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Placing a New Light on Death

Updated on January 30, 2012

As the individual ages, one will from time to time take into consideration if there is an afterlife, or if we are redistributed into something else on the planet, or very simply, nothing more happens. Well there are many thoughts that are processed to take a concept and find a reality of it, no matter the form or distinction. This article is not meant to explain whether there is an afterlife or to promote any form of religious theory, but to explain the nature of our energies and particles that form our physical bodies and where they disperse to.

In religions, some speak of an afterlife in which the human soul leaves the body to leave for a destined place, and in others one would reincarnate in other forms until the enegy becomes eventual nirvana. Humans over the centuries have contemplated numerous theories to accept or reject the idea of an afterlife or oneness with nature. I truly believe that the idea goes deeper than that, in which our energies must form bonds with past, present, or future points in time, otherwise would we ever have memories, or would we ever have thoughts of deja vu. Take a moment to take all this in, and remember that I am not trying to change the way one thinks of this mysterious area of human interest, but simply to help form a theory in which this concept can be explained.

In science, the human body is considered a bio-mechanical creature, that is our bodies are made up of molecules and trillions of atoms that make up the composition of our physical self. As we age however, everything we touch or interact with takes a small amount of our molecules and atoms. These come in the form of such examples as in such energies as love and a friendship, enemies and forms of hate, passion and nervousness towards an individual, among others. All of these emotions drain us of energies that are held in that moment of time in which we will never get back, in the notion that the other individuals that were with us in that moment took some of our energies while we took a less, equal, or larger amount.

This is a very radical theory to accept, although i hope you can bear with me as I attempt to explain further just how in-depth this theory departs from current thought up until the moment we die and beyond. When a human dies, where do our energies disperse too? Just like when a machine dies, it's bios and memory banks are lost to that moment, never to function again. If one were to reverse time itself however, would you not be able to recover that information yet again for processing. What about the particles that disperse and leave the human body, where does that energy disappear?

It could travel to numerous functions, as I will try to incorporate as follows:

1) Past, Present, Future Moments in Time

2) Every Molecule and Atom has it's place in another animate or inanimate object in space and time.

3) The notion of memory and deja vu all incorporate itself within the concept of molecule and atom interaction between space and time events under universal standards.

4) Every individual atom within every sub-particle of composing every organism cannot be destroyed, whereas it must appear elsewhere in the universe in the instant of a moment.

5) Free Will does not exist in Quantum Physics, yet probability exists on a very grand scale, therefore when an atom or molecule leaves the body, it is probable to exist elsewhere, at any point in time.

It is true that our physical bodies decompose and the soil incorporates our nutrients for future use in flowers, vitality of other various functions within the planet, etc. Our energies however, are a mystery to scientists in current research. Do the particles release from the magnetic structuring of our bio-physical makeup that prevents the energy from freely leaving the body during an individuals life cycle? On the opposite end of the spectrum, when death occurs do the molecules leave to travel among the atmosphere. This is where a new theory emerges, that is, does the energy exit the body and travel where it is needed, or does it also travel in that instant, both forward or backward in time to help make up the composition of other particular living creatures or inanimate objects.

This is a theory of time travel for molecules and atoms of living creatures, or more importantly, a universal concept of multi dimensional construction of the universe where the radical energys are needed. This could possibly explain how particular objects, a neutrino and light, can bend and warp time to appear and reappear in another point instantly, to the degree in which scientists cannot pinpoint its location. This would simply be from a molecular form of time travel, which currently cannot be explained nor contemplated for use in today's society.

The concept of a humans magnetic field consisting of bio-mechanical features releasing at death to allow the energy freedom to disperse is what would be conflicting in this situation. When a human or any species for that matter is alive, we continuously pulsate with electricity that MRI's and CT scans can pick up, but when An indivudal perishes, the electric activity ceases to function or show up. This is simply because it leaves the body, but where it goes is a mystery. Could this new theory possibly make sense of such a radical contemplation. We do not have an answer, and this theory may be completely wrong, but copernicous was proven wrong, as was Einstein, so theoretically this philosphy could truly work?


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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      One is always floating, it is only perceived as being grounded because of ones physical composition as well.

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      A fascinating and thought provoking hub.

      I would like to think that death is not the end but a new beginning.

      I thought I was sitting her in my chair but I have learned from your hub I am floating above it. Cool!

      Voted up up and away!