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Politicians invent 'inequalities' and hurt the society!

Updated on January 25, 2016

The queen bee!

Divisions in society is based on functions!

The center is always calm and content. It knows no agitations. When we move out from the center, we are really entering into the zone of agitations which haunt through the outside world. Hence the wise people always advise us to remain in the center. What exactly is the center we are talking about? It is the realm of self. To stray away is means, entering into material existence. How the material is termed as grief and pain? All along our life, we have pursed only materialism. Have we gained peace and harmony in us? No! The outside world, which is in the realm of senses, can never confer peace and joy in the minds of man.

This topic has been dealt by many sages and saints in the past. Almost all the prophets and incarnations advocate detachment from the worldly attractions. The attractions are flimsy, fleeting and without any substance. How long one can enjoy the sensory outputs? It is only for few moments. Grand and beautiful scenes in nature may attract us and catch our attention. How long we can stay there enjoying the sceneries” Hardly few hours if one is so much engrossed. People visit parks and gardens, waterfalls and other enchanting sceneries of nature. After some time, we have to move. We cannot stay there forever. Same is the case with every other sense like taste, smell, and touch.

God has intentionally created everything for the momentary happiness of all beings. For instance, the sun is glowing emitting heat and light. If the earth is not rotating, it will be engulfed by fire due to the intensity of heat. Hence heat is evenly distributed on all areas of land and water and none suffer the scorching heat. When we are moving in hot sun, sometimes we carry umbrellas to prevent the scorching heat. In a similar manner, god has ensured sustenance to the earth and all beings by the rotation of earth on its own axis. Also, he made us to feel the daylight of sun for a maximum of twelve hours only. After daylong hard toil, man gets invigorating sleep in the night hours for at least eight hours and he is rejuvenated in the morning and is ready for the day’s work. Many people blame god for the present conditions of the world and for the inequalities in the society. They don’t understand that all these divisions are natural for the society’s progress.

In a society, there will be a leader or king who possesses vast powers to control the various limbs of society. Also, the society needs many people practicing various vocations for the sustenance of the society. They are based on divisions of labor and not decided by birth. Originally, the caste systems were meant for distribution of various duties among the classes. The king’s duty cannot be undertaken by the preceptor nor can the preceptor’s role be manned by the king. The rulers, traders, warriors and workers are essential limbs of society. There is no superior or inferior if everyone performs their duty well. The ancient societies worked well like a well-oiled machine. Observe the honeycomb! There is a ‘queen bee’ which is central to the honeycomb. It is bigger in the comb. There ae lazy male bees, worker bees who gather the required honey from flowers far off and who construct the comb and store the honey. If the worker bee revolts and says, ‘I want to be the queen bee’, it is ridiculous. The constitution of queen bee is different from the worker bee. It can only lay eggs. Likewise in a society, there are male and females, warriors and traders, workers and riots. For instance, if the riot refuses to till the land and do his work, how the society can survive?

Hence, it is essential for everyone to perform their duties as limbs of society without any inferiority or superiority complex. The preceptor will advise the king on all matters of governance but he won’t govern! The Pundits are teachers to the society on the whole. All people learn from the preceptor. Many types of skills are taught in the ancient ‘gurukul’. If the warrior says, I want to be a preceptor, it is not tenable. A warrior is the protector of society from aliens or enemies. He needs to fight wars and secure the land from infiltration. Likewise, there is nothing wrong in divisions based on skills.

Reformists everywhere cry that there are inequalities in society. We have priests in every society. They are trained in the art of temple worship and they lead the mass. If somebody claims, “I will perform the ritual and lead the mass, it is absurd. Every human being possess a body consists of various limbs with separate powers. The eye cannot hear nor can the ear see! Is it discrimination? No, it is co-operation of various limbs ensure sustenance for the living being!

It is politicians for their own benefit have invented about caste inequalities, superiority or inferiority about various limbs of society. Co-operation and harmony is wanted in present society due to lack of selfless love. We should treat all as our own and equals, if we want a peaceful world!

worker bees!


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