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Play The Harry Potter Spells Game On Your Iphone For Free

Updated on December 30, 2010

Play The Harry Potter Spells Game On Your Iphone For Free

Play The Harry Potter Spells Game  On Your Iphone For Free and enter the magical wizardry world of spellcasting fun and games.
Play The Harry Potter Spells Game On Your Iphone For Free and enter the magical wizardry world of spellcasting fun and games.

Getting The Harry Potter Spells Game On Your Iphone

Getting the Harry Potter Spells Game for my Iphone became the first priority for certain people in my household - and it wasn't me! The minute I got my lovely new Apple iphone, the only thing the kids were interested in was getting the Harry Potter apps! So I forgot about supposedly important things like Contacts, Work and Email and downloaded the Harry Potter Spells Game App. At least I've now got something to keep them quiet on the train!

I didn't mind too much when I noticed there was a free version which was available at the app store which is so easy to access on the home screen of the Apple Iphone. Now my iphone is more of a a magic wand as the kids have had fun learing how to cast most of the twenty spells. The trouble is, I've come to depend on my iphone so much that i don't want to hand it over ! What they really need is some friends with iphones so they can challenge them to a spell-casting contest in real time.

I expect there will be lots of games calling themselves Harry potter merchandise, but the Harry Potter Spells Game at the iphone app store is the only official one. Just click on app store, then type the exact words into the search bar. Select it from the menu list and click the little box that says Free. Then click the green box that says Install. Put it your ID and just wait a few seconds for it to load up as an icon on your homescreen menu. It's that simple! Then you can have fun transforming yourself or other Muggles into novice wizards or witches. You can cast spells at your wizard rivals or even try stunning them as you shout Stupefy! Expelliarmus! will take all their powers away by disarming them.

Compare iphone Prices For Playing Harry Potter Spell Games And Apps

More Harry Potter Spells Games And Props

A Harry Potter Wand is the obvious prop to have casually lying around the Wizard's Workshop, but be careful which one you buy. Don't be tempted to buy the cheapest harry potter wand, as there will be much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth before bedtime depending on the age of the toddler wizard in question. The cheapest wands are extremely flimsy, tinny and plastcky and will break nearly as soon as a heavy-handed toddler gets it out of the box. The most expensive one is worth it's weight in gold as it does what it's supposed to do - last longer than five minutes!

The more expensive model is far better quality both in the detailing, build, and special packing material which is in the form of a keepsake box. One sparkling feature is the LED light. This switches the wand on and off and you can turn the light up with a hidden button which seems to give the wand real magic powers. 

Get A Harry Potter Wand For Spell Casting Games


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