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Philosophy existed even during the ancient yuga!

Updated on July 7, 2016

Greece philosophers.

Why philosophy?

Not, all the people like philosophy, but everyone needs philosophy to lead their life in harmony and peace! Philosophy enables us to understand the complex worldly life and the ways to become free from life’s tentacles. All major philosophers of the world had vouched about the truths contained in philosophical texts and the benefits in following the thoughts on philosophy!

In fact, philosophy is the most ancient subject practiced and taught by many stalwarts such as sages, saints and prophets of the world. Though the world is steeped in stark materialism, there are people who value philosophy as the most profound subject which will guide one and all towards emancipation from this mundane existence.

There were many philosophers in Greece! Everyone is familiar with the names of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato! They were great minds during that time. In Rome, the name of Marcus Aurelius’ is very famous for his inspirations and intuitions on Truth and mankind. His book on meditations has been translated in many major languages of the world. It is a mystery how they get such high inspirations. I feel that it is not the wisdom gathered in one single life. Whether we believe it or not, every life is continuous evolution from matter like minerals. Yes, plants are the next evolution of minerals. After passing through various species, each one is slightly advanced than the previous, the ultimate Avatar is man. But today, man is recognized by his form and not by human virtues. Sadly, human virtues are absent in human beings.

Some nice philosophy!

Present age terrorists!

This is the sole reason for all aberrations in human life, which we witness today everywhere! Why we honor Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi? It is for their sublime qualities of selfless love and compassion towards others. But the dictators are remembered through history books. They were notorious and not benign. But Jesus and Buddha represented Love, compassion and non-violence through spiritual path. Gandhi was a rare politician, who relied on the name of God. He observed utmost simplicity, practiced non-violence in thoughts, words and deeds. Hence he is called, “Mahatma”, a rare soul. The world may contain many evil people but the good people are always remembered. No peace loving souls in this world appreciate the IS or Al Qaida or any such terrorist organization like the Boko haram. Who will honor the perpetrators of heinous sins, who without any remorse slaughter women and children? They are the barbarians of the present generation.

Rama fight with demons in Treta Yuga.

Demons existed in ancient Yuga too!

In ancient days, in previous yugas, there were such demons in human garb. Ravana, Kamsa and Sisupala are such notorious monsters who were bent upon harming and killing the good natured people, recluses practicing their rituals in deep jungles. Even there was some ogress among them. In the Ramayana epic, a beautiful episode about the childhood days of Rama is written. One day, sage Viswamitra, a great sage, known for his short temper, came to King Dasaratha. The king knew about the sage and hence he reverentially honored him by offering flowers at his feet, bathing his feet and sprinkling the water on his and other’s heads. Sage Viswamitra was really pleased and he was seated on a nice throne. The king stood reverentially and asked him the purpose of his sudden visit. The sage told him, I need your sons Rama and Lakshmana for a small errand. The demons and ogress in the jungle are spoiling my rituals every day. I need your sons Rama and Lakshmana to stand on guard during the rituals and prevent the demons from spoiling the fire rituals.

The king was flabbergasted to hear such requests from the sage! He told the sage, Rama and Lakshmana are very young and they had no experience in combats with demons. I will come along with my soldiers and protect all rituals and prevent the demons from entering near! The sage becomes extremely angry. He blurted out, “Oh King, as soon as I entered, you promised me to fulfill any of my commands. But when I requested the presence of Rama and Lakshmana, you suddenly become infatuated with the children. I never expected such behavior from an emperor. I am returning without getting my wishes fulfilled. Instantly the king Dasaratha summoned his sons and asked them to accompany the sage!

The sage was very pleased and taught Rama and Lakshmana, potent syllables by chanting which they won’t feel hungry or tired! They went by foot and Rama and Lakshmana stood guard when the rituals were commenced. As expected, the demons tried to pour blood and flesh on the sacrificial pits. But Rama and Lakshmana prevented such happenings and killed the demons. Then an ogress came shouting. Rama was reluctant to kill women, though she was an ogress. But the sage commanded him to shoot an arrow and thus Rama was able to vanquish the demons and ogress and enabled successful completion of fire rituals. Hence, it is evident that there were demons and wicked people in the previous yuga and the incarnation of god had to destroy them!

Rama preached high philosophy to many sages and saints during his sojourn in the forests. Hence philosophy existed even during the time of Rama! Through the philosophy many sages attained even liberation!


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