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Planets in Astrology

Updated on August 9, 2020
Kate H profile image

Astrology has been a passion of mine for years. Although it is complex, I want to help people learn to read their birth chart.

The planets in a birth chart represent our psychological drives, urges and motivations. The drive of each planet is then expressed through the lens of the zodiac sign in which it is placed. The house it is placed in shows us what area of our life this urge or drive is being expressed.

Each planet has a positive and negative way of being expressed. We should seek to express the positive and creative energies of each planet and let go of the more negative and self destructive tendencies.

The Personal Planets: The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are considered personal planets that tell us about the basic human drives of an individual. They have the fastest movement through our sky.

The Sun- The Sun represents our vitality, our sense of individuality and our creativity. The Sun shows how we like to be recognized and how we express ourselves. It is also associated with our father figure or authority figure. It rules the sign LEO.

When the sun’s influence is being expressed positively, the person is creative and radiant, warm and generous. When expressed negatively, one will be prideful and arrogant, with a need to feel special.

The Moon- The Moon represents our instincts, our emotions, how we react, our self image, our imagination and our adaptability. It shows how we can achieve emotional security and tranquility. It is also often associated with the mother, family in general and our past. The Moon rules the sign CANCER.

When the moon is being expressed positively, the individual is responsive to others, displays an inner contentment and is highly adaptable. When expressed negatively, a person will be oversensitive, and insecure.

Mercury- Mercury represents our rational mind, our style of communication, our memory, and our learning ability. It shows our urge to express ourself through writing or speech. It’s our need to learn and connect with others. It is also associated with siblings, short journeys, versatility and duality. Mercury rules the signs GEMINI and VIRGO.

When Mercury is being expressed positively, the individual uses their skills and intelligence for creativity. Reason is used to serve higher ideals. They will be objective and can come to agreements with others through understanding and clear communication. When expressed negatively, a person will use their intelligence for amoral purposes. They will be strongly opinionated and prone to one-sided communication.

Venus- Venus represents the way we express our affection, our values, what we find beautiful and our social skills. It shows our urge to feel comfort and harmony with another person. Our urge for pleasure as well. It is also associated with art, money, and our sensuality. Venus rules the signs TAURUS and LIBRA.

When Venus is being expressed positively, the individual is loving and generous. When expressed negatively, there is a tendency for self indulgence and greediness. This is someone who is emotionally demanding and may withhold affection.

Mars- Mars represents our aggression, desire, our drive, courage, passion and our stamina. It shows our urge to assert ourselves, to act decisively. It’s our need to achieve that which we desire. It is also associated with sports or other competitions, war, independence and our sex drive. Mars rules ARIES and SCORPIO.

When Mars is expressed positively, a person will exhibit courage and initiative. When expressed negatively, they will be impatient, forceful and willful. They may be violent and threatening to get what they want.

The Transpersonal Planets: Also called the social planets, Jupiter and Saturn represent a transition from the inner, personal planets to the outer, more other-worldly, impersonal planets. They represent opposing influences we must learn to balance to function in society, the urge to expand and the urge to withdraw.

Jupiter- Jupiter represents an urge to connect with something greater than ourselves. It shows our need for faith, trust, and our self confidence. It is associated with good fortune, religion, philosophy, travel, optimism and extravagance. Jupiter rules the signs SAGITTARIUS and PISCES.

When Jupiter is expressed positively, an individual displays faith in a higher power, optimism, open-mindedness and open to their own need for self improvement. When expressed negatively, a person will be over-confident, lazy, and irresponsible. They may be unreliable because they promise more than they can fulfill.

Saturn- Saturn represents our fears, self discipline, responsibilities and our ambition. It shows our urge to protect our boundaries, create structure in our lives and gain safety and security through tangible achievements. Saturn is associated with self sufficiency, limitations, karma, delays, old age, tests, obligations, and the father figure. Saturn rules the signs CAPRICORN and AQUARIUS.

When Saturn is expressed positively, a person will have proper self discipline, accepting of responsibilities, patient, organized and reliable. When it is expressed negatively, the individual will be rigid in their thinking, cold, defensive, inhibited, fearful and negative.

The Generational Planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move slowly and take many years to move through a sign. They show a common theme or attitude found in each generation.

Uranus- Uranus represents unpredictable change, intuition, individualism, freedom, rebelliousness, and inventiveness. It shows our urge to be different and to break from traditions. It is also associated with social reform, electricity, and a need for change and excitement. Uranus co-rules the sign AQUARIUS.

When Uranus is expressed positively, a person will be truthful, original, and will respect the freedom of others. If expressed negatively, they will be restless, impatient and will need constant excitement and change. They may be prone to extremism.

Neptune- Neptune represents our psychic and mystical capacity, our dreams and delusions. It shows our urge to escape the limitations of ourself and the material world. It’s our desire for transcendent freedom and a feeling of unification with the universe. Neptune is associated with drugs, alcohol, deception and fog. It co-rules the sign PISCES.

When Neptune is expressed positively, one will be spiritual, compassionate and living an ideal. When expressed negatively, an individual will display self destructive, escapist tendencies. They will evade responsibilities, refuse to self analyze or commit to anything.

Pluto- Pluto represents death and rebirth. It shows our urge to transform and eliminate that which is hindering our growth. Pluto co-rules the sign SCORPIO.

When Pluto is expressed positively, an individual will have the courage to face their deepest desires and urges in order to transform themselves into someone stronger and wiser. When expressed negatively, a person will tend to manipulate others to get what they want. They will use any means to avoid facing their inner self. They will have a lust for power.


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