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Planets in Gemini Part 1: Ascendant and Mercury

Updated on November 30, 2015
Gemini glyph
Gemini glyph | Source

As you know I have been playing with this scenario in my head based on the other 5 personal astrology planets (other than your sun/zodiac sign). When you first meet someone what planet do you see? Do you see the sun sign, moon sign, ascendant sign, etc? It is tricky to say what personal planet someone first sees in a person. Even so, it’s fun to try to take a go at it.

Here is my theory:

When someone first meet you (and vice versa) they meet your ascendant sign. After a while once they get to talking with you they meet your mercury and Venus signs concurrently. It is on this occasion you laugh, joke, and get to know each other more. After you both depart, deciding that you both like each other and want to meet up somewhere. You both suggest places to go and agree on a place. Later on they meet you, decide that they like you even more and meet several times with you. It is on these occasions when they meet your sun sign and your basic personality. You hang out, have fun and they get to see your Mars sign in action. After a while they get to know you more personally, soon becoming close friends. It is there that they get to see and notice more of your Venus and Moon signs, while getting a taste of the darker sides of your mars and mercury signs.

In this scenario I will be talking about Ascendant/Rising, and Mercury, in the zodiac sign of Gemini. This does not specifically refer to the sun sign in Gemini (some similarities may apply however).

Rihanna, Pisces Sun, Geming Rising
Rihanna, Pisces Sun, Geming Rising | Source
Rihanna, Pisces Sun, Geming Rising
Rihanna, Pisces Sun, Geming Rising | Source

Ascendant/Rising in Gemini

Your ascendant/rising is Gemini, so your first house will most likely be in Gemini and ruled by Mercury. Gemini as ruled by Mercury (Mercury also rules over Virgo) is a fast moving, communication planet of the zodiac. Mercury in astrology is the planet of communication (verbal and non-verbal).

Mercury is how we speak, think, feel and express ourselves. Off the bat Gemini ascendant are fast moving and very talkative. This person will be very chatty, lively, and quite energetic. They will have interesting stories, expressions, and are animated and witty. So lively that at times you will sometimes have a hard time keeping up with them.

You see like the Gemini sun sign, the Gemini ascendant is restless. This is due their mutable nature (known exclusively due its duality aka unpredictable, multiple personalities). Like the shape shifting Pisces ascendant people, Gemini ascendants are constantly on the move and are very changeable. This can be seen through their physical appearance.

Lady Gaga Aries Sun Sign, Gemini Rising
Lady Gaga Aries Sun Sign, Gemini Rising | Source
Lady Gaga Aries Sun Sign, Gemini Rising
Lady Gaga Aries Sun Sign, Gemini Rising | Source

A quick way to tell who is a Gemini ascendant among your friends is to see if that person changes their hair color and clothing style on a frequent basis.

A celebrity example is Lady Gaga and Rihanna both Gemini ascendants who are known for their ever changing hair color, and hair styles. They are also known for their crazy, risque clothing styles and persona. This a reflection of their ever-changing natures and ideals as reflected by their appearance. It is hard to understand the Gemini rising person because they are constantly changing their appearance and exterior persona.

Plus as an air sign they can be superficial and detached. One minute they are dressed in emo/goth style, the next they are dressed in bright colors. When you meet them they could be vegan, but then the next time you see them they are eating a steak. Inconstant, flaky, and fake are common accusations made by people about Gemini ascendants (much like the sun sign). This can be both true and untrue.

Even so, this can be an unfair assumption since we are the sum our parts in astrology. We are not just our sun signs or our rising signs; we have different energies running through us that affect us as a whole.

Overall the Gemini rising person is a smart, curious, youthful (aka young looking in spirit and appearance), with a witty, spontaneous persona.


Mercury in Gemini

Your Mercury is in Gemini, so you communicate and think in an Airy/Mercurian way. Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury. Air signs are the masters of communication and are quite smart and intellectual. So Gemini is no exception. Curious and quite the chatterbox, the Gemini mercury wants to learn everything all at once.

Since mercury the planet of verbal and non-verbal communication, knowledge and education are very important for this Mercury native. Gemini mercury is a very comfortable position for mercury to be in (it is in fact in its home planet, aka mercury is dignified in Gemini). Gemini mercury is comfortable learning and communicating. Actually they need to learn and communicate.

As a mutable air sign their minds and tongues are quick and agile with the need for constant mental stimulation. This in turn makes the Gemini mercury connoisseurs of information, knowledge and random (oftentimes obscure) facts. Consider them a walking computer complete with a dictionary/ calculator/ thesaurus/encyclopedia and various tools for this smarty pants mercury. Gemini mercury loves to dabble in everything and their interests can be wide ranging. As an air sign, mercury in Gemini strives to learn, gather and share information with others, making them naturally social communicators. A Gemini mercury are at home in social situations where one must socialize with people they don’t know.

Uranus higher octave of Mercury
Uranus higher octave of Mercury | Source

Mercury in Gemini (cont'd).

Even so, there are a couple of challenges with mercury in Gemini. Mercury the planet is considered the lower octave of Uranus (higher expression of the mind). This oftentimes (especially in the case of Gemini) means that they are the jack of all trades but masters of none. This means essentially they know a lot but are not experts in one particular thing. This isn’t so bad, though oftentimes this can mean that a Gemini mercury learns and communicate things in a very superficial, undisciplined way. Mercury in Gemini is also a trickster subjecting people to deceitful and quite mean mind games. Lying exaggerating the truth, this mercury can also be the gossiper and the one to start drama for entertainment, which can be cruel. Overall Gemini in mercury is very comfortable here in this sign, and is home to smart people interested in learning and communicating.

Thanks for Reading!!!
Thanks for Reading!!! | Source

Overall this concludes the first part of my Planets in Gemini Series. Look out for my hub, Planets in Gemini Part Two: Mars, Venus, and Moon. Thank You!

What planet (s) do you have in Gemini?

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