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Philosophy of Life on Earth!

Updated on October 18, 2011

Real aims of Life!

Each individual perceive life in a different way. Though eating, drinking, sleeping and enjoying are common to most of us, the aim for our life on earth is still not perceptible to many. Many philosophers, saints and sages have written numerous articles on the above subject. Our scriptures too contains answers to many intriguing questions. Some perceive life in a sensual level. They feel that the senses are given to us to enjoy the pleasures of life. Some feel, eating and drinking are the aim of life! Quite a few consider that 'knowledge is the supreme and hence they pursue learning different subjects throughout life. Yet some other exert themselves to find the remedies for various diseases that attack human beings. Some engage themselves in research in finding ways to lead life comfortably in this world. Broadly we can devide the above in two categories. 1. Those who cater to the needs of themselves and their immediate family and 2. Those who work for the welfare of the humanity. The second set of people are rooted on 'selfless pursuits", though they may earn for their career in research. Apart from the above two categories who are concerned with worldly things there is a separate and distinguished category of people who utilize their entire life for liberating the human race from certain fundamental misconceptions. They engage is silent meditations in secluded places, away from human habitations. They are intent on finding the clue for the life on earth. They have invented that the human life is a shackle and slavery and every individual should try to escape from this miserable prison 'individuality'. Yes, each one of us consider ourselves as separate individuals from others and we compare ourselves with others. The result is grief, pain, worries and sufferings. Contentment is missing from human society. There is a rat race going for accumulating more and more wealth. Not only individuals, each country and each government want to excel other countries in wealth and luxury. Big industries vie with one another to boost their sales and earn more profit. The result is the burgeoning gap between the rich and poor. The ultimate sufferer is the poor and deprived in third world countries who hanker for a morsel of food. Capitalist countries never bother about the plight of the poor. They spend billions in wasteful pursuits instead of mitigating the sufferings of poor. To resolve all these crisis, spiritualists exert themselves in finding the answers for the disparities in society. Many non government organisations strive to help the poor in their own way. Many charitable trusts are functioning both in India and other countries to spare the resources with the have nots. Sri Sathya Saibaba has evolved a way to mitigate the problems of the poor in multiple ways. First he started providing healthcare to the poor people by founding a small hospital at Puttaparthy. The hospital was made a General Hospitals with many more facilities and departments. During 1991, Saibaba has got constructed a Super speciality Hospital at Puttaparthy which gives tertiary care to all patients free of cost including costly cardiac surgeries, urinal and kidney surgeries and ophthalmology.More than one lakh such surgeries have been carried out free of cost to the patients.

During 1960s Saibaba has started Collage for women in Anantapur and subsequently he started one man's collage at whitefield Bangalore. Also one arts and science collage was started in Puttaparthi. The entire education was given FREE to all the students without charging any fees. Only charges were for hostel food which was very minimal. Now a big University which was accredited with the highest grade by the UGC and other authorities have been started which teaches In addition to secular education, human values, spirituality and scriptures of all great religions.

Saibaba has written many books on the aim of life and reasons for the birth of human beings and the ways to escape from the cycle of births and deaths. He has pointed out that removing 'selfishness and ego" is the first step in spirituality. For achieving this, one has to practice chanting the name of God which attract us. Secondly one has to engage himself in service to the mankind, especially the poor and downtrodden as far as possible. Those who are unable to contribute materially can do physical help to the needy. Love is vital for service. Abhor selfishness, cultivate Love, expand the Love towards all beings. Help Ever, Hurt Never. All are One, Be alike to every one is some teachings of Saibaba. He says, all beings have to reach the Lord one day or other and it is inevitable. We should strive to remove the impediments on the way to God by removing, desires, anger, greed , pride and hatred. We should rise from the status of human to Divine Being. Rest in next hub.

With the students of His Institutes.


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