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Planets: Chiron

Updated on November 11, 2011
Chiron - the asteroid orbiting between Uranus and Saturn
Chiron - the asteroid orbiting between Uranus and Saturn

A planet, or

Actually, in astronomy, Chiron is an asteroid. But in astrology it is considered as a planet because of its strong influence on the human life. Chiron is the only planet of the third level that cannot be seen with a naked eye. It is a medium, connecting planet, which is reflected in its position in the solar system: it is situated between Uranus and Saturn, just on the border between the lower and the higher planets. Chiron does not make miracles or revelations as the planets of the fourth level do, but it brings human consciousness beyond the borders of the usual world view and mental stereotypes showing us something that, from a human point of view, is almost unreal but is perceived as real. It is referred to both inner and exterior life of a person: the rules of both are formed in social consciousness and subconsciousness. To pass beyond the socially admitted borders is punished by the law. But Chiron can deplace accents and change the focus on reality so, that one violates the laws of perception that are proscribed without noticing it, and it is late to look back afterwards. Chiron shows it so evidently that to pretend as if you saw nothing and misunderstood is simply impossible.

In mythology, Chiron is one of the centaurs
In mythology, Chiron is one of the centaurs

How Chiron works

In the external ife, Chiron shows almost supernatural ways out of dead end situations, provides such circumstances and gives such solutions to the problems that, when they appeared, seemed unreal, but later they are realized as real and possible. Chiron gives us a very strong hint about the laws of karma. When it is active, there are signs that start working and showing the nearest future. In the inner life of people, Chiron shows ways to such layers of subconsciousness that allow to see clearly the interaction of the higher and the lower motivations in us and to learn how to regulate this interaction more or less consciously.

Chiron leads to a higher level that it is usually accepted in the society. This is why what it gives is perceived as the message from the future, but not the far away future, like in case of Uranus, and not directly from God, like with Neptune and Pluto, but the nearing tomorrow so that the reality of Chiron is perceived as close to the border of the psychic norm, although still normal...

The major function of Chiron is the expansion of the consciousness. And one of its major devices is the installation of connexions between the phenomena that seemed disconnected before.

However, the expansion of consciousness that Chiron gives is essentially different from that of Mercury (qualitative accumulation of the knowledge in the frame of the same mental model), that of Jupiter (the extension of spheres of consciousness in the limits of the socially existing worldview), and that of Saturn (inner evolution and self-awareness within socially admitted limits). Chiron gives the expansion of consciousness that is not yet admitted in the social consciousness and subconsciousness, but it is almost allowed.

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With Chiron the rules of spirituality become as clear as those of the street - if you do not follow them, they knock you down
With Chiron the rules of spirituality become as clear as those of the street - if you do not follow them, they knock you down

Chiron and spirituality

Chiron links and materializes for us our lower and upper selves and helps our spiritual development in a narrow sens. As the discovery of the planet always supposes its activation, we can suppose that for the people who were born after 1977 spiritual issues and evolution of the society will become more concrete and material than for the previous generations for whom spirituality meant religiosity, inaccessible and difficult for understanding for a usual person. For them, it referred to the saints or religious people (Neptune), or it was understood as social and cultural evolution (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn) or like a sacrificial service to the big groups of people (Pluto). Chiron offers an intermediary way, clarifying the issue of spirituality and making it much more concrete.

Chiron understands spirituality as the ability to hear the voice of the higher self and follow this voice in every situation of life, and live according to its instructions and demands. Besides of that, Chiron materializes the laws of karma, and so the desire to listen to this voice does not come from the higher motivations but is conditioned by the necessity to follow the rules of karma as one would follow the street rules - otherwise, you get knocked down. Chiron shows how important it is to understand oneself, and to distinguish different subconscious programs, and to be honest with oneself. This inner honesty defines the allowing capacity of the inner attention. Chiron also shows and materializes the connexions between the inner and outer reality and teaches how to influence the external reality by transforming the inner reality.

A chaos of emotions, feelings and intentions makes the inner life of a person
A chaos of emotions, feelings and intentions makes the inner life of a person | Source

Taming of Chiron

On the first level of mastering of Chiron the inner life of a human is perceived like chaotic but cherished set of feelings, emotions, desires, needs and intentions that are meaningful and valuable on their own. A person does not know what the desires will be, what the intentions will be in ten minutes, but these desires and intentions are all perceived positively and without a protest. There is no feeling of connexion between the inner world of a person and the external reality. The external reality is perceived like aggressive at times, hostile at times, friendly at times and sometimes full of opportunities. But it is never alive and always static, evoking no feelings whatsoever. Ecological consciousness is absent, but a view of a turned over urn can be unpleasant. Unpleasant inner feelings and the voice of conscience are equalled to the negative effects of the environment. One feels them, of course, but tries to avoid them, as we would avoid gnats, and, as the voice of inner honesty is weak, they are displaced in the subconsciousness. The influence of Chiron on this level leads to the displacing of some notions in the exterior reality, and to the accumulation of chaos in the inner reality of a person. Its effect can be so strong that one may have unpleasant feelings and feel the desire to make some order in this inner reality and clarify things. Chiron that rules Taurus, knows how to put pressure, and it is difficult to ignore it. However, on this level a big success of a person is the ability to admit the existence of the inner reality.  

Lower motivations and higher ones sometimes work together, as we can discover
Lower motivations and higher ones sometimes work together, as we can discover

On the second level of mastering of Chiron we perceive our psyche as a complicated thing, and we can feel the battle and interaction of different forces in our heart. And we can even describe these forces as evolutionary or digressive, but we do not always know how to manage them. The lower self would hide, diminishing its power on purpose, sometimes it would pretend to be a higher one, and, sometimes, which is still less comprehensive, it would make an alliance with the higher self. On this level, we want to grow spiritually, but we do not know how to do this, and we have hard time understanding ourselves, and we have difficulty distinguishing our own impulses from the ones dictated by the social subconsciousness.

The attitude towards the external reality also changes. It is already viewed as partially whole, and we can see in it anthromorphous and zoomorphous forms, some new life, simply speaking, development and even grains of reason. On this level, ecological consciousness appear. We feel a part of biosphere, which is for us our own environment. And we can no longer look impartially at the drying lakes and rivers full of oil, in which only rusty cans multiply successfully.

We can start feeling that our inner reality somehow has an impact on the external circumstances of our life. In any case, we notice that what we do being in bad mood or not in a harmonious state of mind is rarely well done while good attitude towards people is often better than an administrative pressure. On this level the impact of Chiron is no longer perceived as chaotic and destructive. But it is viewed like signals, indications, and we can now much better understand these subconscious programs inside us and learn how to manage them consciously. The general feeling after the successful work on Chiron is the following: inner world becomes more differentiated but also more complete, just like the external reality. Also, the connexions between different events of life become evident. We can now discover some general principles of existence that we could not imagine earlier. The mental picture of the world changes and develops a lot. The role of religion and religious philosophy is realised.

Works of art can transmit energy for those who appreciate them
Works of art can transmit energy for those who appreciate them

On the third level of mastering of Chiron we understand our inner world well enough, and the level of inner honesty is high enough to unmask evil programs inside us, that pretend to be superior and good. The conflict of lower and higher self inside us disappears and we can work on the evolution of our inner reality. Now we can declare war to those subconscious programs that are translated by the society and social subconsciousness, which are perceived as a distinct and alien element in one's psyche.

In the external life, we can now notice the traces of karmic programs. We can now understand that our inner work and self-perfection is the goal of life. And we cannot understand or do anything in the external reality without this inner preparation. We can not only feel the life of animals and humans, but also that of plants and some objects. We can see how the works of art open up or close down depending on who is viewing them - an attentive, sensitive person or an ignorant, impolite one. We can feel the volume of a picture or a lithograph, and we perceive the communication with people as the energy exchange. The Earth is perceived as a living being, that gives life and suffers when it is treated rudely.

On this level, we can see the connexion between our inner life and the external life, and we can decide what we must do in our inner life so that we can change something in the external reality, even though these things do not concern us directly.

This is the level of a saint or a prophet
This is the level of a saint or a prophet

On the fourth level of mastering of Chiron we perceive our difficulties in the external life exclusively as the projections of our inner problems. Alongside with this, these inner problems are related directly to the problems of the social subconsciousness and by solving these inner problems we are able to change the world karma. In the external life the energy of such a person is so huge that only the appearance of this person can bring dramatic changes in the environment. But these changes are not destructive, for this person is able to see the karma of other people and would not create any situations that will have distructive, negative consequences. On this level, we are able to understand social structures very well, and we can distinguish the influences of these structures on different people. We can grab this influence and try to have an impact on the other person. Subjectively, it is experienced like a deep soulful conversation, revelation, or a deep meditation. And this person then feels his human essence very deeply. This is the level of a saint, a prophet of a world scale, with the problems that are difficult to explain even in his own language. 

Chiron symbolizes a clown
Chiron symbolizes a clown

The kingdom of Chiron

Chiron symbolizes a clown, a strange, unfamiliar event, or a stupid joke with a hidden hint. Chiron rules Taurus, which gives this planet a heavy, materialistic aspect and impact on the human psyche. When a Chiron prophet comes, it will be difficult not to pay attention to his words, and the world will shake. Chiron culminates in Pisces, which gives this planet the ability to influence a human psyche with plasticity, in particular, turning on such an important protective mechanism of a psyche as laughter. Laughter takes the stress away, and sometimes makes such impossible accents that seem impossible. But from the viewpoint of Chiron it is done in the right way. Pisces are not very humorous but their way of waving their tail and changing their viewpoint to an opposite one is so funny! 

The situation of Chiron of the lower octave is like this: first of all, something bizarre takes place. Then, it is sustained by the strong flow of Cosmic energy. And this makes the whole situation full of secret sens, but no-one is able to understand what kind of sens is that. Some details become very significant, but why we perceive them as signs of destiny, we do not know. Later on, we understand that something essential was happening, but the lesson of the situation stays unclear. In this epoch, Chiron helps discover the hidden capacities of humans. It is present on the courses of the accelerated learning and on the childbirth under water, on the healing sessions where hands are used, telepathy, telekinesis, point massage. Registering of the human aura by a special equipment, photography of magnetizing hands and aura - all this does not really open the truth, but changes our idea about the surrounding reality, by turning it inside out. But the phraseology of it has a scientific basement so that the society cannot frankly rebel. 

In the sphere of inner life, Chiron is present at the sessions of group psychotherapy when we are influenced by a strong flow of energy, unique for this group, and it is important not to have personal goals, but obey the goals of this energy flow. Such sessions can change our worldview dramatically and turn our destiny in a new direction. 

Chiron is a benefit for the stage directors who know how to bring spiritual in the daily routine or displace the focus of attention
Chiron is a benefit for the stage directors who know how to bring spiritual in the daily routine or displace the focus of attention

A Chiron person

A Chiron person is perceived as at least very non-banal. The focus of perception always displaces around this person and the reality becomes unusual. This is, however, not perceived as psychological pathology or high-flown religiosity (as it is in the case of people with one of the fourth level planets dominating). The person of Chiron is more or less from this world, but sometimes we have a different impression. A Chiron person is perfect in stage direction. This person knows how to show the divine and the spiritual in the daily routine, without turning on of the religious and spiritual flows but staying on almost human positions.

A Chiron person has the capacities in all the occult sciences, including astrology, especially with the aspect to Uranus (during the second half of the 20th century - 1950-1990 - their opposition now and then takes place). This person feels the aura of things and situations, can predict the future and sometimes can talk to the dead or absent people. And the prayer is a normal communication. This person is interested in science and can teach others how to materialize their own capacities. But the main thing for this person is to understand the personal inner reality, to distinguish the lower and the higher motivations and social influences, and to form the ethics of behaviour in the exterior world that corresponds to the personal karma.


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    • Dan Hersh profile image

      Dan Hersh 

      4 years ago

      Interesting view. This approach reminds me of the great Russian astrologer Abesalom Podvodny (Авессалом Подводный).

    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      7 years ago from Russia

      Thank you very much for reading me!

    • icciev profile image


      7 years ago from Kuwait

      Amazing and filled with information. thanks for sharing this and voted up


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