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Philosophy behind Sathyasai Avatar.

Updated on September 9, 2011

Saibaba's Philosophy

The knowledge of all ancient scriptures of all Religions were in the head of Sathya Saibaba when He was born in this world. It is appropriate to say that the entire philosophy is contained in Saibaba's teachings, discourses and writings. Yes, Baba himself has penned beautiful and awe inspiring "Vahini series" which are available in the web site, Most of His Divine discourses are available online. His books have been published in almost all major languages of the world. It is a wonder that people from Communist countries too started revering Baba and spiritual activities and service activities are going on every week in almost all communist countries. In fact, people from around the globe visit Prasanthi Nilayam India every year to celebrate their important festivals. Christmas is one of the most important festival that is celebrated in the presence of Saibaba every year. Many devotees from western countries visit Prasanthi Nilayam dutifully every year to celebrate Christmas and New year. Also Chinese New year is celebrated by many devotees from China and every year and they decorate Prasanthinilayam as they do in Chinese homes. Nothing is a taboo there. Devout Muslims congregate during ID festival and chant the verses from Quran. I used to visit the place almost every year from 1965 to 2005 and i was wonder struck at the inflow of foreign devotees. Now every facility is available there to accommodate all people and separate canteen facilities are available for both Eastern and Western devotees.

Now reverting to His philosophy; "There is One God who is Omnipresent. In different countries He is called in different names. The entire human race is One from the same Divine Principle. All Religions teach tolerance, Love, Peace and Non violence. You can reach God by following the tenets of your own Religion sincerely and faithfully. Truth is the foundation for the entire creation. God resides in the Heart of all beings and hence never harm any. Help Ever, Hurt Never. All are One, Be alike to everyone. Love is selflessness, self is lovelessness. Love, not lust is the way of happy life. Even an atheist believes in himself. That belief is God. None is bad in the universe. It is ignorance which has to be removed by knowledge. A place which is dark for millions of years can be illumined even by the light of candle. As light drives away darkness, knowledge drives away ignorance. I am God, You are God, but I know that I am God but you do not know you are God. These are some of his main philosophies. Saibaba gives at most importance to service. He says, "The hand that serve are holier than the lips that pray!


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