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Playing Card Reading 27th November 2014

Updated on November 29, 2014

3 Diamonds

The Meaning and Vibrations of the 3 of Diamonds.

This is a card of manifestation. I see consideration of decisions which will lead to much movement. You may not even realise this at this time, but you are heading for a really positive transformation.
This will show itself via a stronger connection with your own creativity. This aspect of you will flow and blossom, over this next month, but certainly starting from this week.
Do not be too surprised if you find yourself making much more solid plans and seeing that these plans quickly and without too much effort start to come into reality.
This is a week of dreams, because as we dream we can connect and these connections can indeed be brought into our reality.
Understand the great power you already hold. Use it, so very wisely and this will aid and speed this transformation ensuring that you grow and embrace all that this wonderful card offers.
The card reminds you to not look back, although be sure to show gratitude that all that has come before, as it indeed has helped form you into exactly what you need to be today.

Spiritual Message - Guardian Angel Protection

I also meditated on your Spiritual Cards and drew one from the deck. This card assures you that you are being indeed watched and guided by your own Guardian Angel. You may feel suddenly inspired to change something, or make contact with someone. Please listen to your inner voice, listen to your intuition, as this is a week when you will feel connected. This is because you are connected at this higher level, to ensure that you can continue on your chosen path. This card blends well with the 3 of Diamonds; as you look to manifest you can be assured you are being guided to do this. I am happy to offer personal daily free readings to all that are interested. Please embrace and enjoy this special week.

Blessings to You!

I trust that this reading will serve to benefit and guide you this week.
I send you blessings and light, assuring you that I am here for you whenever you need me.
† Count Marco †


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