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Planets in Aquarius Part 1: Ascendant and Mercury

Updated on February 16, 2016
Aquarius Glyph 1
Aquarius Glyph 1

As you know I have been playing with this scenario in my head based on the other 5 personal astrology planets (other than your sun/zodiac sign). When you first meet someone what planet do you see? Do you see the sun sign, moon sign, ascendant sign, etc? It is tricky to say what personal planet someone first sees in a person. Even so, it’s fun to try to take a go at it.

As I repeated many many many times in previous hubs, my theory pretty much goes like this:

When someone first meet you (and vice versa) they meet your ascendant sign. After a while once they get to talking with you they meet your mercury and Venus signs concurrently. It is on this occasion you laugh, joke, and get to know each other more. After you both depart, deciding that you both like each other and want to meet up somewhere. You both suggest places to go and agree on a place. Later on they meet you, decide that they like you even more and meet several times with you. It is on these occasions when they meet your sun sign and your basic personality. You hang out, have fun and they get to see your Mars sign in action. After a while they get to know you more personally, soon becoming close friends. It is there that they get to see and notice more deeply your Venus and Moon signs, while getting a taste of the darker sides of your mars and mercury signs.

For the first part of this series I will be talking about Ascendant/Rising, and Mercury, in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This does not specifically refer to the sun sign in Aquarius (some similarities may apply however). If you are curious about Aquarius sun sign check out my sun in Aquarius hub here:

David_Bowie_1975 wikimedia
David_Bowie_1975 wikimedia

Ascendant/Rising in Aquarius

Your ascendant/rising is Aquarius, so your first house will be in Aquarius and is ruled by Uranus (in my opinion its main ruler) and Saturn (the traditional ruler of Aquarius). Aquarius is the last air sign in the zodiac and is of fixed quality. Saturn symbolizes your boundaries, limitations, and duties. Saturn is also seen as the great malefic in astrology and it is seen as an unlucky planet. Wherever it is placed in a natal chart shows a person’s limitations and struggles. While Uranus in astrology represents breakthroughs, rebellion, and change. Uranus is a generational/trans-personal planet (along with Pluto and Neptune), these are planets that effect a generation (and part of a generation of people). It’s more general than personal in its effects on people. Overall with Aquarius being influenced by two planets the Aquarius rising person is unique in nature.

A quick tip on how you can tell an Aquarius ascendant is the eyes. No offense to Aquarius (especially rising and sun signs) but they have weird looking eyes. Wide-set eyes, Narrow-set eyes, Big eyes, Small eyes, however the eyes look there is something strange about them. Perhaps it’s more the look or expression they have on their faces, then the actual eyes itself. Regardless Aquarius rising people have a bit spaced out, deer in headlights pair of eyes. An obvious example of the most famous Aquarius rising person, is David Bowie (who had different colored eyes). Aquarius rising are also usually tall with angular bone structured faces (being ruled by Saturn and all). Aquarius rising are like the odd-ball twin of Capricorn rising.

Rosie the Riveter wikimedia
Rosie the Riveter wikimedia

Ascendant/Rising in Aquarius (cont'd.)

Aquarius is a non-traditional in all that it does, and in ascendant/rising placement is more obvious than ever. Rebellious, sometimes in your face, they will never cease to amaze and surprise you. There are many different types of Aquarius risings (as with every other rising sign). Even so, I will give you two types of Aquarius rising. The Uranuian Radical-Alternative types and the Saturnia-Uranuia Traditionalist types.

The Uranuian Radical-Alternative types are obviously the more radical Aquarius rising (is there such a thing?). These are the neon-colored dreads, tattoos, feminist (regardless of gender) protester types. Loud and proud they revel in their individuality and weirdness and are quick to challenge people and ideas. They usually don’t play nice with others and have a pretty unconventional posse. These types are a part of many very liberal causes (feminism, LGBTQ communities, etc.). They are very intolerant of intolerant people.

Then they are the Saturnia-Uranuia Traditionalist type which again are obviously the more traditional Aquarius rising. These are the model/celebrity, fashion forward Venusian/Libran humanitarian types. More demure and inclusive in their approach to life and people, they are the popular types. They are similar to the other type opinionated and very individualistic; but they are softer in their approach and are more community/people oriented. They play both roles well (being an individual and being in a group).Regardless of the spectrum, they are fixed, so they are both stubborn and set in their ways.

Coin of Ukraine Aquarius wikimedia
Coin of Ukraine Aquarius wikimedia

Mercury is in Aquarius

Your Mercury is in Aquarius so you communicate and think in an airy/Uranuian way. Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Uranus/Saturn. Here in mercury the sign of communication, Aquarius is very communicative in a detached, rational way. These people are unconventional and rebellious thinkers, and they have the insight for recognizing future trends and ideas.

Aquarius mercury as a fixed sign is stubborn and a lot of their ego is based off their mind/intellectual and their ability to communicate (come on they are an air sign). Aquarius will prefer to talk everything out, but they don’t because they are stubborn.

Aquarius Constellation
Aquarius Constellation

Even so, this concludes the first part of my Planets in Aquarius Series. Look out for my hub, Planets in Aquarius Part 2: Mars, Venus, and Moon. Thank You!

What planet (s) do you have in Aquarius?

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