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Planets exert influence in the brain of people in varying degrees!

Updated on March 4, 2016

Planets and human life.

How planets exert influence on human brain?

We talk about ‘wireless connections’. But we are not aware of the distant planets influencing our brain through subtle rays. The beauty is that each individual reacts differently to the influence of those planetary rays. Why it is so? Each individual brain contains different set of nerve centers on the brain. Though the outer formation may be more or less similar, the indents and impressions are minutely different. These differences are due to the DNA pattern of each individual. Hence, the same rays when enter one brain induce one set of reaction whereas in the other person, it generates a different set of reaction. Each one reacts differently to outer stimuli. A labor on roadwork reacts differently to the sun’s rays than a man sitting inside the cozy comfort of a room. If the man enjoying the cool surroundings is forced to venture out, he won’t be able to bear the rays of the sun like the road worker.

In astrology, the ascendant is calculated based on the rising of a particular house in the East during the child birth. It will not be same for all the babies born on a single day. Every two hour, the houses change due to the movement of earth around its own axis as well as its orbit around the Sun. In astrology, the entire circle of houses is divided into twelve equal parts, each measuring thirty degrees. Hence it is appropriate that the houses pass along the east in every two hours changes. Thus within twenty four hours, twelve houses are passing through East. Hence, the time and place of birth is most essential in chart making in astrology. Hence difference predictions are given to the babies born on the same day but in different houses ascending during its birth. This particular time causes differences in the lives of the babies considerably. The ascendant being the first house, its lord and the planets positioned in the house influence the babies.

It will be amusing to note that a Prince and a baby in the same campus were born exactly at the same moment. But their life patterns were mostly similar. They got married on the same date and they had exact number of children born on the same day. Though one was living in the Palace and the other was residing in servant quarters, main events of their lives coincided to prove the effect of birth at the same time but within a short distance from the palace. In Hindu scriptures, it is revealed that a child is born at an appropriate time based on its past karma or deeds, when the cosmos exactly tally with the appropriate position of planets at sky. This is how the child will undergo the effects of past deeds which is also co-related with the planets and stars in the sky. Thus the astrology is given credence in Hindu Vedic literature. Vedic Astrology is one part of “Atharva Veda” Hence in India, chart reading is given due importance for predicting the future of the persons to whom the chart belongs. Hence matching of horoscopes for marriage is given due importance since compatibility bears an important role in successful marriage life.

Though many scientists won’t believe in astrology, it is strictly based on ‘astronomy’, they jeer at the astrologists as ‘cranks’. But the predictions of famous Nostradamus have come out true in many major predictions. He has predicted events that have to happen after 600 years and more. Hence he appropriately named them as “Centuries”. But it requires a genius to decipher the meanings of couplets written by Nostradamus. In India too, we had many soothsayers in the form of sages, who have recorded the events in the life of several persons that are going to born in tiny palm leaves called “Nadis” These readings contained the life of not only Indians but also people from foreign countries. In those Nadi leaves, everything personal about a man or women is clearly indicated including the astrological chart. The names of both parents, education, employment, marital status, children, property and other events are recorded in Tamil poems. This is based on the finger print of right thumb. The palm leaves are arranged based on the marks on the thumb. Hence after reading the thumb marks, the Nadi specialist retrieves a particular bunch of nadis which have similar marks. They will ask some questions to correctly locate the exact nadi leaf. I have studied the leaf of my son and daughter and also my wife. There were many co-incidents in the major points. Thus I realized that they are true records of life. But, it is not always possible to get your nadi reading in the first attempt. In the palm leaves, the exact time during which a candidate will consult the leaf is also indicated.

But today, there are many bogus people who entered the business, who collect exorbitant fees for reading the leaves. Hence one must approach the genuine people. The sages by their yogic powers forecasted the birth of many future beings and religiously recorded their life on palm leaves. Many of them have been proved correct. The sages forecasted by future planetary positions only!

Planets orbit the Sun!


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