darkly with partial certainty.

Wave-particle superposition is a paradigm of contemporary thought about how the quantum fields exist that could be inaccurate, so the Copenhagen paradigm could be incapable of determining what's what though useful in the standard model field for working with matter. That would comprise a philosophical and pragmatic difference of depth.

There are innumerable forms the fundamental field could be in to allow the appearance of quanta and space-time to exist along with faster-than-light distance interval transcendence. People naturally think of circles and spherical packing with a unitary field shaking or vibrating to emit one-dimensional membranes building up to large quanta. All that minimalist quanta remains tied into the the unitary field and might be regarded as complex illusions that are yet real for building up to a level where self-awareness occurs experiencing the steady state temporal field as real. Transcending experimentally to deeper micro levels through space-time to forms of quanta outside of time individually as quanta may let innumerable relativity breaking phenomenal observations to occur.

Space membranes may have irregular shapes that when intersecting provide irregular rates of apparent time passage. They may alternatively have regular shapes that when intersecting or passing through other membranes provide an apparent smooth rate of expansion of space-time resembling that of dark energy. Dark energy is regarded preponderantly as responsible for the increasing rate of expansion of the space of the observable Universe. Cosmologists think the rate of expansion of space and time will continue until a big rip occurs when the Universe is 64 billion years old whereat it will cease to exist, failing to draw social security benefits itself from an economics expanded with federal reserve zero interest loans.

Membranes capable of being an entire Universe when intersec ting at various angles or portions contacting must be of very large size one might think. Size is relative thought in a completely empty void a one inch membrane might as well be a mile. Only in relation to other membranes or things could comparative quantification occur.

If a membrane is not of zero dimensions simultaneously existing yet not existing-logically somewhat absurd except perhaps for quanta in some form of super-position even with a timeless, eternal form, then it must be made of something. In a field particles arise of various sizes as energy wave packets. A membrane though is regarded as some kind of fundamental entity without parts. Irreducible membranes of one dimension even seem less probable than super-positioned zero-dimensional membranes that take one dimensions with interference, observation and waveform collapse or simply the word of God.

A membrane of n-dimensions may be a quantified field in the mind of God initially structured in a spiritual sense that with interference and intersections collapses from the superpositions of the mind of God into one-dimensional and concatenated dimensional forms. Recombinant dimensional membranes perhaps with an unknown forms of charge-perhaps multi-tensoral charges could build up super-dimensions with greater magnitudes than other membranes.

The shape of the Universe spatially speaking was and probably is of interest to cosmologists. It could have been toroidal, spherical etc. Perhaps there is no clearly definable shape for a Universe at the leading, expanding edges whereat it fades off into a nothingness emptier than nothing itself. It may simply be an apparent Universe with apparent yet not real space that is instead a concatenated and apparent effect for observers from one-dimensional membranes moving through one another. When one membrane passes along the axis of another it may appear as an acceleration of spatial expansion to local observers.

Any sort of turn or deflection for a membrane's shape would require some irregularity of force acting at that place. The presence or absence of planar deformation, or of spherical deformation if a singularity, indicates the presence of a heterodox field or membrane element. Maybe some theorists regard individuated endowments of force as fundamental brains with the optimal shape for a brane corresponding to the configuration of dimensions in which it coheres. Dimensional brains thus appear to be theoretically embedded within a Chinese puzzle box of additional dimensional branes.

In evolutionary biology there is an argument that mutation is the primary agent for change rather than natural selection. Mutation though is a way of saying change of an individual from an existing pattern. The capacity for mutability is an implicit aspect of being. God may be changeless and eternal, yet space-time beings change perpetually. Mutation however is regarded as occurring to living beings rather than to inanimate molecular forms. Complexity in biological forms allows for a suggestion of mutation from an existing pattern whereas for geological formations talus slopes for example are said to evolve under the influence of the second law of thermodynamics and entropy with the increase of disorder. Can dimensional membranes be thought of as mutable or are they just too simple even to be considered to evolve?

Relationships of membranes that change in a field of all possible membranes existing might be regarded as evolving. Evolution occurs in the space-time changes for observers living in a nexus of interacting membranes. For God hosting the membrane field, nothing changes in a sense. The membrane's position and motion follow His will. Intellect of observers changes too, yet as in a level 4 Multiverse intellect is an apparent phenomena embedded in the interacting membrane fields. It is pre-determined though able apparently to modify energy-matter forms in a small way within a space-time manifold. God configured the complete field from eternity with space-time membranes comprising contingent ontology-for-others.”

U-2 Foxes have holes, and birds have nests...

When the Son of God became born of woman on Y'earth bringing the good news of salvation to the elect fairly early in life he outgrew his usual domestic social environment. In time the revelation of his identity brought even his fellow townsman to seek to throw him off a cliff unto death. His new mother and brothers were his disciples. The Earth itself was not a home for the Son of God. In the book of Matthew verse 20 Jesus saith unto (a man), “The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.”

The Lord Jesus was about eternal life with God. The Kingdom of God like Karl Barth said in echoing the gospel, is within you. The spiritually dead are often the too comfortable in the world as they seek not after the Spirit and spiritual rebirth through the Lord and Holy Spirit.

Immediately following Jesus' plaintive comment

21...another of his disciples said unto him, Lord,

suffer me first to go and bury my father.

22 But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead

bury their dead.”

In the U planetary topology social cultural advance arrived at the next higher level when technology became able to take barren, lifeless worlds and make the over into worlds teaming with self-sustaining ecosystems. The ecologically dead were reformed in the image of life as some of the people were transformed into a modest spiritual likeness of the Son of God being remade in his image through faith.

I wonder about the logic shaping drives for planetary and galactic expansion sometimes. With technology able to produce food from dirt and nanomachines able to construct dwelling on planets and low gravity themselves-for-human, what urges motivate the endless rush?

Deductive and inductive logic may be used to find solutions for the same problem. One tends to think of logic as entirely deductive rather naturally. With deductive logic one has a concept, a set of differentia and advances a remaining solution from given premises.

Maybe I didn't say that very well. Logical elements might be regard as simple symbols such as upright lines drawn for tallying counts. Different annotations (differentia) for the lines could be just the position of an intersecting line for example. There might be circle's place on a line differentiating lines in numbers and locations and sizes of the little circles.

So if one has a collection of symbols and has a process for combining them-such as in addition and subtraction, in order to find what remains after the process them one has a deductive procedure. One deducts redundant and irrelevant symbols in an equation until a surviving symbol emerges.

Inductive logic on the other hand, is a generator of symbols they may not yet exist. Again using lines and arithmetic as examples, one can produce higher numbers and more complex symbols (or less so) than found in the initial set. Multiplying two prime numbers produce a greater number than either, so it might be considered an inductive process, however given the right procedure, the solution may also be found deductively.

Inductive and deductive logic may each find solutions to a given problem. Deductive logic would tend to provide an exclusively correct answer or solution while inductive logic would provide a number of possibly correct answers that would be cumbersome to reduce and simplify inductively. It would probably be possible however. It is comparable to the extra work needed to use deductive logic for discovering solutions to problems better suited for inductive methods. Possibly all deductive problems may be found with inductive methods while, alternatively, deductive logic cannot discover all solutions provided by inductive methods. Metaphysics for example is a field better suited to inductive rather than deductive logic, unless one is applying a key interpreter from a known physical premise (in some instances).

Charlene, the Drexler State has a few terraformed planets comprising its nation. The energy required to form narrow dimension membrane channels through space-time may exist within black holes. What think you of that?”

“It does then seem that the construction of membranes is a logical place to base the construction of Universes. Universes are in one descriptive paradigm are extended membranes differentiated with field pluralism, waves and particle quanta.

A one-dimension membrane singularity may be the apex of a locally timeless cloud super-positioned as virtual wave-particle energy from an unbounded Unconditional. In an initial waveform collapse from the virtual cloud of super-positioned particle the zero-dimensional singularity become one dimensional expanding its membrane energy with four dimension vectors. Membrane energy inherently embody all-possible a Universe fields, particles and space-time. As the singularity and hyper-inflation occurs for an instant in a second field energy endowments and space time expansion transpires producing a standard and eventually observable Universe for sentient beings embedded with it.

I had wondered about the role of black holes and gravity more so than dark energy John. Consider the point that gravity affects all matter and virtual particles associated with it bringing them all to a relative center where none break free. If gravity was a field transcending all matter, and if the strong force binging quarks together, and electromagnetism too along with the weak force binding molecules together were pushed and pulled by gravitons within a dark hole and even a naked singularity they would need to be wave-particles with some mass and perhaps negative charge still bounded by the speed of light at which gravity observably occurs. Gravity cannot transcended the space-time dimensions wherein it exists as a field phenomena probably able to bind to quarks or the strong force field itself for some reason perhaps as simple as polarity tensors of the field in which they occur.

It does seem to me John that a preferable account for the treatment of gravity on mass-energy is that instead of collapsing it to an infinite reduction to singularity as an entity without gravity itself-a contradiction, for gravity as a field phenomena must be a contingent field too rather than a non-contingent one. Even if it seems to bend space-time there are numerous ways to explain that besides space-time-dimensions becoming deformed. For instance a time dimension could receive interference from the presence of mass and simply slow or dilate the mass motion through space in a proportionate way bringing about the appearance of spatial effect.

I believe though that gravity conforms mass into a larger mass construction comprising something like a local curved membrane of energy in-itself. Mass energy may be embedded within the gravitational field itself as part of a charged object different from those normally experienced in space-time. While they may potentially be a very large power source, they may also process mass-energy through to a basic dimensional membrane. The receiving membrane would expand space or time itself as the case may be while the remaining local curvature of space where the black hole formed could be compared to a bullet hole in a piece of metal left after the mass passed on through.”

“ A potential useful insight. Maybe gravitons are virtual particles of a membrane dragging mass through black holes back to membranes. I should say that I have been saving a bit of good news though. “


“We need to go on a journey my dear, through space and time..”

“Really John, where to.”

“The planet Phobia.”

“Don't go there John.”

“Umm-hmm, <laughs>.”

U-2; The Planet Phobia

The Phobia planet was a tensioned membrane stretched into being and becoming a greater sphere from four corners expanding from a quantum dot toward a central point whereat they would conjoin. No one rightly had a good opinion about what would occur when the four corners of the Phobian world-Universe overlapped. Even so it was the several micro-dimensions embedded within the larger dimensional membrane that gave it texture and substance we would immerse ourselves in.

Charlene hadn't been to the primary Phobian planet and would discover its primary life platform interesting.

Entry to Phobia was through the last exit for trans-planetary shifts.

Riding CyberUber mag-lev platforms over to Transplanetary Charlene asked me;

“Why interest in Phobia right now John?”

“Let's step inside the exit to Phobia my friend, and see.”

My first thought, and presumably that of Charlene too, upon entry to Phobia was of a pervasive burning vapor of a weapons grade, aerosolized chili powder. Well, we would get used to that. Of more immediate concern was the place we temporally found ourselves at.

“What is this John, are we standing on water.”

“It looks more like quantum foam to me Charlene. Even if it does extend off to a horizon in all directions.”

Standing in quantum foam that reached up to the top buckles of the quantum computer boots each of us wear on field trips was familiar to me yet not so for Charlene.

“You've never stood on a life platform immersed in quantum foam before?”

“There is a life platform below the foam?”

“Sure. It's a membrane upon which living things can experience existing.

Time has come today, Charlene. Sometimes that dimension doesn't reach the timeless quantum foam Phobian ocean. It is a cyclical infiltration here; a concatenation of every possible force interaction wherein relative motion occurs phenomenally speaking. Time adds a bit of energy and direction to quantum foam. It becomes locally coherent.

For us existing is a continuity from elsewhere than the life platform of Phobia. For other beings that isn't necessarily so. They may exist here and nowhere else before or after. It must be said that the life platform here has its share of detractors for others besides self.”

“You mean John, that there are nihilists of the lives of others on the Phobia life platform?

“Yes. They may arise as four dimensional beings such as we are integrated within the local space-time continuum while others may occur as finite space extra-dimensional extrusion into the life platform of Phobia.”

“And I suppose they bite too.”

“Exactly. “Incidentally, time is associated with no particular dimension or direction in the quantum foam Charlene.” In all directions looking to the horizon was a complete darkness without stars or recognizable objects.

“Time is necessary for thermodynamic process Dr. Dwight. It inevitably has a dimensional vector in regard to relativistic scalar field probability.”

“If this were the usual world it would Charlene. The quantum foam is dissociated from a time dimension. The pervasive uncertainty of virtual being and non-being of quantum context heightened in the native field of Phobia precludes time.”

“Our feet too immersed in the q.f. are also timeless?”

“That's correct. It is spirit and mind selecting awareness pre-cognitively with anticipatory observation; continuity, inducting enough of a relativistic field cancellation of alternative worldlines to keep our feet together in the form they had immediately upon arrival here.”

“Well John, how can they work without being in a macro-quantum steady-state time dimension?”

“For motion on the world Charlene, we need to use love and hate to move about. Love will bring us toward and object or destination, and hate will move us away.”

“Yes, I can see that John. The spiritual sense implies an observer's collapse of quantum wave probabilities in the field and especially for associated standing-wave probability states.”

With that understood it would be possible to start moving toward the mission here. I thought it necessary to explain to Charlene Crace how it was the family was made to disappear throughout the human social Universe at the end of Y'earth history when it was erased through a series of government and corporate policy leads bring biological continua from generation to generation through sexual reproduction to and end for a number of specious political, economic, social and environmental reasons. Phobia held the secret history of the disappearance of family and of the upsurge into being of empirical person-subject-hood.

“Let me get this straight John. In effect we use love and hate as quantum induction engines for motion through the quantum foam.”

“Yes that's right.”

“What about the life platform beneath the foam-is it real.”

“Of course it's real Charlene. It's a real macro-dimensional time membrane stretching to connect the four corners of Phobia together at the beginning and ending of time locally for-itself.”

“The membrane vector of Phobia's time will conclude how?”

“One current in four directions will interfere catastrophically with itself traveling to its own past and present simultaneously over the leading edge.”

“I've been meaning to ask you John. Where does gravity in the normal Universe fit into this. Is it an element of God's love for His creation.”

“Actually I hadn't thought about that Charlene. Interesting concept. Presently though we should practice moving about for a while. Though are feet are timeless we still have out own relative thermodynamic in-time bodies to conserve. Energy and work expenses sill affect us here. The atmospheric field above the q.f. primarily is reflective memory of what we were on arrival. Our exo and endo-biological field ties are intact, yet just within and for-ourselves. Do do think you can love me Charlene?”

Charlene and I drew slowly closer together.

“That works Dwight.”

“Good. Now give hate a try.”

Nothing happened, although Charlene did make a somewhat funny and strained face with concentration presumably, on hate.

“Hate is a very powerful emotion my dear. It isn't always so easy to generate on demand. Think of it as the will to move something away because it is a dangerous to yourself or others, then apply it.”

Charlene made a determined look facing me, and still, nothing happened.

“Making love is easier than making hate John.”

“Try thinking of hate as moving mer away from something harmful approaching me quickly from behind you, that is very harmful and dangerous to me.”

“Without any element of fear or concern for myself John?”

”Yes. Its simply a training method to apply hate to voe things about.”

With that last piece of instruction. Charlene Crace moved me gradually away.

“Well that's that John. I believe I've got down the basic emotions of love and hate for motion.”


“So you are five foot six and a half, 38 D upper, 25” mid and 36” lower unit Charlene.”

“As you can see John. And you have are seventy five inches tall with a 42” chest, 34 Inch waist and medium size jock requirement. Now that we know that, what have you?”

“An expansion from the quantum foam Charlene.”

With that information two streams of scintillating particles flowed up from the quantum foam dissolving our clothing and replacing it with flexible insulated and camouflaged form fitting transparent body-armor.

“We may need this stuff before the Phobia tour is done. It is also an intentional mind-directed quantum covering that will endure while have positive-negative feet in the quantum foam. Works even against strong force disruptors Char.”

We started gliding through the quantum foam then with impulse love power acting to draw us forward toward the enigma at the center of Phobia.

“I hate standing still John, getting nothing done”; Charlene said mirthfully as our pace accelerated moderately.

“The leaders of Phobia initially were human enough on U-2 then began a scientific transition beyond good and evil in order to draw the corrupt and weak minded into supporting their immoral agenda. Of course they didn't say to the populous what the implications and destiny of their goals would be. The leadership was just non-judgmental and removed the problem of sin from public concern greatly satisfying dopes and abusers of the same sex sexually.”

The story took some time to tell to Charlene. She was interested enough as we went along especially since she remained on the payroll at a not inconsiderable wage.

Charlene was the better writer in my shop though, and needed to see for herself the secret history of Phobia in order to write a political article persuasive enough to bring some back from the dark side of the force of Thachonic doom.

Scientific atheists had just one concern driving them; population reduction and economic structure detached from the loose expansiveness of family based economies. Science was objective they believed and all subjective human psychology and intellect were superfluous impulse to procreate, consume and expand. Those human traits were regarded as species fatal and unreasoned attributes worthy of extinction.

First families need to be dissolved and aborted from occurring in the future. Secondly, human reproduction if necessary would result from scientific assembly of zygotes with genetic engineered planning of beings most useful for the society of Phobia. Thirdly, all records of family would undergo erasure and a new historical method of relating individual existence to the parent corporate state of superior elites would activate and serve as causal explanation for the being of the individual.

Individuals existed empirically in an existential dialect with the god-state beyond good and evil in a scientifically perfected condition of immorality without possibility of conscientious objection from a subject.

That is a condition we need to avoid Charlene, and one I may be reasonably well paid to accomplish by the U-4 human affairs council.”

“So that's it John. We get the secret history of U-2 and move it to U-4?.”

Well, its just going to be a copy-a facsimile of the original, and that will be good enough to go Charlene.”

As we journeyed and hours passed in to days climate conditions of Phobia changed gradually and suddenly too. The appearance of ultra-fast 4D printed life forms from seemingly nowhere were shocking, threatening and pitiful variously as the designs of far controllers and designers materialized. Some of the forms appeared purposed to condition us while others seemed to exist for either no apparent reason or simply for reason unrelated to our mission. I was not at all certain that the elite of Phobia new of us here, for we might simply be regarded as harmless transient life forms visiting U-2. Alternatively we probably were within a ubiquitous surveillance field that were normal for nearly every inhabited planet, membrane and solid astrophysical object since late in the 21st century.

Charlene slowed to a stop beside a small mirroring lake.

“Let's rest a minute John.”

“Sounds fine Char.”

“We can make food too I suppose?”

“Sure, the quantum foam will produce to order.”

I made a couple of orange-vanilla float energy drinks appear. Meanwhile roilsome dark clouds of Phobia rolled over us.

“It looks like we will need to drink and run Charlene. Those clouds appear rather malevolent and lacking of simple aesthetic ambiance.”

“I would then love to go further on the path John.”

She stepped in to give a close embrace and we accelerated beyond the leading edge of what became a storm depositing not simply rain. It precipitated holographic images of terror that might have been constructed in hell.

Even so we rolled to the edge of the plain and up into rolling hill country.

“Did I ever tell you about the deeper meaning of chess Charlene.”

“Just about every time you are at the Drexler State shop John.”

“Not that deeper meaning. The deeper, transcendent meaning that I never told you about.”

“Oh that one, the rhetorical version.”

“Exactly. In the 5th century before Christ the sage of the Sakya tribe was part of a losing war of attrition prosecuted by invading tribes of the high country named Aryas. Sakyamuni contemplated long and hard about the metaphysical aspects of life and of the problem of evil and suffering. The issues were rather forced upon him because of the number of casualties from the front brought back to mingle with the copious pathetic creatures inhabiting his father's kingdom.

Sakyamuni the young prince also known as Siddartha discovered an ancient manuscript describing a noble eightfold path. He gave a superficial account of that eightfold path after contemplating for weeks under a tree the abstract problem of translating such complex symbolic ideas into the language of his day in such a way that even the illiterate hearing the message might understand.

What resulted at the sermon at Benares was the famous Noble eightfold Path of right speech, right thought, right actions, etc.

What was left out was the eight dimension hypercube described in the text he found. Even so Siddartha, commonly called Buddha or the Enlightened One, left a rough abstract reduced version of eight rows and eight columns drawn on a tablet-stone that when found by the invading Aryas overrunning his father's kingdom was exfiltrated to the kingdom of Aryans and used as a trophy game board modeling war later called chess. The eight dimensional hypercube reflected in another four dimensional Universe was the first bridge to nowhere- Nirvana, negating temporal suffering.”

“It allowed eternal life then?”

“No, not at all Charlene. The chess wasn't a model for eternity. It was a model for a shortcut through space-time dimensional embeddedness. Not a reliever of the problems of sin and failure to be sinless for which the sole remedy is the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Buddha's game was a way to vanish before invading hordes cut one to ribbons with scimitars, sabers and whatever.”

“Was the noble eightfold path every used on old Y'Earth John?”

“Not in the way it was intended Char. It was instead discovered through reverse deictic engineering after the first unraveling of time dimensions of physicists. Chess gaming by super-computers found that some of the chess configurations led to membrane algebras for Hilbert space with abstract metaphorical coordinate analysis.”

'Oh. Did that help you win many games?”



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    • Dr CHE Sadaphal profile image

      CH Elijah Sadaphal 

      4 years ago from New York, NY

      If I get the gist of one of your premises (correct me if I'm wrong) it is that science and faith are not alternatives, and as a result they are compatible. As a Christian scientist, I can personally attest to this fact, but the prevailing narrative in modern society is that they must be opposed so that if you choose one you must reject the other. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When Isaac Newton (who was a theist) discovered gravity he didn't say, "Well, that's it for God!" He simply discovered a mechanism that points toward a preceding agent. A parallel applies to Einstein as well as it pertains to relativity.


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