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Plagiarism by Sanskrit Authors

Updated on August 12, 2013
Panchatantra was originally in Prakrit language
Panchatantra was originally in Prakrit language | Source

Sanskrit lovers of India always like to say that the Europeans abducted ancient Sanskrit texts and using the knowledge in the texts, they invented many things like airplanes, medicines, computers and even the internet. But you should not ask them that why they failed to invent these things when the texts were in their own custody for centuries, as they have no answer to this question. They know well that there is not any type of knowledge related to science and technology in these text.

Sanskritists go one more step ahead and claim that Homer's Iliad is based on Ramayan, Isop's stories are based on Panchatantra and Arabian Nights are based on Kathasaritsagar. But the fact is that Sanskrit Ramayan, Panchatantra, Kathasaritsagar and many other literature itself are stolen from ancient books in Desi (also know as Prakrit) languages. This fact is less discussed, so let me share the truth here.

A less known fact is that the oldest Indian epics, stories, dramas, poetry is in languages like Magadhi, Addhamagadhi, Shourseni and Marhatti. Sanskrit writers translated the literature from these Desi languages in this code language called Sanskrit, and later declared the stolen literature as being originally Sanskrit.

Modern scholars of linguistics have concluded that Ramayan is nothing but expansion of Dashratha Jatak, a Jatak story in Buddhist literature. Mahabharat is collection of the stories traditionally told in non-aryan and non vedic communities in northern India. According to Shrikant Shetye, a scholar of ancient history, original Mahabharat was in Shourseni language. Somadev's Kathasaritsagar is based on Gunadhya's Baddhakaha, a collection of stories in ancient Paishachi language. Mudrarakshas, the famous drama of 8th century is based on Mahanamthero, a Buddhist work.

Dr. Shreedhar Vyankatesh Ketkar, a great scholar and writer of Marathi encyclopedia has written that Prakrit literature evolved independently, while Sanskrit literature was written by coding Prakrit literature.

Renowned scholar of Indus Valley Civilization P.S. Sadar writes in his book Sindhu Ghati ki Sabhyata:

Panini made rules for Vedic language and gave birth to Sanskrit language. Later this language was being known as classical Sanskrit. A flood of Sanskrit literature came in the age of classic Sanskrit, because the original Prakrit literature was in the custody of these classical Sanskrit writers. All Prakrit books were translated in Sanskrit soon. Later the Prakrit books were destroyed by the Sanskritists.

We need to think and research in this view about all the literature in Classical Sanskrit.

-Mahavir Sanglikar


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    dr felix 4 years ago


    nice unprejudiced work,

    let the truth speaks for itself