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Plant a seed of mango and reap mango fruits later!

Updated on September 11, 2015

Be careful!

What you sow is what you reap!

The vibrations created by chanting the name of God can disinfect the polluted atmosphere which is infested with hatred, anger, selfishness, greed and violence by many people all over the world. The negatives can be nullified by positive vibrations only. People think that the sounds they utter vanish in the sky. NO. All the sounds reach the sky and remain there for ever. Hence, our ancestors and elders have prohibited the younger generation from uttering words containing negative energy.

In the villages of India, the young people used to prostrate before the elders during important festival days. The elders used to bless the youngsters with longevity, peace and prosperity. This has been going on for thousands of years. What they utter is ‘empathy’. It will be fulfilled in due course. Whereas, some ignorant householders always utter, prohibited words, which contain lot of negative energy. Naturally, those children never come up in life. Hence, it is vital that we utter positive words of encouragement, whomsoever we meet or interact.

Hence the world undergoes many natural calamities very frequently to make man to find out the causes. It is not physical or geological. It is the combined effects of many harmful thoughts of generations of human beings which float on the atmosphere.

Whenever we are confronted with troubles, pain and grief, we feel that we are unduly harassed or targeted. We never know that what we reap now is the result of seeds planted earlier. Hence the scriptures tease man to look at his own faults instead of the faults of others. We easily judge and condemn others whereas we are impervious to our own defects. There is a proverb that none can see his own back.

Today, we badly need transformation of each and every individual in society. When each person consciously transforms himself, the society will get transformed automatically. Every one is a part of the society. Hence any pain in any part of the society is sure to affect all members sooner or later. We are aware how incidents in any part of the globe, affects the share markets all over the world! The world has turned into a global village due to the strides in information technology. Any one with a TV can watch world events live when channels transmit such events live!

Secondly, we are the most intelligent species in the globe. Sadly, the faculties are never utilized positively. Man has become more crooked, more selfish and more perverted. The ills of the society can be traced definitely to our own thoughts and behavior. Hence, none can blame God, the creator for the ills. God is a mere witness. He has created this beautiful world and enforced certain laws of existence. Whatever one does will come back to him surely without fail. The physical world too is governed by such laws of actions and reactions.

In a way, we can compare God to a postman who delivers letters. The postman is concerned only with the correctness of the address and delivers it to the individual for whom the mail is addressed. He is not concerned with the contents of the letter. Some may get welcome news and some may receive sad news. Can we blame the postman for the news content delivered? God is not a tyrant to subject the human beings to intense sufferings. He wants every being to remain in perfect bliss. But this is possible only when man sheds his body consciousness or Ego!

Messages of actions and reactions!


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