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Polygamy Seeing Through The Veil

Updated on July 10, 2015

Polygamy was born into the Mormon Religion by a false prophet named Joseph Smith.Smith was married to a beautiful women named Emma but Smith had a wondering eye for other women. He talked Emma into bringing another wife into their marriage..Smith then wrote into the Mormon bible that it was now lawful for a man to have as many wives as desired. Smith was not a very liked man. At a young age Smith was killed by a mob of men leaving behind several wives the youngest only 14. He also left behind dozens of children .

What man wouldn't want to have an affair with a younger more attractive women? This is exactly what polygamy is. The men have permission to have sex with as many women as they desire.

The polygamist women are very jealous of one another. They seem to be in competition of who can have the most babies. Some of these women want out but have no way of providing for their kids others are too afraid to leave.

Most polygamist families are poor and uneducated. With so many kids among them it is impossible to give each child one on one time.

Because of the number of kids it is safe to say they use no protection therefore spreading STD.

In conclusion polygamy is a way of life catered for men so they may have as many wives as they desire while the women have ten to twenty babies per wife. incest, sex and a environment controlled by men.


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