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Politics of God

Updated on September 4, 2014

Caution: Obscenely Christian Commentary

Physical laws that are can only be bent but never broken; laws that work according to a creation of which we truly have a vague understanding; infallible mysteries in which each new questions re-directs to five more of a greater difficulty. A sprawling, weaving web of intricacy created with the utmost skill and delicacy. Creation is defined by the nature that is all around us - be it the nature of life, death, environment, weather, culture or unique individual separateness.

"I am the truth, the life, the way" Christ says..."Follow me."

Have we? What is the church? Certainly there is no mystery to the church other than the fear that invades it constantly. If we are meant to be in a community to strengthen us then why is it that every time we turn around, it is being brought to its knees? Some faction, some division, some separate part of the body crosses the line and fear hits like a title wave. There is nothing divine in that, but plenty human.The TruthDo we know it? Can we really ever say we can count on anything other than the mystery? Is there any truth beyond that of the individual experience? Certainly I can not say that what I know is truth is necessarily the same for any other beyond that I feel. Simply that - I feel. To feel pain, anger, happiness, disappointment, joy, love. The mystery is not that I do but why do it.

We have divided and fought wars, separated and judged, killed and destroyed because we feel. We seek blame because we feel when we should embrace the mystery and be grateful that we are not as bored as the rock or tree. We can communicate - an enigma that brings equal destruction or foundation when incorporate it with they mystery of feeling. These are the only truths we know - that we feel and that we communicate it.

We claim to have evolved in these mysteries. Grown to know and understand more - yet we judge, we fight and we destroy without cause or mercy. We can not claim truth in these actions because they are founded purely in human definition, not natural existence.I dream and it is true that I do. No one has to believe me, but I know that it is true. I remember what I dream and I share it - not as natural truth but as I know it to be true. That is the only truth I have to offer.

I have perceptions that often have come into reality and some that I hope never do. It is the truth and not just for me, but also for those whom I have told who have see the things I have perceived come to pass. They incorporated these truths into what they know and it was true to them, as well. When they tell others about their experience with me, it is the truth and it is a natural truth because there is nothing I can do to stop it and the affirmation of them sharing the experience provides proof.

Proof is what we desperately seek as humans – we ache for it because it is hard evidence of truth. Evidence helps us believe. It helps us to keep faith. Faith helps us to keep hope and without hope we are without purpose. I have plenty of evidence that my beliefs are founded on truth so I have no need to test the Lord. Neither do my friends and family because I have not kept the things I perceive from them. The evidence they have found in my experiences has solidified their faith and given them hope on various occasions.

Yet still I was told by a priest at my church to silence the verbalization of my beliefs and perceptions regardless of any evidence I may have. I was asked to keep them to myself or bring them to the priest to insure that they are appropriately censored so as not to fall on the ears of the parish and scare the "pledge units" away. The priest expressed the concern that my beliefs may lead people to believe that our church was not the only place they could find the Lord. I have brought much hope with my visions, but to bring fear was devastating.

Upon prayer it occurred to me that it is they who have let fear in. They who have received the gift the Lord has given me with doubt and reservation instead of hope in God’s will for a great Christian community. If we do not put our faith in God’s will alone where is it? Even if I were to tell great lies does God not have the power to use it for his benefits? Fortunately I only have proof that what he has shown me is truth, not lies. Unfortunately, not all of what I have seen protects the current situation of churches. It is they who wish to protect their paycheck at the cost of the hope my beliefs may bring in the idea of a bigger community than that of our church. When I asked whom the priest served, God or the organization of the church, I was told it was a ridiculous question. I did not find it ridiculous considering Christ gave the Sermon on the Mount, not the Sermon in the Temple. Walls and paychecks have never been the defining factors of a church in my understanding – community has.


I have since left "the church" with great sadness.The same priest chastised me for answering the questions of the youths regarding where I had been in past Sundays. I explained to them that I had been going to another church temporarily because it was two blocks from home and I was appreciating the anonymity. I was appreciating being in a church community solely to worship the Lord – not to work, not to serve, not to socialize but merely to worship in community as one of many all over the world. The reprimand came because it was said I was "encouraging the youth to leave our church"; that "the youth would then encourage the parents to leave the church". I explained that I had not left the church but merely felt called to a greater community for a while. I made no donations to the other church beyond my presence. There was nothing that I had taken away from my own church beyond that of a head count and shouldn’t a head count (or lack there of) be God’s to judge? I understand the Diocese can close your doors...but all because I didn't lie to the kids about my whereabouts on Sundays? I doubt it...your "pledge units" are safe.

Perhaps you all agree that with the priest. Perhaps the politics have captured you in fear as well, but what kind of life is that? Clearly it is a life defined by walls and numbers and rules and stipulations that are unnatural to the nature of God but perfectly natural to politics. Nature’s laws – that which breed life – are solid, but flexible; there is constant gravity, but we can go to the moon. There are no fine lines, but there are definite straight edges. In human perception this is a contradiction – but truthfully – it is merely a mystery. Something we cannot grasp for fear that it might tell us what we have said is true is actually an illusion and that what is actually true, we may never understand. I am perfectly comfortable not understanding. Creation was meant to be a mystery. Such is life. There is arrogance in saying that we can understand it. If we were to have it all unlocked and available, we would be God and there would be no need for hope or purpose. Humans would rule creation and all answers would be known and controllable. This simply is not the case. 

“The truth will set you free…” Christ says. The truth is that we will never know all or be all, but as a global community we can assure that faith, hope and love are spread and that no one is without need. We choose not to. We choose to censor and bind behind walls because it keeps a paycheck. It mandates the political order we have disillusioned ourselves to believe is the best way to live. Liberation comes from knowing you know nothing unless it is proven. Proof is an emotional response – a feeling of knowing and believing. A feeling of knowing and believing is the only basic human instinct that has helped us evolve – slightly. It encourages us to communicate but it truly discourages us from judgment. Who am I to say that Buddha is not another name for the great Creator or Muhammad is not another name for Savior? Christ spoke to the Gentiles – he did not limit his good news to only those within a single set of walls; if a rose by any other name smells as sweet and Christ called himself three other names at least...Truth, Life, Way."

Communication is only as binding as we make it and by judging the meaning of things as insignificant as words, we judge the feelings and beliefs of others.  Are those feelings and beliefs not to be trusted to the judgment of God? Do we need to behead people? Do we need to tell them they can't marry each other? Do we need to condemn them? And to what end? Will we actually see where they go unless we are to travel along side them on our own course?

God does not play politics; it is why he sent down a living guide. It is why he sent down a breathing version of basic human law. "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God." That which can be communicated belongs to God therefore that which can be judged is his alone. As a planet, we ought to keep those politics in mind as we work towards a future together. The planet is only getting smaller...


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