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Philosophy of Christian Magic

Updated on November 20, 2011

Magic creates change in accordance with directed will (paraphrased from Aleister Crowley: Magick in Theory and Practice and Magick Without Tears). Christian Magic aims to make changes in an individual in accordance with Divine Will. This form of magic has no spells for conjuring wealth, love, worldly power or the like. It is intended to direct the will of the mage within and upward. It obeys the command "Lift up your hearts" heard during Mass. It seeks the Lord everywhere and in everything. Christian Magic does this primarily through prayer, meditation, visualization, and ritual. Let's look at these a little more closely.


When I was a child, my parents taught me simple prayers such as "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" and the Lord's Prayer. As I grew, I learned that prayer is about more than simply asking God for things. Yes, the English word "pray" does mean to ask, but only asking for things dramatically limits our prayer. At its heart, prayer is conversation with God. It can be praise, adoration, silent contemplation, seeking, confessing, forgiving, and yes, asking.

It is good to begin prayer with worship, that is praising and adoring our God. The book of Psalms consists of prayers of just about every kind, but a common theme through the whole book is that of praise and adoration. Praise reminds us how great God is, and adoration is our expression of our love for Him.

After our worship, remain a while in silent contemplation of His Majesty. This helps attune our hearts and minds to His eternal and infinite wisdom.

Seek to enter a deeper relationship with God. Tell Him how much you want to draw closer to Him.

Confess anything in your heart, mind, or life that you feel is separating you from Him. Be sincere.

Forgive those who you feel have wronged you. Forgive yourself for the wrong you have done to others. Understand that God forgives us of wrong that we confess to Him sincerely.

Ask God to help those in need, whether sick, poor, lonely, lost (either physically or morally), or in danger. Ask God to provide for their needs. Then ask God to provide for yours. Especially ask for wisdom and for Him to reveal His will.

Remain in His presence a while. Simply stay focused on Him. You may have thoughts, ideas, songs, or even visions pop into your head during these times, or they may just be times spent quietly with Him.

Finally, thank God for the time spent with Him, for the things He has done and those He will do. And ask all in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Meditation is the act of calming the body and focusing the mind. In Christian Magic, we focus our mind upon Him and His will. We learn His will through reading and contemplating Scripture, and through prayer. We also meditate upon subjects such as the Qabalah, mysteries of faith, nature and the universe.

Pathworking is a common type of magical meditation in which the mage meditates upon the symbolism and imagery of a particular path or sphere from the Tree of Life.

Reading books on magic or religion can provide many subjects for more general magical meditation.

Meditation is also a large part of the practice of Spiritual Alchemy, the pursuit of which often accompanies Christian Magic.


Visualization is the heart of all magic, high or low, Christian or other traditions. It is an inseparable combination of imagery and belief. Visualization defines creation, and gives form to the power of the will.

Visualization requires the use of imagination, but imagination alone is not sufficient. The mage must know that what is being imagined for magical purposes is also magically real.


Christian Magic takes the form of High Magic, or Ritual Magic. This is magic where the power of the will and the form of visualization are merged and given direction through the use of ritual. Ritual aids us in focusing our will upon our visualized intent to achieve results that would otherwise seem impossible or miraculous.

Rituals that I use include simple rituals such as consecrating holy water, magical tools, candles, etc., as well as more complex rituals such as casting a circle or consecrating permanent sacred space.


An understanding of the Philosophy of magic, but more especially Christian magic, is an absolute prerequisite to its undertaking. Without this understanding, the pursuit of the art is rendered meaningless. The core philosophy of Christian Magic is to seek the Lord always, everywhere, and in everything.


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      CookiePlayer 2 years ago

      Thanks, that was really useful, now I know how to use Christian Magic. Also, is there any Rituals, Meditations, Prayer's, and Visualization's you can teach me. Please give me the link. Thank you for your time, teacher.