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Pisces Rising Explained

Updated on September 1, 2011

If you were born under a Pisces ascendant, this rising sign will play a big role in how you are viewed by others, and the face you put forward when meeting them. The rising sign is your astrological mask and while it is not a true representation of your personality (that's your sun sign's role!) it certainly is important. If you've also got a sun sign in Pisces, you'll simply appear to be the epitome of Piscean energy. If not, the degree to which it presides over your daily interactions will depend on the nature and strength of your sun sign. For more info, please continue reading!

Romance Personified

Pisces is ruled by Venus, so it's no wonder this rising sign will have an inclination toward all tings romantic. Whether or not this trait goes deeper than the rising sign itself depends on numerous factors in the natal chart, but romance will be of keen interest here. Emotions will be always be riding high, be they love, friendship or any other such feeling, because this is one of the most feelings based signs in the zodiac. They will always be on the lookout for true love and they will always seem like a natural born superstar when it comes to such pursuits because their acutely developed sense of empathy will always bring them into contact for the person who needs them most. And given that Pisces rising is a sucker for the soul in need, they will always seek personal fulfillment through emotionally rescuing those in need.


Spiritual Souls

This sign brings all sorts of psychic and mystic ability to the table and Pisces rising will be able to tap into these gifts more easily than others might be able to. Much of the time they will seem like highly evolved souls who feel the pain of those around them so deeply that they actually share part of the pain. For this reason they might find complete strangers opening up to them and seeking guidance or advice on matters that would probably strike you or me as far too personal, but Pisces rising is such a nonjudgmental soul that they will be happy to advise anyone who needs it, any time at all. These folks will also have a tendency to explore the occult and other areas that may not be entirely socially acceptable in some circles.

Get That Shield Up, Pisces!

While they do have a bit of armor at their disposal, they very rarely use it. This is bad, Pisces!! I'm not saying you should walk around with your war paint on, but you get walked on and manipulated more than anyone else and sometimes you really need to protect yourself. Just because you see the hurting soul of a man holding up a 7-11, does not mean you need to reach out to him and try to help him unload that hurt! You have a tendency toward martyrdom, and the sooner you learn to choose your stray / wounded souls a bit more selectively, the better of you will be emotionally. So get that armor out, Pisces rising, and start using it more often!


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