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Planetary Influences on Human Life?

Updated on March 24, 2017

Effects of Sun!

How the movements of planets affect human life?

How the movements of planets in the sky affect the life of human beings on earth? No doubt, this is a vital question! Those who believe in Astrology as a science may accept the fact that planets does influence human life, weather system, the change in moods of individuals and even political turmoil. In Hindu scriptures, there is elaborate explanation, ‘how the movements of planets’ affect mankind? We have heard about “Nostradamus”, the famous soothsayer who lived in the sixteenth century. His famous book, “Centuries” has created interest in many readers. He had predicted about ‘world wars, bombing of twin towers in US, the unrest in Arabian Peninsula long back. His couplets were sheer mystery for the common reader! Somewhere around the period, many wise people had understood, that “Nostradamus predictions were based on astronomical positions of various planets during a given time! Even the “Mayan people” were capable of seeing through the future events and Mayan calendar is an interesting subject of research! The combination of various planets in particular zodiac positions portends some important occurrence on earth! Even the appearance of Comets’ ushered some tragedies for Kings and Political leaders!

Intuitions of sages.

Once everything was a single entity!

Rational people and scientists may not accept the influence of planets as valid, but they do agree that the tides during ‘full moon day’ in the oceans are high. They again accept that the Sun’s rays evaporate surface water in the sea which in turn becomes clouds. When the clouds are cooled by movement of winds, rainfall occurs at various places. These are visible aspects of planets. Also during the period of eclipses, certain birds and animals behave in a queer way. Some birds are capable of knowing before, about ‘impending earthquakes in the area’! Though there are no scientific explanations for the queer behavior of the animals, our ancestors had written about the behavior of animals during eclipse and other natural calamities. Everything cannot be proved. Even in research, there is ‘inference’ of certain theories. These inferences are more or like assumptions. One thing is sure that everything in the vast universe is mysteriously connected with each other. The same five basic elements of creation is very much in the human body! What is seen in the external world is very much patent within human body! For instance, our bones are made up of ‘calcium’. How calcium which is available on rocks and earths are found in human body? Once the entire planetary system was a single mass and they become varieties of planets, stars, asteroids etc. due to gravitational forces, heat, wind and other natural forces. What is inside the core of the Sun is available in the body. All basic metals, gases and minerals are part of our physiology! It is a scientific truth that ‘opposite poles attract each other and like poles distract’. This is the basic of ‘magnetic theory’.

Jaggi Vasudev on Sun and Moon!

Astrology was a part of Atharvana Veda!

Gravitational forces existed even before “Newton” found it. This gravity is responsible for the attractions or distractions of various planets in the sky. Due to gravity, they are kept in fixed orbits around the Sun. The earth rotates around its own axis due to magnetism and gravity’. The core of the earth is molten metals at very high temperatures. The sun is the greatest ‘atomic reactor’! Each second millions of watts of energy is sent out due to atomic reactions and splitting of atoms which happens at incredible speed! Hence it is the hottest furnace which emits heat and light and hence life is thriving on earth! Man, out of greed and selfishness has established many industries which let out harmful gases in the atmosphere. The coolant in air conditioners and fridges are the main cause of holes in ‘ozone layer’. This ozone layer is a gift to all lives on earth. Otherwise some of the harmful rays of sun will reach our habitation and destroy lives. Even now due to imbalance in weather patterns which are caused by the ‘green house gases’, we suffer unbearable heat causing the ice in Arctic regions to melt swiftly causing floods and rise in ocean level at the rate of one centimeter in a decade! If we do not stop polluting the atmosphere due to mushrooming of various industries, one day the entire earth will be submerged by man’s folly! Hence even in scientific points of view, the planets are responsible for many things that happen in the world.

In India, the Vedas clearly point out the validity of various sciences and “Jyothish” is one part of the Veda (Atharvana Veda). This deals with stars, planets, their movements and attractions and repulsions. There are two groups of planets which are mutually either friends or equals. But they are inimical with other groups which are known as benefic and malefic planets. Each planet is represented by various properties and they cause certain events pertaining to life on planets. Not only humans, even the plants, insects, birds and animals are affected by the movements of planets. We know that ‘dinosaurs’ once lived on our earth around sixty five million years back. How they were destroyed is still a point of debate! Many researchers feel that a huge meteorite might have fallen from the sky which might be the sole cause of destructions of entire species of Dinosaurs”! Even some of the minerals found on earth is once part of Mars and Moon. Hence we cannot shy away from the fact that planets affect life on earth!

Nostradamus predictions were based on planetary positions!

Planets and human beings.

Do you believe that planets influence human life?

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