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Pleasure is the interval between two pains!

Updated on October 31, 2011

Pleasure and Pain.

I have adopted this title from one of the assertions of Sathya Saibaba. To educate his devotees and students, he often use such eye catching Truths in simple understandable language. We are all aware that pleasure and pain alternates in each man's life. None has enjoyed unalloyed pleasure, nor anybody had undergone continuous misery. But to some unfortunate man, the life looks so gloom because from their very birth, they undergo many trials and tribulations. No doubt in that. Because of their gloom, they are unable to perceive the little pleasures they undergo in between. God, out of mercy has blessed man with sleep to forget the woes of the days. It is a break from the day long struggles. Almost all people go to sleep in the night except those who are earmarked for 'night duty' such as sentries and security personal. We fail to enjoy the invigorating sleep since our mind is full of burdens and worries. At least during night, we must keep aside those worries and rest fully for a minimum of 6 hours. I have heard about certain statesman who go to bed at midnight and rise early by four in the morning. Of course they are trained in that pattern and they are satisfied with the four hours of sleep since they have more work to do. Now coming back to our subject, it is inevitable for every individual to undergo the alternating pain and pleasure. Even nature has given day and night, the varying seasons of monsoons. Hence none is allowed to suffer continuously nor he is allowed to enjoy paradise for ever. There is a proverb in India, No body enjoyed life for 30 years at a stretch nor he suffered continuously for 30 years. It is said in the scriptures that we are put to tests only during one fourth of the time. For the remaining three fourth time we are allowed to lead a normal life. Even this one fourth time is also not continuous. It comes in spells. But there are certain people who take life in the correct spirit. They do not expect life to be a bed of roses. Hence they face each situation calmly.

Saibaba has told his devotees, "Welcome Tests". Tests enable you to be evaluated and given promotion to the next higher stage in spirituality. Hence we should not resist tests. During the school days and Collage days, we have willingly undergone tests so that we will reach higher classes. When it comes to life, we resist trials and tribulations. Hence many philosophers advise us to "Accept everything in this world without any murmur. By this way, we can remain at Peace. "What You resist, persists" is the proverb. Hence "Let go". This is the best policy for all, especially spiritual aspirants. Once a devotee asked Saibaba, "How He is always in Bliss". Saibaba told him "I allow things to happen in its own stride". This is a great philosophy. Hence understand that Life is a mixture of pain and pleasure and you won't get unadulterated joy in this earth. When we are aware that every pleasure is being followed by pain, we would develop equal mindedness both in joy and sorrow. Consider every thing as a sport of God. Then we won't hanker for any thing particular. When we remain indifferent to the alternating joy and sorrow, we are on the godward path. But we must practice remaining 'unaffected' by any choice that comes to us. Ponder over these great Truths and live a life full of Joy and Peace by Choice rather than Fate. Rest in next hub.

I am full of Bliss!


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