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Pisces With Scorpio Compatibility

Updated on April 3, 2019

Intense and Mysterious

Ok, let’s start with the rulers of each sign. Both of these Water signs have two rulers. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune governs our fantasies, illusions, mystical and addictive experiences. Jupiter is the planet of Higher knowledge and expansion.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars; Mars is the planet of aggression and sex drive. Pluto is the Planet of destruction, obsession, the unknown and mystery.

What happens when Pisces and Scorpio are in a relationship?

We must remember that there are positive and negative aspects for any two zodiac signs coming together. Regardless of your star sign, to make any relationship work, we must have honest communication and intimacy.

Both Scorpio and Pisces are water signs. Scorpio is a Fixed water sign and tend to only focus on one thing at a time. Which is where Pluto’s obsession tendency comes into play. Pisces has a Mutable, “go with the flow” attitude which is ideal as Scorpio can sometimes become set in their ways.

Having the mutable Pisces as a partner can soften the Scorpio stings a little bit. They are both feminine signs that are introverted, sensitive, emotional and feel genuinely and intensely for each other.

Overall this is a perfect match, so let’s go ahead and get the cons of this union out the way so we can jump right into the pros of the Scorpio and Pisces love relationship.

The cons:

  • Codependency – Pisces and Scorpio have an innate spiritual bond. You tend to create a dream world of your own which is okay if you remember to stay on top of the practicalities of life. Like paying the bills and looking after other loved ones!
  • Both Pisces and Scorpios can be secretive and withdraw when the going gets rough. You both have trust issues. It is best to work through those together instead of running away as this will create distance in your relationship. As you both seek solitude in the same way; this can be dangerous when you don’t communicate honestly. If you don’t, you will become suspicious of each and ruin this union.
  • Pisces is more mutable and open to change than Scorpio. This trait may unnerve Scorpio who likes to stick to what they know. To overcome this, Scorpio’s must learn to be more flexible and tolerate Pisces changeability. Change is good for Scorpio. Yes, you often have a strong focus on small details, but Pisces can help you see the bigger picture.
  • Dependant on the degrees in which your Natal Pisces and Scorpio Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Rising degrees fall into; this union can be a blessing or a curse. If you form a trine, then the relationship will be smooth sailing.
  • Those of you who have oppositions or squares, will find it a bit harder to make this union work. Anything worth having, is worth fighting for right? If you are the Pisces half in this pairing, speak up for yourself and do not let the Scorpio become too dominant. Occasionally, make the Scorpio think they are the boss even when they not. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

To overcome the cons, this pairing should be open about their insecurities from the very beginning. Although, we all know it’s hard to be open and honest when you’ve been through pain in the past.

One thing to note is that Pisces will not provoke Scorpio’s jealousy and finds Scorpio’s possessiveness a show of love – which it is. This union has the potential to bring satisfaction to you both, especially in the bedroom…


I’ll just leave it at that.

Out of the bedroom, both can enjoy worldly success together. You naturally have the same interests, you love to delve into the unknown and create alternative realities.

The reason why this union works is that both Pisces and Scorpio are highly emotional and intuitive and love deeply. Pisces is more open and receptive to love than Scorpio. Scorpios are in tune with the Murky realities of life from a young age. So this gives them their highly noted, mysterious, intense eyes and facial expressions as well of their acclaimed sting!

Pisces and Scorpio can form a deep bond that is highly telepathic. Yes, you heard right, these pair have the ability to read each other’s minds and bodies. The connection between Pisces and Scorpio is profound.

You form a deep passionate union fuelled with magnetism, spirituality and mutual love, you enjoy creating fantasy worlds together. By working on both positive and negative habits, you can become a power couple who take the world on and win.

Together you can find your highest potential if you stay away from falling into addictive tendencies. You are both highly empathic, intellectual, open to intimacy which is vital for any love relationship to work.

Pisces and Scorpio are both influenced by the moon- this gives you a similar “Lunar” temperament. Scorpio is the more dominant this match, but that’s the way Pisces tend to like it.

You both like to acquire material possessions, but for different reasons, Pisces loves money to buy things that give them pleasure so you both will work hard to create financial and material security for each other.

However it is the Scorpio half of the couple, that will ensure that the Pisces does not spend all the money on pleasurable items, as I said earlier, bills always have to be paid. Moreover, scorpios know this innately and teach Pisces the much-needed skills of financial management and boundaries.

To sum up, this is one of the most positive parings of the zodiac when both parties are honest and look after their emotional and psychic health. Try not to spend to much time in the supernatural realms and do not get lost in any of the many worlds you create together. The Pisces/Scorpio partnerships share an emotional deepness that is fulfilling and their contrasting personalities can smooth out some of the rougher edges found in both signs. Combine the two together and you have a love match that may just stand the tests of time.

© 2019 secretpisces


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