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Planets in Pisces Part Two: Mars, Venus, and Moon

Updated on March 19, 2014
Pisces's Glyph
Pisces's Glyph | Source

In Planets in Pisces Part One, Ascendant and Mercury, I talked about Ascendant/Rising and Mercury in the sign of Pisces. In this hub, Planets in Pisces Part Two: Mars, Venus and Moon, I will be talking about mars, Venus, and moon in Pisces. Again this does not specifically refer to the sun sign in Pisces (some similarities may apply however). If you do not know your Mars, Venus, or Moon sign, you can run a natal chart (for free, type natal chart in google and plug in your birth data.)

Pisces in Action
Pisces in Action | Source

Mars in Pisces

Your Mars in Pisces, in the planet of action, sexuality/sexual expression, and energy. Mars in water signs creates a passive-aggressive person that can’t handle their aggression/energy in direct ways. Their energy is usually built on emotions.

Mars in Pisces is not an exception. Mars in Pisces is elusive, quite lazy, and lack discipline (to the eyes of others) This is a bit true, but not completely. You see Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Jupiter can be expansive, but they are also known to be lazy. This is due to their excessive natures that love pleasure and indulgence. It does not mean they are not doing anything.

What the Mars in Pisces is doing happens in their mind. Once they can play it out in their mind and they become confident and clear enough to do it, they will do it. Don’t forget that Pisces is ruled by Jupiter too, so their this need to expand themselves onto others. They do this through action, usually in the arts, such as painting, singing, playing music, sculpting and dancing. They can move and direct their emotions into their bodies and their bodies can transform into something quite divine.

Mars in Pisces makes intuitive lovers, who can be your ultimate fantasy. They don’t mind dressing up or playing different roles for you. They want to make you happy and they will use their innate psychic abilities to do it. You don’t have to say anything to the Mars in Pisces, because they will know exactly what you want and what you need.

Pisces in Relationship (s)
Pisces in Relationship (s) | Source

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces is all about relationships and love. Venus is exalted in Pisces. This is because Pisces is ruled by Neptune. To Neptune love, isn’t about boundaries/class, logic or convenience. It is about service, sacrifice, and breaking the boundaries. Venus in Pisces shows someone that can love and know what love is all about. They get into relationships for love (not money, societal definitions of class and distinction’s, or prestige).

Venus in Pisces is gentle, passive, non-aggressive, and kind-hearted. They are devoted to others and their happiness, often ignoring their own. Expect the Piscean Venus person to be sensual, romantic and sweet (both the men and women).

Venus in Pisces sees the good in people and need it in order to keep the relationship and the image of the person held to highest position. This can make them very idealistic and naïve. Chameleon like Venus in Pisces in relationships often lose their identities and become codependent in relationships. They live and breathe for their ideal love and soul-mate, to the point where they will ignore the warnings and signs that this relationship is more destructive than good. This can in turn lead to them suffering in abusive, dysfunctional relationships. Not only that but it can lead to them retreating into themselves and turning to self-destructive behaviors/actions (such as drugs and cutting).

This is because their great love story is not actually perfect but quite the opposite. Its imperfect, spoiled and not perfect at all. Venus in Pisces doesn’t want to see reality, they want to be part of a fantasy (preferably a fairy-tale fantasy). Even so, not to worry for the Venus in Pisces, because like true believers of love, they will look else-where for love and once they find that ideal love, they will hold onto it. They will take off running (once they are gone, they are gone forever). They will run into the arms of someone that can appreciate their kind nature and hearts and give them the fantasy they want.

Pisces Moon swimming in emotions
Pisces Moon swimming in emotions | Source

Moon in Pisces

Your Moon is Pisces, which means you are ruled by Neptune. The moon governs emotions and it is extra sweet in Pisces. Pisces is an emotional, intuitive, and sensitive water sign. Emotions for a Pisces can be compared to mist or a fog. Indescribable, it goes away as soon as it appears and you can barely see through this fog. It lightly touches you, evaporating and cooling as soon as it touches your skin.

As quickly as a mist or fog appears it, clears up and disappear. You are left confused and wondering what has happened. This is your Pisces moon. Deeply sensitive, impressionable and utterly confusing, oftentimes you don’t know what you are feeling. This can be because Pisces is a very empathic sign that takes on the pain of others. It is hard to differentiate between the feelings of others and the feelings that you feel on your own. The lines get blurred you are left to wonder, confused and lost.

Not only does a Pisces not understand what they are feeling, people often don’t understand what a Pisces is feeling too. Pisces emotions are non-linear, illogical and can’t be described using words. Like the other Pisces placements they turn to more visual displays to communicate their feelings and emotions. The arts (music, art, dance, theater/acting) is a haven for Pisces, especially moon in Pisces. They are allowed to be confused, allowed to play different roles and allowed to freely express emotions without labels and classifying things into neat and logical explanations. The Neptune side of Pisces loves the broken boundaries and the healing aspects of arts and creative expression, while the Jupiter side of Pisces loves the expansive nature of arts and its ability to reach and touch people.

If a Pisces isn’t allow and feels restricted when sharing their emotions and feelings they can retreat into themselves and into self-destructive patterns (drugs, self-harm, abusive relationships, dysfunctional situations).

Pisces in the Sky!!!
Pisces in the Sky!!! | Source

Overall this concludes the Planets in Pisces series. Thank You

What planet do you have in Pisces?

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